Since 2008 Steve and Alex have been diving into the paranormal, the supernatural and the occult as well as diving in to the world of the horror film among many other aspects. Every Sunday evening 11pmEST till 1amEST.Pieces of the darkness are now set to reveal themselves!! Hosts Steve Genier and Alex Rondini will be trying to unravel the paranormal from all aspects. From the scientific to the spiritual and from it's urban legends. Interviewing people who investigate, research and write about the paranormal. Of course many of you are interested in the paranormal and all it's different aspects! Let's face it, there are many different ways to approach it, that is our defense given that this is not only a field that still relatively unknown but highly unregulated and very exploited! These are the issues we cover on the show.
Season Finale Dark Discussions
We conclude our 6th season with a raw and in your face dark discussions round table with some fresh prespecitves abroard for this evening. Tonight we welcome Gareth Davies host of Mind Set podcast and Jeremy Webster from Witchta Paranormal Research Society..Gareth is based in Los Angeles California, Gareth Davies could be considered to be a Philosopher, futurologist, anarchist and a conspiracy theory researcher, but in reality he's really just an avid podcaster with an insatiable curiosity.In 2009 Gareth revamped his blog into the internet radio hub Mind Set Central, which broadcasts a wide variety of audio shows that cater to the open minded and the curious.  Along with the sites flagship show The Mind Set Podcast, and the paranormal discussion show Para-Talk, Mind Set Central continues on its quest to enlighten and entertain its listeners.While having a sense of humor is not essential to enjoying the content over at, it helps…Jeremy has been an investigator with Wichita Paranormal Research Society in Wichita, Kansas, since 2008. Founded in 2007, WPRS is a member of the TAPS Family and conducts investigations in the Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma areas. He has worked in text, audio, and video editing, and has assembled audio and video evidence presentations for both clients and the general public. WPRS can be visited on the web at
Jun 8, 2014
2 hr 1 min
Russian Yeti, and Vampires in Toronto?
Tonight, Steve and Alex discuss the broadcasted documentery on the Russian Yeti and it's possible involvement in the slayers of college students in 1959 with the area known as the Dyatlov Pass. Plus, the possiblility of real vampires roaming the streets of Toronto? Our lines will be open throughout the full 2 hours of the show to take your calls, your experiences, stories and more!!
Jun 1, 2014
1 hr 58 min
Creeping Closer to the Unknown!
Tonight Steve and Alex will discuss psychics and how they advertise as well as those pesty Hopkinsville Goblins! Plus, the lines will be open to take you calls with your stories, experiences and more!!
May 25, 2014
1 hr 56 min
Impending Doom - Paul and Vito of Novembers Doom Return!
Returning to the show this evening are Novembers Doom's frontman Paul Kuhr and guitatist Vito Marchese to talk about their 9th album Bled White which will be released in July. More info coming soon!!!
May 18, 2014
2 hr
Impending Epilog
With Season 6 drawing closer to an end, Steve and Alex recount several moments thoughout this past season and look forward to season 7 coming in September. The lines will be open for your calls, tell us your paranormal experiences, stories or if you investigate share your fings with our listeners this evening. Plus, we will look at the remaining shows left this season!
May 11, 2014
1 hr 56 min