Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
Grace Helbig
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I Am Feeling
Sit back, listen, and laugh!
Really relaxing to listen to and laugh along with Grace and her guests. A great way to just take a break!
Long time listener
Love this podcast. Been listening for years. Always feel weird laughing to myself while sitting at my desk or in the gym (when that was a thing) but so worth the awkwardness to listen. Thanks, Grace. Love ya face and appreciate you. My life is different now.
Grace is an amazing interviewer and always keeps the podcast interesting and funny. Even though there’s a lot of people I don’t know it’s still interesting to know about their life stories
Danny Boiiiiiiiiiiii
Grace is the best!
All of these episodes leave me in a positive mindset. Grace is a great host and always makes me laugh! I’ve been a fan for a very long time and have met her in person at live shows. She is just as great! So happy you’re doing the podcast still and I hope it keeps going!
One of the best podcasts ever !
Have been listening to this podcast for years. Always looking forward to the next episode. Grace is such a skilled interviewer and always has the best guests.
A Can't Miss Podcast
This is the one podcast that I always listen to. Grace is a beautiful combination of funny and smart. She truly listens to her guests and brings out so many interesting conversations from them. Grace comes across as a down-to-earth, kindred spirit. I can't recommend this thoughtful and humorous podcast any more.
Thank goodness for Grace H.
I look forward to this podcast all week! Between their interviewing style not feeling like they’re even interviewing their guest but just having an amazing conversation; to the amazing way the keep things light and “not too deep,” is just such a skill! 10/10 will listen too again!🤗
Excellent Distraction
Grace is so easy going with her guests. She makes them laugh and she makes me laugh. Not too Deep is the first podcast I scheduled my day around, This Might Get Weird is the other! Great to distract myself during the pandemic.
Grace continues to bring the heat!
I’ve been a Grace Helbig fan for a decade now. When she launched a podcast, I was stoked. Now I can enjoy the wonderfulness that Grace brings on the road. She scores the best guests again and again. Thoughtful yet humorous conversations keep me coming back for more. 10/10
One-Of-A-Kind Interviewer
Grace has really found her expertise. It is thoroughly enjoyable the way that she receives guests in such an organic state of curiosity and intrigue. Whether she's close friends with the people she is interviewing or she is barely getting to know them and their work. The way she embodies this wonder through her cute phrases that may be portrayed a tad awkwardly and misinterpreted is exactly why she's America's #1 Introvert. I love the way she would innocently say,"What's your deal?" that child-like candor to strike up some conversation. I notice she's changed that. She now uses a more easily-received and more carefully worded way to explain that she wants to know what a person considers to be their major contribution to this world, and then they go from there. It used to be taken either well or in a confused "should I be offended" way, but it's that sarcasm that she ingrained into her defenses for so long. Antisocial is one thing that introverts can easily be mistaken with, but Grace is anything but! Grace's interviewing skills are so natural and it makes the listener be as engaged as she is in the conversations. Making it feel like a truly balanced exchange rather than the interrogations or monologues that audiences are more prone to seeing in such a busy world. I can't wait for this to be a syndicated on-air as well as become a much more widely shared/viewed podcast/show! As an avid viewer and listener of this podcast (for both the Apple Podcasts and YouTube versions), I appreciate the work she puts into this fortified talent of hers. Her curiosity allows for listeners to pay as much attention as she does to her guests. In a time when people are either mere consumers/observers while the rest of the people around portray only the parts of themselves they want to be seen, we have Grace who can reach out and get to know people of all walks of life. It is so captivating how she shares the experience of the interview with so many who wish they had the charisma to do the same. Thanks for your exemplary example of how fun the world would be if more were like you and for the way your words and actions encourage us to all be braver, Ms. Helbig!
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Adamant Appreciation
Great hosts and great guests
I love learning about different types of creators from Grace’s interviews. She is a wonderful interviewer and this podcast is a great way to start my week!
