A Star Wars Legion Podcast - The Notorious Scoundrels
A Star Wars Legion Podcast - The Notorious Scoundrels
Star Wars: Legion podcast ranging from competitive play to hobby.
This Is Where The Fun Begins - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E23
The Scoundrels talk about Anakin, Promo Luke, Kallus and Lando! Get the newest hot takes on these new units!
Oct 27
2 hr 24 min
Break on Through - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E22
The Notorious Scoundrels talk about Breakthrough 101, Brush Upkeep, and what they look forward to most about playing in person again!
Oct 20
1 hr 28 min
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E21
The Notorious Scoundrels break down the Rebel Mandalorian Units in detail on this weeks episode.
Oct 13
1 hr 31 min
Notorious Squadrons - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E20
The Notorious Scoundrels talk about Star Wars: Squadrons, Team League, and Recover the Supplies. 0:00 Intro/Squadrons 22:00 Housekeeping 25:35 In the News 29:27 Legion 101 - Recover the Supplies
Oct 6
1 hr 23 min
Two Hawks in the Bush - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E19
The Scoundrels talk about Squadrons, Hobby Tables, Blending, Intercept the Transmissions and Yavin Base Team League.
Sep 29
2 hr 9 min
Silhouette Santa - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2E18
The Scoundrels talk about Silhouettes, Yavin Base Team League, and their hobby progress.
Sep 22
1 hr 46 min
Just STAP - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2E17
The Scoundrels talk Cam Newton da Gawd, Hobby talk (which leads to a more touchy subject: Modeling for Advantage), Covert Ops, Cad Bane tactics, and their new campaign.   0:00 Intro 2:58 In the News 10:05 Hobby Talk 1:02:06 Tactics 1:32:00 Outro
Sep 15
1 hr 32 min
Raiders of the Lost Arcs - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2E16
Scoundrels talk about the *real* problem with ARCs, Vaporators 101, and recap the first game from their new campaign   0:00 Intro 1:15 Housekeeping 4:02 In the News - Arcs 33:30 Legion 101 - Vaporators 1:16:08 Campaign
Sep 8
1 hr 25 min
The Notorious Scoundrels Centennial - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2E15
The Scoundrels celebrate their 100th episode, talk about new releases, hobby talk, and a new campaign they'll be playing out and talking about on the cast.   0:00 Intro 1:53 In the News 14:25 Housekeeping 37:55 Campaign 59:15 Yavin Base Team League
Sep 1
1 hr 5 min
A Fine Kettle of Fish - Star Wars Legion Podcast S2E14
The Scoundrels discuss their hobby progress, go over the new RRG, and talk to stats guy Jon “Bushfacts” Bushman   0:00 Intro 5:15 In the News 25:13 Hobby Talk 39:47 BushFacts Interview 1:28:19 Yavin Base Team League 1:35:33 Outro
Aug 25
1 hr 36 min
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