Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
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Goddammit Bonnie!
Never fails to make me laugh. Especially on the bus where I look crazy. Paula is always fabulous Captain Crinkle is always a treat, Toni wearing her peplos, and Adam is on every show.
Listen every week
I used to listen to a podcast called Poundstone Institute, which went away. I was so glad Nobody Listens came along! I always thought Paula was the funniest person on Wait Wait. I remember her from , I think, Short Attention Span Theater on Comedy Central? Anyway, I look forward to Tuesdays because of this podcast.
Not enjoyable anymore
Have always loved Paula and Adam and have been listening since the beginning but don’t know why we need 2 hour episodes when at least half is annoying bickering or hackneyed, repetitive banter. The interviews are the only thing I enjoy anymore. Unsubscribing.
A truest lovely show. Paula and team always brighten my day.
Paula is an American comedic icon
Her podcast is as inventive, interesting and funny as she has been her entire career and I never miss it! Also check out her road videos on Instagram, hilarious.
Funny show, but trim the fat
I’ve been a devoted listener from the beginning- haven’t missed an episode! But, sometimes the jokes go on a little too long, and the “cold open” gag has been going on for long enough. I love the book club! And Mrs. Culpepper is the highly of the show! Hopefully the show cleans itself up a bit and stops beating dead horses, then it’ll be five stars!!
Jesse the Podcast Lover
Intelligent and Smart
I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve cried while learning something new… what more can you ask for? Except maybe for Adam being on every show.
Love all, it one problem!
Hi all - I look forward to the podcast every week. My only BIG complaint is Bonnie singing. Painful!! I’m sorry but the book club song is stupid! I have to turn it down till it’s over. In general. Bonnie doesn’t have a voice for radio. She has interesting things to add so I don’t want I To totally trash her! Before the pandemic I remember that Paula and Adam were the only ones on mic? Wouldn’t mind more of that! I miss the phone calls and various characters!
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Great with one problem
This is great podcast, but I wish they would stop talking about trump. I get it, he was bad, but would you just move on?
I’ve been a faithful listener from the beginning but I unsubscribed after being subjected to a Greg Abbott ad on my way home from a Beto rally. Think more carefully about who you accept money from.
Their laughter is infectious!
Okay, sometimes I don’t get their references. But I love their curiosity and witty repartee. I actually learn stuff from Paula and her friends. We all need to top off the “silly” receptical in our brains, eh? Oh, but now I can’t sleep for fear of a bug taking up residence in my ear…ewww.
Dahlia Gumbo
If only…
Captain Crinkle’s shower could talk…🤔🤔🤔🤯I bet her kitchen countertop and bedroom settee have a few stories of their own 🤨 🦨
Entire podcast
And Heidi is mentioned on every show!
Oh what fun your ears will have
I am a relatively new listener and I’m hooked!
SoCal Michele
Nobody listens to Paula poundstone
Silly, stupid and so entertaining. And Adam has been on most of the shows, I think….
Pod highlight of the week
I look forward to this podcast dropping since it began. Listening to the crew feels like family and I always learn something new!
Side-splitting Business Advice
I listen to NLTPP while going on my morning runs and laugh hard enough to get an abdominal workout as an added bonus. Watch out Adam, I’m coming after your 100m time. Plus get secondhand publicity advice from Cynthia Crier, Public Relations. And there’s no cold open.
Jake Neis
The Best Laughs
I always liked Paula on Wait Wait. Somehow I missed the start of her podcast and started listening a year ago. So I listen to the new one weekly and go back to listen to old ones, thanks for keeping them archived! NLTPP I’d just the right mix of laughs, information, and commentary I need these days. It’s like having a Podcast family. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Hey Adam, answer the phone!
I find myself looking forward to this podcast more than any other *ring* Hey Adam, answer the phone! (Adam) I don’t wanna! *ring*...okay...hello? (Hey Adam, it’s me Mike -boom boom- Bonifit, you know what? Paula Poundstone’s podcast is the best!) I agree!!!!!
"Film Snob"
Great Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. It is the perfect balance of entertainment, information and confusion. Paula always makes me laugh out loud. Toni’s craft corner is funny and Mrs. Bonnie great; after listening to her I now have an idea of what an LSD flashback must be like. I only wish Adam was on more episodes.
too many people
I love Paula but there are too many people on this show, its like listening to an annoying morning radio show. Enough with Bonnie already, not funny
JS from NYC
Great show
The show is a lot of fun and Adam Is in every show.
