Not Another D&D Podcast
Not Another D&D Podcast
Trinyvale - Ep. 15: Shard Showdown
1 hour 42 minutes Posted May 29, 2020 at 12:13 am.
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Show notes

Deep in the maddening heart of the Periphera, The Trinyvale Trio finally comes face to face with the crystal-bound demon whose wicked whispers have tormented their quest. Onyx gets soulful, Nyack competes for Top Ronors, and Jens gets way too much fruit as the battle against the God of Chaos begins!


Audio Production by Trevor Lyon (@LyonatLarge)

Sound Design & Engineering by Daniel Ramos ( and @Dr.Schubird on IG)


"Trinyvale Intro and Outro" by Emily Axford

"The Shard" by Emily Axford

“Half-Brothers” by Emily Axford

“City in the Clouds” by Emily Axford

“Where the Mountain Meets the Sky” by Emily Axford 

"The Road to Silverado" by Daniel Ramos

"Moonsick" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Journey of the Three" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"Blavin Blandfoot's Bellowing Blunders" by Jens Christian Tvilum

"The Infinite Cheeks of Destiny" by Jens Christian Tvilum

“The Wisdom of Neddas“ by Jens Christian Tvilum

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