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Love this show
I’m new to Node and can’t get enough. learning some really great things from this podcast.
Super informative and irreverent
I have been working through the back catalog, and it is great to see all the things this podcast and the Node.js / io.js community have been through, and understand the behind the scenes workings of the technology, the community and the related events. Thanks to all for bringing me into the community!
Robbie The Geek
An even greater variety of topics
With the latest show on mental health I’d have to say that Nodeup is even better than before. Broaching topics that are not just technical gives great insight into the bigger world of node/software development for me. Also, as much as I enjoy the new hosts I miss dshaw, too. I hope he’ll be doing more shows in the future.
Daniel Shaw makes the show unlistenable.
I don't mean to be rude. I really don't. I love the show a lot and the discussions they have are very useful. I simply cannot stand to listen to it because dshaw is REALLY REALLY REALLY bad about "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm". He does it between almost every other word and it's soooo annoying. This show would be so much better if he would learn how to not use filler words. I'd even be happy if he reduced them to "uh" and "um" instead of the long drawn out versions he currently does. Seriously, I understand having to pause between words and sentences to think for a second but there is nothing wrong with a little thoughtful silence before your next word. I cringe so hard when Daniel speaks that I almost never make it very far into an episode before shutting it off. I came here to unsubscribe, but I love the show and its content so much that I thought maybe an honest review might reach Daniel and he can work on toning it down. I don't like being told what to do anymore than the next guy so I understand if my review goes ignored, but if there's a chance Daniel could be pursuaded to be more mindful of his filler words or if they could be edited out in post, then I would love to keep listening.
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Very helpful and entertaining
This podcast is a must-listen for anyone learning Node
NodeUp Node Community Info
Great source of first person narrative on who's doing what with regular commentary on what's working well and what still needs help. Relaxed listening, not tutorial.
very useful node.js resource!
I had the pleasure to work on Node.js for a bit and I find this podcast to very useful for keeping yourself up to date with the world of Node.js. dshawn keep up the good work!
great podcast
I have listened to all podcasts to date and they are very insightful and fun to listen to. they will help youi learn node.js
The inside dope
This appears to be _the_ podcast for the node community, It often features discussion amongst the key insider players (@izs, etc.). More recent episodes have focused on node in the enterprise. Some discussions can be a bit too insider-ish at times, but all-in-all quite useful for keeping up with node dev trends. See also Mikeal Rogers' FUTURE ALOOF podcast.
Best way to keep up with Node
Pretty much the only podcast that I can bear listening to. Smart guys. All of em.
John Megahan
Always great content
Always cutting edge, relevant, and applicable.
Bodie Leonard
The go to for the latest and greatest in Node world
Extremely insightful information. My favorite podcast at the moment.
Very informative, a great source to keep a pulse on the node community ...
I really enjoy this podcast. It does a great job keeping up with the very latest from the node community. Thanks to dshaw for being a great host and taking the time to put this together! I real liked the recent trello team show, would love to hear more shows on how node is being used in production.
Great, just ignore the "ums"
Very informative. Always seem to learn something new. Just please work on reducing the vocalized filler since it becomes distracting.
Totally awesome
You will probably never find a better podcast out there on nodejs. this is possibly the best podcast in programming overall.
Iraê Brasil
And I thought I was done with panel shows.
I think there's a chance that someone might enjoy these even if they don't do any Node or JavaScript. It's got a bizarrely compelling touch of personality that keeps it from being either too dry or too holier-than-thou, even if they are mostly quite opinionated. I kind of wrote off the panel format because it so often ends up being, "what's hot this week! This is cool, I agree, this is lame, I agree, I disagree, next" – kind of like a fireless McLaughlin Group. The discussions are almost always substantive. And of course, there is plenty of useful technical and philosophical insight. When I started listening, I had mostly worked with just Express, but these episodes opened me up to other things and ways to try out. I've also learned a lot about Australia.
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Jim Kang
Blap Boom. This show is a BEAST
It's always poppin on NodeUp.
This. Is. Awesome.
Seriously, this is the best show ever (ignoring the times when @dshaw says "ummmmm")
Great Content
Fantastic guests and topics!
Best JS Podcast, but...
dshaw's ums and ahhs are quite distracting. I enjoyed the pre/post conference shows at first. It just seems like there are less and less of the always-great technical shows and more and more conf shows. I always look forward to getting a new show, especially the technical ones. Seriously though, there are uhm/ahh filters out there.
Great podcast for Node.js enthusiasts!
Look forward to it every few weeks.
Good content, hard to listen too
The main guys' speech impediment is really hard to get past at times. If you can struggle through his intro "Today uuuuuhhhhhh I'm here aaaannddd uhhhhhhh with uhhhhh…" and get to the part with other people speaking, its really informative.
Super useful, interesting & accessible info on node.js
Saw a random tweet about the show by @dshaw and have been hooked ever since. Highly recommended.