Anon lady
Good Show, With Great People
I would say that the place in her house makes a good story. I like when she invites over and guests invites over the air. Too many people with the same story makes a good time. Tik Tok, YouTube, Famous, and anything I am interested in. I have a good time listening.
Awseem Nihame
Grace has been with me through everything
I started watching her years ago when she had daily grace on YouTube and I’ve listened to every episode of not too deep (and this might get weird) from the beginning. Through college and nursing school and all my big life events she’s been one of the few things that got me through! Love her and the pod 💜💙
Always come back to this podcast
I’ve been listening for years and I’m always entertained. Love Grace’s work
Still Got Me Entertained!
From the first few episodes while I was in 7th grade to now I am thankful to have such a great conversation that I don’t have to be a part of! Much fun, not deep- has some deep cuts, regardless always welcome wether I’m on a school bus or heading out of state when that was allowed lol.
Long time listener, still love it!
Grace can interview literally anyone and make it interesting!
One of the best out here
Grace Helbig is someone I can listen to about anything, I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started. She has so many different guests on her show and even if I don’t know who she’s interviewing I’ll still listen cause it’s Grace. She’s just a wonderful human that cares about everyone, and it’s what we need in this world right now and forever.
Perfect for morning commutes
Grace does the perfect job setting a tone for interviews that is light-hearted and relaxing. I love listening to this on my way to work in the morning, or on weekend mornings while I make breakfast. I’ve been a Grace fan for so long, and this podcast only makes me appreciate her content more!
Great show!
Funny and light hearted! Grace is a great interviewer and her guests range from youtubers to drag queens to a list stars to just overall hilarious people. Give it a listen!
Fabulous Fun
Always a great listen whether I’ve heard of the guest or not. Grace could connect with a tree and I’d listen.
Love Grace!
I’ve been a fan since Daily Grace, and she’s such a consistently warm spot in this weird world. I love interviews she has and the silly questions, but even if I’m not digging the guest, I’ll fall asleep to it so she still gets the download. There’s really something for everyone!
It’s really unfortunate because I think Grace is a great interviewer, but I don’t know a SINGLE guest she has on.. like literally 1 every 40 I even know their name. I don’t listen because she has on the most random people that nobody really cares about.. it would be nice to put her interviewing skills to use with more interesting and popular guests. Also, I feel like I’ve seen the same name on here like 50 times. It’s unfortunate and boring, therefore I don’t listen. If you got guests on that people actually know, your listen count would skyrocket. Until then, I’ll stay unsubscribed.
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Grace is such a great, effortless interviewer. She really knows how to go with the flow and make the conversation feel authentic, unique, and balanced. Loving the recent influx of drag race contestants!
generic nickname3
Thank you Grace!
I love this podcast so much and gosh darn it I’m just so proud of Grace. I’ve been a longtime fan for about a decade and no matter what form or style this podcast has taken it has always been so true and genuine. Thank you Grace for all of the great content even when the world may have been insane. Also go check out “This Might Get Weird” with Grace and Mamrie Hart for all of your critter corner and piss teeth needs.
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Greg Varley
Came for Miz Cracker Staying for Grace
Grace is a delightful and thoughtful interviewer! I’m so happy to have rediscovered her light 🥰
Grace is the best!
I listen to many interview style podcasts and Grace is one of the best! She so good at having natural conversations that can range from poop jokes to social justice. Great pod!!
Top 3 favorite podcasts
I have been a long time listener of Not Too Deep and it’s because Grace has a way to make every person she talks to feel heard and she makes a connection with each guest. This, TMGW, and Psychobabble are my top 3 podcasts I can’t miss each week!
Grace Is Perfection
Grace is someone that is relatable, hilarious, and so genuine. She makes sure she is well-informed with each guest that she brings in and makes them comfortable and knows how to carry a conversion and transition perfectly. She is multi-talented in so many fields and this one is no different. She deserves everything good under the sun and I hope everyone tunes into her glorious shenanigans without getting… too deep. I don’t know. XOXO Love you, Grace!
