NOT Wonder Woman
NOT Wonder Woman
Cyran and Mel
Ep. 15 Insights from Our Mediation Expert on How Everyone Can Use Mediation Skills Effectively
40 minutes Posted Nov 25, 2018 at 10:57 pm.
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Why is learning to be a good mediator so important in your work and personal life? Learn insights from our expert mediator Meca Walker on how to be a good listener and find success in mediation. Disputes inevitably arise on the job, with family members, and between friends. Mediation skills - whether as a participant or a mediator - are critical to helping resolve these inevitable disputes. We learn how to prepare for mediation and dispute resolution, how to be a good participant so you are heard, and how to be a good mediator and think outside the box to solve problems. Special thanks to Meca Walker of Walker ADR. You can find out more about her at