Awesome but refactor dshaw's parts
I love this show but I just can't keep up with the umming. Please refactor dshaw's parts or make him write down or at least think before opening his mouth. It is really annoying and it only makes it hard to keep enjoying the podcast with this unprofessional improvisation.
NodeUp is the best
Definitely the best way to stay up to date with the Node ecosystem
Great way to stay current on node
Frank Moy
Really good source of node news
The title of this review says it all.
5 stars
If these guys are brilliant programmers and excellent at keeping the show interesting.
The WebSockets episode was awesome! Finally some useful information about how to actually get WebSockets working (SSL), scale them (offload SSL and load balance with Nginx, HAProxy) and test (use Thor) - instead of just dismissing them as not working. I only wish the show notes had listed more details - e.g. the patches Brett/Trello are using in production to get SocketIO working as well as it does for them.
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Really useful
Wow these guys are smart
DJ Slopoke
My favorite podcast
Sure the presentation is a little unpolished, but these guys are developers sharing their real world stories about these topics and not trying to sell you anything. For example, in the last one about LevelDB, you get to learn not just about the embedded KVP DB itself, but some fun information about the Chuck Norris Googler Jeff Dean who created it, how the speakers have create various node modules around it along with some caveats for usage, and some of the limitations around CouchDB that turned one of the guys to try LevelDB in the first place.
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Paul Lang
Must-listen for Node.js developers
This show is fantastic. The hosts are some of the core minds (literally!) of the Node.js community. Hosts are regularly either direct contributors to Node.js, or companies that are using Node.js in production. If you're developing in Node, you should be listening to this show.
Web Developer
A great, entertaining podcast if you work with node.
You are not alone.
The best js podcast available
I have listened to a ton of podcasts about javascript and js tech. I've heard every episode of yayquery, jsconf live, the javascript show, jquery podcast, all the way back to ajaxian. In the podcast format this one is one of my favorite all time and absolutely the best still running. There's definitely the "friends hanging out" vibe which, IMO, offers character to the show, but I've been most pleased with the display of opinionated and intelligent discussion of technical issues. In many podcasts, there's a tendency to sit back on "here are these plugins which do cool things." Don't get me wrong, I find value in those. But this show dives into more sophisticated problems, contrasting framework approaches and databases. It does occasionally also have the "conference wrap up" show, but these discussions carry weight as the hosts were at the conferences and are having follow up discussions around the different points that were made in the talks. There's agreement and dissension instead of dry reporting. This podcast is long, and happens frequently, but I look forward to it so much that my spirits sink a little when a different podcast comes up next on the playlist.
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iPod touch user6
To much umm ahh errs distracts and annoys
God the one guy on this show that has the worst voice for podcasts, he starts every phrase with aaaaaaahhhhhhh, uuumm. And other terms he stretches out the same way. So aaaaaannnnnnnddd so ...drives me up the wall I had to unsubscribe. The content and other panels are terrific They must toss the guy that speaks this way. Man do you listen to the shows? Can't you hear yourself? you need to get a speech therapist before doing postcast I beg of you please.!!!
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NodeUp is on fire!
Thanks so much guys, I really enjoy this.
Excited for each episode
They keep me entertained and up to date on all things node. I've listened to a number of episodes numerous times because there was so much to absorb. They encompass what is the node community. Pushing the envelop and asking good questions. Tons of module discovery on here!
Great way to keep tabs on all things node.js-related. Well done and entertaining, too.
Pretty OK, though they let me talk too much
There are three people that make this podcast really shine, imo. 1. Craig Muir (who you never ever hear) is some kind of master cat herder, and manages to pull together people with really interesting viewpoints, even though they're all busy, and then get it recorded, and does all the production and technical bits. It's not exaggeration to say that there would be no NodeUp without this guy; it's his show. 2. Mikeal Rogers is a born MC. He has a good sense of how much ranting to allow, and when to bring it back on topic. 3. Daniel Shaw (dshaw) has the perfect voice for radio. In another life, he could have been the D in "Big D and the Funny Bunch in the Morning on KWXP Rock 97".
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Awesome show!
Node is my new platform of choice for personal projects and I even have a few production services running on it. Unfortunately there's a lot of fragmentation and overlap in the module community. It's often hard to know what module/framework/etc to use. That's where this podcast comes in. I pick up a few great node tips and learn of a few new modules every episode. Keep up the good work guys! This show is an example of why I love podcasts. It's the kind of niche content you'd never get from any other medium.
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Love it
One of many great javascript podcasts lately.
Awesome show!
Nodeup is a great source of a node-related information, and the scope of talks is rather wide. I love it. I only wish they would include some more technical segments, i. e., a segment about node core (why there's no proper fork) or a segment about V8 (what are the per-process memory limit) etc.
iPhone User #5817
For filling my commutes with anxiousness to look into all the magic things you talk about on the show
My #1 source of sportsball information
Well done, good mix of informative and entertaining.
One word
Love it
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