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Filled with knowledge and entertainment
This podcast is amazing to listen to. I always love learning about the entertainment industry and different people’s experiences in it. The podcast keeps it light at heart and always has great humor. Grace is a great host and I love here content in general!
An amazing podcast and human!
I’ve been following Grace for years and she has never failed to crank out excellent content. Love the podcast and love this woman!!
Always enjoyable!
I really appreciate Grace's growth as an interviewer over the years - it truly feels like we are hanging out with the guests and getting to know them along with her. Also want to say that this podcast does a great job of finding guests that are new and exciting to me - not just the standard celebrities who show up on other interviews and talk shows, but people who are a little less mainstream. Most other interview shows I only listen/watch if I'm familiar with the guest. With NTD, I know even if I've never heard of the guest, I'm still going to hear a fun, engaging, relevant, and meaningful (but not TOO deep) conversation.
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Sarah Noord
It’s back, Baby
I’m a listener from the first episode. I stopped a couple years ago due to not liking Grace’s former producer. Well, now he’s gone and it’s an awesome, female-fronted podcast again.
SunshineRewards Fan
A+ Content
I have been a longtime supporter of Grace and have been in love with this podcast during its entire evolution. I really love the guests and the conversations that are had, even though its title is “Not Too Deep,” I find that Grace finds the delicate balance between deep, thought-provoking conversations and lighthearted fun. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a new binge-able podcast :)
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Adrienne C. (she/her)
truly a joy
I know that’s what most teachers say about their students they barely know, but I mean it when I say NTD is truly a joy to listen to every Monday. Grace is a great interviewer and her guests come from all walks of life. She’s introduced me to worlds I didn’t know existed.
from ep1 to 270, incredible
Like a lot of us I’ve watched Grace’s videos from the beginning on YouTube and when NTD started I was hooked. And watching/listening to the progression from the half video half podcast with challenges to different interview segments and styles it’s been such a joy going on along on this journey. I’ve grown with the podcast from my 20s into 30s and its just been fantastic. Half the time I don’t know who the guest is but I’ve never skipped an episode. It’s my go-to pod while cleaning/cooking. Idk, if you like goofy bonkers questions and legit important discussions, this is the podcast. That’s it. It’s the best. Also pile it on and tmgw ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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My favorite podcast out there. Grace is the perfect host. She is interesting, genuine and HILARIOUS. There is a great roster of guests to listen to and it is always such a fun time. Do yourself a favor and add some fun positivity to your day with this podcast!
Great podcast!
Funny and wholesome!
Heather is hilarious!!!!
Great podcast!!!! So funny!!!!
jods macbook
My favorite podcast
Love it, such a great interviewer!
this is such a fantastic podcast, grace is such a wonderful interviewer, she guides the guest but loosely enough that tangents and fun stories always come up!! couldn’t recommend this enough. and all the guests are great
What a treat
The fresh baked chocolate chip cookies of podcasts.
What is YOUR deal?! (love it!)
Heartfelt and Entertaining
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years! I enjoy how Grace is able to have the most genuine conversations with a large variety of entertainment figures. Always brings a smile to my day!
Why a name gate to reviews?
Grace Helbig is the best YouTuber!
Funny, relatable, and a warm podcast to feel less alone during his whole pandemic. Listen and watch if you wanna some light and laughs! #1 podcast right now!!!
I just wanna know the story behind “college, jogging, front lawn” 😂😂😂 Great podcast. Entertaining and lighthearted. Thank you, Grace!
From a tired teacher
I used to always listen to your podcast when i go to school and finish when i go back home, it makes me smile and forget for a little bit everything that i have to do when i get home, now i listen when i get my breakfast, do online classes and fisnish the rest after im done for the day and I just wanted to say thank you for that :)
So Funny!!
I often use the 2 questions you ask every guest with friends and new acquaintances!! 😂🤣😂
You Rock - Zach
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