Norman's Rare Guitars, The Podcast
Norman's Rare Guitars, The Podcast
Norman's Rare Guitars
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Great stories
I’ve been listening for a while and while I don’t know some of the artist the stories are always interesting and I always learn something about the industry and individuals. John May have missed the rating on my Review. Here goes again.
Audio Levels
I really like the podcast, but please can you fix the audio levels. The opening music is about normal volume for a podcast. Then when the interview starts the volume goes way down. I have to turn the volume up very loud to hear the interview. And Norm is usually about twice as loud as the guests. Sometimes you can't even hear the guests talk. Also, please let the guests play a little more.
Just Another Guitar Player
Love love love it
Norman’s relaxed pace and reverence for good music make for a great basis of excellent podcasting. In a world where everyone and their grandma has a podcast, it’s nice to hear someone do it right.
Philip Stendek
Fist Bump from the East Coast
Rad show! Thanks for pushing these out here for us! 🤜🤛
Good times
Always a fun listen. Great artists, great interviews and Norrm has many neat stories.
Capt'n Bobo
This is awesometacular
I love the format and the stores. Keep it up 👍
The best guitar related podcast around!
I love listening to the stories and the guests are great! Keep up the good work.
Please tell the British guy to let people talk.
I wanted to leave some constructive feedback regarding Nick the British guy: he’s gotta stop interrupting everyone. He does it constantly and it never moves conversation forward in any meaningful way; he just seems to want to add his two cents to everything that the guests are trying to say and it really makes some interviews difficult to listen to. The Joe Bonamassa episode was a prime example of this. Nick is a nice dude, I don’t mean anything negative. I want the podcast to take off and do well, so that’s why I felt compelled to give honest feedback in hopes that it might help the podcast be even better in some way. It’s just annoying to hear someone interrupt interesting podcast guests with really forced and unnecessary/uninteresting commentary. Love the show so far, will keep listening. Hope you guys see this and no hard feelings towards homeboy Nick. Cheers.
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A great podcast!!
Simply the best guitar oriented podcast out there. Love it! Norm is very entertaining.
Great podcast
Really good podcast for all guitar fanatics (I don’t know why my review didn’t go up before)
Sounds grood
Keep em comin
Walter chechakevich
Man all these great guitar players and gear.
I don’t really listen to Podcasts, but this one is good! A very good listen! Would recommend to any guitar lover.
The mix of music and information is BEAUTIFUL!
So many guitars and so little time.
A great way to keep up with everything in Norm’s guitar world!
Skyway Picker
The Best Guitarists Podcast
If you enjoy playing guitar or anything guitar related this podcast is definitely for you. It’s always interesting and never fails to get me in the mood of picking up and playing even on the worst of days.
The podcast you are missing out on
Great podcast from the premier store in vintage instruments. Give them a spin you won’t be disappointed.
Very cool podcast! Norm is a natural! Thanks!
Great Stuff
Tons of great info and stories. Favorite podcast here 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Love Norman’s!
If you are a guitar geek, or just want to know more, this is a perfect podcast. I’ve been playing guitar for 5 years, but I really enjoy learning more about them. I have always gone to their YouTube channel or this podcast to learn more. Thanks Norman’s! Keep the great content going!
Norman’s Rare Guitars
Love this podcast! Norm is awesome.
Great podcast!! Love hearing from all of the artists that drop by, it makes my commute from school to home sooo much faster!
Rock n Rollll
Norman has THE best guitar instagram and always blows me away with the guitars he brings in
this is guitar heaven
“podcast is grrrrrrrrrrrreeeaaaatttt”- tony the tiger himself. i like everything this shop/company does
Nolan O'Harararara
Great music!! Creative !
Jimi and Janis would be proud
I’ve always followed Norman’s Rare Guitars and watch every video on YouTube when they explore and show their equipment as it is as the name says, the rarest. Great store for high quality equipment, and I just started listening to this podcast and it is awesome! Thank you and Rock on 🤟
Cool stuff
Good listen
Very cool👌
I’m not huge on podcast, but this was worth listening to!
Love it
Great Podcasts!
Great podcast!
Title really says it all! Def recommend!
Love this podcast
Love this podcast and love every one at Norman’s rare guitars. They are doing so much for the music industry and guitarists everywhere. Asking fo nothing in return. God bless and keep playing🙏🏻
These podcasts are super interesting and have amazing facts. The podcasts also feature some amazing musicians as well! 👍🏼
The same iconic sounds off YouTube. Love listening to these guys jam and talk
Best podcast ever
Awesome Show!
Interesting and fact filled, any musician would find this a welcomed addition to their podcast universe.
Love these guys on YouTube
Great Podcast for Lovers of All-things Guitars (Music)
Great podcast for those who love the shop or their social media content—though it is also great for those who just want a great podcast for their commute. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Best Pod Cast ever.
Titles says it all 🤘🏻
Sounds fun!
You guys are passionate about what you do and you can hear it thru the stories and the laughs you all share. Thanks for giving us a feel of hanging with you!
Norms is the best!
So much fun to listen to. I love Norm's stories and guitar of the day!
Normans Podcast is the best!!!
Norman is a genius about anything to do with Musical Instruments And Music in general.
love this podcast!!
i love listening to this at the end of a stressful day. nothing is more soothing than some well played guitar.
Great New Show!
I found this podcast through their Guitar of the Day video series on YouTube, and it’s fantastic! Accessible enough for a new guitar enthusiast, like myself, but with enough interesting content for even the most hardcore scholars. It’s perfect for listening to on my morning commute.
If you enjoy guitar you gotta check this podcast out it’s extremely entertaining. Also check out the youtube channel so much great content is uploaded on there.
This is the Place to get a greater!!!
Just take the afternoon off and walk in and get ready to indulge in the best guitars available!! You looking for that vintage or special axe.. it’s prob here! MikeTimDon
Love listening to this when I am doing work or in between classes at school thanks for the awesome content!
Norms podcast is the best
So full of great incite!!
Found this thanks to youtube. Been following Norm’s for years...maybe one day I’ll afford a purchase. Great podcast with valuable history and insights. Thanks!
For Any Guitarist
I’ve been playing guitar for quite some time and it’s always interesting to hear, see and learn about all the new things Norman has found or come across. Whether it be legendary guitarists or guitars themselves. His staff is amazing and as a fan of the YouTube channel I could not have been disappointed with the podcast.
MS Broke Me
Best guitar channel
I haven’t listened to a podcast yet but considering how much I love the videos I think it’s safe to say I’m going to enjoy the podcasts as well
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