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“Not So Evil” Sidecast #25 English Not Required
Welcome back to the monthly sidecast. Thank you everyone for being so patient with us getting the latest episode released. It seemed like this was the one that would just not allow the four of us to get together to record, however after a lot of re-scheduling and delays it finally happened. We are discussing four movies that were box office hits in their home countries but barely a blip on the radar in the United States.  Is it the language barrier? The themes? The cultural aspects? All of the above? None of the Above? Find out what we have to say on the matter as we get into, God of Cookery, The Intouchables, House At The End of Time, and Breakup Buddies. We also get a special announcement from Jeffrey X Martin on this episode that could rock the podcasting world……(or at least a tiny sliver of it).  Enjoy the show!   Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster
Jul 24, 2015
1 hr 23 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #24 Prowrestling Docs
Welcome back to the “Not So Evil” Sidecast for the month of June,   This month the cast talks four very different pro-wrestling documentaries from four different eras of the sports entertainment industry. They also tackle very different aspects of the business. First we discuss Andy Kauffman’s adventure into the sport which might have been one of the greatest works in the history of the industry in “I’m from Hollywood”. Next up we tackle what started as a pretty standard documentary on Bret the Hitman Hart but evolved into something more,Wrestling With Shadows (perhaps a case of right time/right place?)  From there we exit the ring & enter the world of backyard wrestling, although you will be hard-pressed to find much “wrestling,” in The Backyard We finish out with The British Wrestler a great example of how to use modern social media and your own means to promote and elevate your status to help live out your dream. Please enjoy, and go easy with those bumps!   Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Duncan McLeish @Visual_Kaoss
May 18, 2015
1 hr 58 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #23 Spoof-A-Rama
Welcome back to the “Not So Evil” Sidecast! On the April edition of the sidecast we decided to have some laughs covering four different spoofs in the vein of Airplane, unfortunately not all of these offered tons of laughs. These four movies range from excellent, to absurd, and of course all the way to painful. Iris is out this month so we have Mark Ball from the Midnight Horror Show filling in. (Check out the Midnight Horror Show, why don’t ya!) Find out which movie made us laugh, which made us groan, and which made everyone yell at Mike (again).  Sit back, relax indulge in your favorite adult beverage while we discuss STUDENT BODIES, BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH, REPOSSESSED, and DARK & STORMY NIGHT Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Mark Ball @TMHSRadio Midnight Horror Show: Thanks, Mike Maryman, Host of Evil Episodes Podcast
Apr 28, 2015
1 hr 10 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #22 Obsession
Welcome back to another edition of the “Not So Evil” Sidecast!   This month we tackle the theme of obsession in different forms. A grieving mother in Die Die My Darling, a fame hungry amateur in The King of Comedy, a crazed killer in the remake of The Hitcher, and an bat-shit crazy nurse in Nurse 3D. Four movies very different from each other tackling a similar theme. Can you guys which one was universally hated? Was it Mike’s pick AGAIN? You may be partially correct, but only partially this month!  Enjoy the show!     Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster
Mar 31, 2015
1 hr 31 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #21 After All These Years
Welcome to another installment of the “Not So Evil” Sidecast! On this episode we are exploring sequels that lagged a bit behind, 10 years or more to be exact. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Deadliest Prey, Omen IV, & Mother of Tears are all sequels that took a while to happen. In some cases they were following up a classic, in other cases not so much. Some of these went beat for beat, some just continued the weird. Tonal shifts galore in one of these sequels had the four of us scratching our heads. No need to try and guess which one, press play now and find out! Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster
Feb 27, 2015
1 hr 21 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #20 Rapture Culture