Love Paula and her friends
This is and has been for a while my favorite podcast. Truly grateful to you all. Love Patty from Bluefield West Virginia with kitties Precious and Gracie.
Adam should consider being on every show.
There are no words that can adequately describe how awesome and funny this show is, so i am forced to do so using interpretive dance. Please observe; this should only take about an hour or so……
Darc Audio
Adam is on every show
Blub blub blub
My absolute favorite podcast!
I look forward to each new episode. Tuesdays can’t come fast enough! I laugh and always learn something. I Love the dynamics between everyone and the inside jokes really makes me feel like an exclusive nobody.
Not funny anymore …
Too much picking on Bonnie… feels mean not funny… everything seems forced and tired … used to be that Paula and Adam had great rapport and comebacks .. used to love this bunch and Paula most of all but maybe it is time to move in to something different … either me or them..
Roshan Ara
A real treat
I look forward to the fun every week from the non-cold open (overture) to the coda. Paula and the gang are hilarious and it’s a comfort knowing that Adam is on every show.
Adam is on every show
Bonnie is hilarious, Paula’s glockenspiel is fun, and thank f$@&#* god they don’t do a cold open (and, again, Adam is on every show)
Poddy Poddy Podcast
It’s so refreshing to find a podcast without a cold open. I have a crush on Toni Anita Hull’s laugh. Also, Adam is on every show.
It’s Paula Poundstone What else do you need to know
Thank god they don’t do a cold open.
Love the show
Keep doing what you’re doing which includes the cold close.
Eli Hardy
A Train Wreck of Comedy
I know what you’re thinking, “Hey David, isn’t calling something a train wreck an insult? I thought you liked this podcast.” I do, but you’re forgetting how entertaining a well done train wreck is. Back in the 19th century, railroads would purposefully smash two gigantic locomotives together head on. Tens of thousands of people would show up to watch. Newspapers would print it on their front page. They’d even send out a photographer to get a good picture to put on their front page too because everyone loves a good train wreck. People would stay in the hotels the railroad built for the train wreck. They would buy tickets to the grandstands that the railroads setup for that train wreck. Some would even buy land at the site of the train wreck from the railroad that had bought up all the land on the cheap just so they could sell it to spectators. Train wrecks are big business. It’s why there are so many reality TV shows. Adam is the tried and true railroad engineer making sure that the Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Express will make it safely to Listener’s Junction on time. Paula will do her best to make sure everything runs off the rails. And Bonnie… She’s just dumping rolls of pennies all over the tracks. Adam can be in the middle of asking their guest a serious question when he hears the dreaded words, “Hey Adam, answer the phone!”. Despite Adam’s protests, he has to have a pretend phone conversation with some character Paula has made up specifically designed to drive Adam mad. Tony can be attempting to read a listener’s mail, and Paula will be constantly interrupting her until she says the words “Mail Bag”. That allows Paula to play a few notes on her glockenspiel until she makes Tony burst out laughing in frustration. Nothing goes the way it’s supposed to. Take their movie reviews. Paula and Adam don’t review the movie they’re supposed to be reviewing. Instead, they review another movie that is tangentially related to the movie they’re supposed to be reviewing, and based upon that, they’ll decide whether you should see the actual movie they allegedly reviewed or not. At first, it was reviewing a prequel to the sequel, but that made way too much sense. Then it was reviewing another movie that someone in the reviewed movie was in. Still made too much sense. Now, it’s reviewing a movie like “Jaws: The Revenge” to review “Where the Crawdads Cry” because both movies “have aquatic creatures in their titles”. By the way, they highly recommend seeing “Where the Crawdads Cry” because they both found “Jaws: The Revenge” so ridiculously entertaining. Nothing in that movie made sense. The plot was ridiculous. The acting was ham fisted. The makeup was awful. It was fabulous. As I said, train wrecks can be so wonderfully entertaining, and there can be one happening every Tuesday in your podcast feed (unless Bonnie messes up again. You’re not going to mess it up again, Bonnie. Are you?)
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Love this Podcast!!
If you want a good laugh - this is it.
