Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast
Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast
Carolyn Smillie, Vanessa Hennessey
Welcome to Vancouver - the home of the X-Files. Join us as we take a journey from pilot to finale, complete with improv, shipping, and lots of singing!
919/920. The Truth - Part 2!
The Truth will set these podcasters FREE! On this, the final episode of the first run of The X-Files, Carolyn and Vanessa wax poetic about love and loss, Kersh and Krycek, and lots of other alliterate pairs. We are sad to say goodbye, but hopeful for the future. Plenty of shipping ahead, so all aboard! Tune back in for our wrap up episode and some more goodies headed your way! We've still got a few more episodes in us! 
Sep 16
58 min
919/920. The Truth - Part 1!
The reunion we don't hate but don't love, Skinner's dad-fashion, and memory vs. reality...It's The Truth, Part 1! PLUS TV Tropes, Praise for Gibson (that pun will never get old), and Mulder and Scully's love child. We cover it all, people! Tune in for part 2 SOON! Thanks for supporting us through this crazy journey and don't forget to come say hi on social media at
Sep 2
48 min
918. Sunshine Days
Wishing you nothing but sunshine from here on out, dear listeners! This week Carolyn and Vanessa tackle the penultimate episode of the ninth season. You're in for a very meta discussion as we talk about tv talking about tv! Thanks for supporting us through this crazy journey and don't forget to come say hi on social media at
Aug 20
1 hr 11 min
917. Release
"Mulder, I miss you sticking your fingers in things and licking them." Find out who said that, plus, body farms and the design choices of people who escape psychiatric institutions and Doggett and Reyes' shipping name! Find us all over the web! We've got social media, merch, and a fun Patreon that helps us stay on the air. Visit
Jul 29
53 min
916. William
Your two podcast BFFs are back with everything you've ever wanted to say about The X-Files, but are too afraid to tell your irl friends--we got you, fam! This week Carolyn and Vanessa continue their X-Files journey with listener shout outs, impressions, very dramatic readings from the episode, hot takes on fan-fiction, discussions of "funky baby hats"--and so much more, we really do it all for this little podcast! Download today! Find us online:
Jul 15
1 hr 1 min
915. Jump the Shark (re-release)
Remember 2017? It was the year that Trump was inaugurated, the US national anthem protests in the NFL, and major wildfires scorched the globe...But it was also the year we covered the Lone Gunmen series! To wrap it up, we went out of order in classic NAXFPP style and covered 915. Jump the Shark as a goodbye to our unlikely heroes, and we are re-releasing it as we come to this point in our season 9 re-watch. Enjoy! Find us online:
Jul 1
51 min
914. Scary Monsters
Scary monsters? More like gross monsters, but bad CGI. Somehow that works. In this episode, hear what Carolyn's dream job was when she was a kid! Vanessa wonders what the X-Files would be like in a COVID pandemic and the girls contemplate fanfic. Carolyn also tells us about the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis and blows Vanessa's mind. Check us out all over the web at We've got merch, an awesome Patreon, and tons of X-Files content on our social media.
Jun 18
57 min
913. Improbable
Lucky episode 913 is here for you now, could you see it coming? This week Carolyn and Vanessa have a great time talking all the improbabilities of the world, lucky numbers, and of course our favorite FBI agents! I see laughter in your future, download now!  Check us out all over the web at We've got merch, an awesome Patreon, and tons of X-Files content on our social media.
Jun 3
59 min
912. Underneath
Listeners, who are you gonna marry, Rob or Fab? Take a trip to the past with us, then whip back to the present! Listen for our thoughts on hobo-Jesus-Unabomber man, Biblical times when feet were washed, and other exciting things about this episode full of holes (but not just the holes in people's necks). Check us out all over the web at
May 20
1 hr
911. Audrey Pauley with Amaris Ketcham
Welcome back to NAXFPP, your biweekly XF fix! This week Carolyn and Vanessa welcome X-Files fan and poet, Amaris Ketcham, to discuss the finer things, such as the "body count sweet spot", haunted dollhouses, and beautiful poetry about the creepiest X-Files. We also put to rest the dog person/cat person debate once and for all. Download today and stay out of the electric abyss!  Find Amaris at and us at
May 6
1 hr 6 min
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