Welcome back to the monthly “Not so Evil” Sidecast, where we discuss different movies with the same theme.   For January we come right out the gates in 2015 born again as we tackle four different takes on the “upcoming” rapture. They also all take place in a different decade which becomes apparent pretty quickly into their viewings. A Thief in the Night, Years of the Beast, The Omega Code, & Tribulation are poked, prodded, & discussed as each of the cast members have a unique perspective and history with each movie or in Mike’s case…none. Do all four of us make it to the end of the show or will an impromptu divine intervention claim one or more cast members during the course of the show? Find out now! Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes   Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley   Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin   Iris @Stupid_hamster
Jan 30, 2015
1 hr 44 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #19 Die (A Little Less) Hard
Welcome back to the Not So Evil Sidecast where movies with a similar theme often produce very different results!   This month we take a popular “Christmas” movie and decide to not discuss it all (except a bit in passing) and instead blabber about movies kind of inspired by and kind of ripping off the theme(s) of one of the all-time great action movies, Die Hard. It wasn’t very difficult to come up with picks for this month as they are pretty much endless. When all was said & done, we settled on Cliffhanger, High Risk/Meltdown, Speed 2: Cruise Control, & Air Force One. Iris unfortunately had to miss the recording but she was kind enough to send in a clip of her thoughts on the movies discussed, with one little catch, one of the flicks she watched was a completely different movie with the same title….can you guess which one? If not, I will leave the surprise for the show! Have great rest of the holiday season everyone!   Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster
Dec 24, 2014
1 hr 21 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #18 Big Budget Turkeys
Welcome back to the monthly dissection of movies with a common theme. This month we start with a little catch up welcoming back Jeff & Iris to the rotation by spending a few opening minutes getting their 1st Horror Movie recollections (a continuation from October’s episode). Then we transition right into November’s (well, November was the original plan) episode by giving thanks, actually scratch that, there will be no giving thanks for the movies we selected this month, in fact you should all thank us for watching/discussing them so you can steer clear. If curiosity has got the best of you, get ready to be served up some Turkey. Some big budget turkey. I can promise big taste or enjoyment, in fact quite the opposite as we discuss some big budget box office failures. Mike is spared once again as picking a movie everyone hates is pretty much in alignment with the theme of the episode. Hooray!   Tonight’s Cast: Mike Maryman @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster Thanks, Mike Maryman, Host of Evil Episodes Podcast
Dec 10, 2014
1 hr 21 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #17 First Horror Movie Watched!
Hello everyone, Welcome back to the “Not So Evil” Sidecast is back! As our 17th episode falls on the month of October, we saw only fit to tie in a horror them to this episode, but how would we make this a unique experience for our listeners? Well, we decided it would be an interesting and fun thing to explore the first horror movies each cast member watched, and the how/why behind the situation.  We all bring a pretty unique story to the table here.  This episode is sort of a hybrid of the main cast and the sidecast as Jamie & Brian are filling in for Jeff & Iris. How fitting that Mike brings in a couple of ringers to spice things up, right?  Please join us as we take a trip down memory lane as we discuss the movie(s) that sent us down the path of horror fandom for life! Subscribe to Evil Episodess by click with rss feed by clicking here: Mike Maryman @NoCalMike  @EvilEpisodes  Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jamie Jenkins @Maven1974 Brian Sammons   @BrianMSammons 
Oct 29, 2014
1 hr 57 min
“Not So Evil” Sidecast #16 Book of Hyper Dead Prey
Yakkity Yak, the “not so evil” sidecast is back!   On this episode we explore four “number 2’s” but not just any number twos….oh no, we take on some under-seen, perhaps under-appreciated sequels.  Some may fall into both categories while others (Mike’s pick naturally) fails to really fall into either by the time it’s dissected. The gang is all back as we break down, Cube 2: Hypercube, Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and Cold Prey 2.  Do these sequels enhance, expand, and compliment the originals? Find out right now on episode 16 of the “Not So Evil” sidecast! Subscribe to Evil Episodess by click with rss feed by clicking here:   Tonight’s Cast:   Mike Maryman @NoCalMike @EvilEpisodes Doug Tilley @Doug_Tilley Jeff X Martin @JefferyXMartin Iris @Stupid_hamster Related articles “Not So Evil” Sidecast #15 Under daaaa Sea! “Not So Evil” Sidecast #05 Beasts & Beauties!
Sep 3, 2014
1 hr 39 min
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