Do yourself a favor and listen to Paula
This podcast is the highlight of my week, and when I fall behind, it turns into the BEST binge. It makes me look very odd in traffic as I laugh hysterically all by myself, back up the podcast a few minutes, and laugh just as hard listening the second time. Paula Poundstone fearlessly leads her friends through book clubs, informative guests, vocabulary words, talented house bands, and countless laughs. How can one podcast educate so well and entertain so thoroughly? It shouldn’t be possible, but it is. And Adam is on EVERY SINGLE SHOW! Wow!!
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You need this
Years of being a Nobody (listener), the show is a highlight of my week. My brain gets to unravel as Paula, Adam, Toni, Bonnie, guests, et al, spin the week, or just tune out the week. Always they deliver a standup show that’s as absurdly funny and humane as our world around us is absurdly stupid and incomprehensible.
One of a kind
Bringing a crafting segment to a podcast was a true stroke of genius. Few thing bring me joy like listening to descriptions of things we can’t see 😂
Pure Joy
Paula and Adam are the perfect complement to each other. I need this podcast every week because I NEED to laugh! They save me as I listen during my commute; it’s the highlight of my week!
EMO Philly
Cannot get enough!
As a teacher this year was tough! I am an avid podcast listener. Toward the end of the school year I was listening to true crime but was caught up. The second to last week of school a when a new Nobody posted I clicked on it and it got me through the end of the year! Since then I have been bingeing the episodes I have missed and am even saving some episodes so I can read along with a book club! Paula and crew is exactly was all teachers need in this crazy time! Learning new facts, awesome vocabulary, reading, singing, and laughing out loud so people around you look at you funny! Keep smilin’ and keep us laughing friends! Also, just so you know…Adam is on every show!
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This is a great podcast! Don’t do any cold opens!
Brilliantly funny, if your so inclined…
Paula’s style of clever, imaginative, improvisational and irreverent humor has me laughing out loud, with every episode! But keep in mind, this is not a podcast for children. Sexual topics (generally done with restraint) and four letter words abound, as well as a disdain for certain rich people, Republican leadership, Christianity and who ever runs afoul of her temperament. Her cohost Adam Felber does a great job in keeping the show flowing while being the perfect foil/co conspirator. Toni Anita Hull adds a youthful, and at times flustered, sweet perspective on topics. And, the guest are always good! I’ve listened to over a hundred and forty episodes and I still want more!
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mojo running
👁❤️ 👤 🙉 2️⃣ 🏓 #️⃣🪨. 🫵 🎧 🔜‼️ ➕ 🏧🍂🍺 🔛♾ 🎤❗️
90 minutes of pure cold open.
Devin M. Hansen
I get so excited to listen to this podcast as I WFH. The entire cast and crew are hilarious, however I especially love Captain Crinkle herself! Her theme songs are so great that they should sell a compilation CD of them!
One of my Favorite Podcasts
I’m not sure how I existed before finding this show (via Stephanie Miller). It’s super funny, to the point I sometimes have to stop what I’m doing and catch my breath. And while of course I love Paula and Adam, Bonnie may be my favorite—she’s funny without really mean to be most of the time. Although a shoutout to all the “callers” who call in and give Adam a hard time. Maybe someday he’ll stop breaking hearts and hang out after the game.
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This is my favorite podcast…. I only complaint is I don’t know how to get my cat Thomas, from Mount Sterling Ohio to be cat of the week! 😄🐈‍⬛
Gloomy Day Antidote
This show has not only gotten me through the pandemic but made me laugh and feel better, when everything else felt like it was falling apart! I love Paula, of course, but it’s Bonnie’s frequently non sequitur stories or ramblings that make my day! Please guys, keep going!!
My Favorite Podcast of All Time
This show brightens my week. Thank you to the team for this show. It is brilliant and brings a huge smile to my face.
I have been listening to you all since this started a while ago. As everyone has said this podcast has helped all of us during a dark time. Every Tuesday I look forward to my weekly dose of happiness. I am reading books I never would have, learned so much about different occupations, and am learning new tracking hints to round up Thomas Coyne. We used to live in Guilford Ct and he was nowhere to be found. But now that we moved to Middletown Ct. It took me a while to convince the postmaster and the police department to put up a picture of Thomas, but a batch of “happy brownies” and people will do almost anything. Please continue to bring us all joy every week. Nobody Kate Holthausen
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