Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
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Hangin out in the treehouse with my friends every Tuesday morning....Crackin each other up.
Live on Stereo
Great show!! Sound quality is bad though.
I’ve been on wait wait and met Paula I love Paula Poundstone but i would recommend that you try to stop saying the f word
anonyomus 1234
Best of the best
So funny and sharp - like having a bunch of weird hilarious friends in your living room. Always the first podcast I listen to as soon as it uploads 😁
Nightvale listener
Knock-knock jokes and all.
About the only thing that brings out a laugh in 2020. Be it ancient knock-knock jokes, fun guests, returning musical champions, cruise ship travel plans or odd reviews of old movies, I’m grateful for each Tuesday morning bringing a new episode. Thank you.
“New Format”
Have always loved the podcast, but, now I especially like the “new format,” where Paula is being more like she is on “Wait, Wait” and in her stand-up gigs.
Look forward every week
Every week I look forward to this show. It’s witty, weird, unpredictable, clever and I love it.
I laugh SO much!
PAULA POUNDSTONE you need to SHUT the F UP and let your guests speak!!!!!! Don’t be rude! Thank goodness Adam is on every show because there’s no way we would ever get anywhere. This podcast saves my sanity. I laugh so much! And I have certainly LEARNED new words and interesting facts. Seriously, THANK YOU so much Bonnie, Toni, Adam, and especially Paula for being my companions when I spend so much time alone these days. The laughter is, without a doubt, therapeutic.
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My sanity
This podcast has been getting me through 2020. But for some reason I always have the tune to “Lullaby of Broadway” in my head after finishing an episode.
The highlight of my Tuesday
This show is just a riot. A comedian’s podcast that’s not just an interview show, but is somehow 90+ minutes of rollicking laughter. Don’t believe me? You try to listen and not laugh. Go on. I’ll wait.
Kent(random string)
It was the Gouda that got um
May the captain Rest In Peace. Let the Captain be a lesson about cheese *if you don’t have a idea what I am talking about you need to listen to this show
Lost a listener
I LOVE Paula's comedic style, but I have to say after finding this podcast late into the run, and listening to many episodes now, this has become a self-indulgent, nonsensical waste of time. The run time is now over 1 1/2 hrs. Clearly no one is editing this thing. They all find each other hysterically funny, and I might too occasionally, but cut the waste. I'd rather watch a movie than wade through this any longer. Sorry.
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Mostly funny!
The bit about how “Ronald McDonald” is pronounced in Japanese caught me off-guard in a good way. This podcast is little crass but mostly funny!
What’s not to love about this podcast? It has everything. The French Trump Press Conference is absolutely my favorite podcast in the world right now. From the well done French accent, to the Tony Romo questions when French Trump always brings up the pizza to Karen Von Carlson who always tries to make Trump look like a winner. That you Paula and your team for such a wonderful comedic relief
French Trump
French Trump still has press conferences & is honest! Refreshing!
Dogs love the podcast
My dog has never paid attention to any podcast until she heard Captain Crinkle’s door!
Best podcast ever!!!!
This podcast is hilarious!!! You never know what will happen next. With Adam’s witty comebacks and Paula’s everlasting jokes, this podcast is a recipe for success. And laughs.
Episode 118
Best episode yet. I’ll keep you in suspense. Just one word: ..... lubricant ......
My Go-To LOL podcast
Between Adam’s lightening quick wit and Paula’s unexpected humor, this podcast makes the day right during these crazy just-wanna-scream times. Or maybe it’s the Gouda that got me. ❤️😂
Kathy Weimar
The Best
In this podcast, you never know what will happen next! Paula could cut herself in half, Captain Crinkle will start renting out ear space, or Mike Boomboombonafit will call and start annoying Adam. Best podcast I’ve ever listened to. And Adam’s on every show!
I miss this podcast
The first two years of this were amazing, but the constant political out-cry drove me away. But trust me, after the election is done, I will be back to hear her reaction to four more years.
Best comedian ever
I read that Paula was named the 88th best comedian but I’d say she was in the top five if not the best comedian of all. Don’t miss this podcast. Every episode is a Juul.
Russ T. Shakleford
Not gonna lie, this podcast is a lot. It’s insane. You never know what’s gonna happen when you hit the play button. Paula could be cutting herself in half, their imaginary intern Doug could go missing, or Paula’s imaginary dog thing could bring in a bunch of ducks. It’s insane. But I love it. I honestly couldn’t describe this podcast but strangely I really like it?
i wamt to be anonymous plz
By far one of the best podcasts!
This is one of the best podcasts out there. Paula, Adam, and the team are hilarious. I listened to every single episode within about 2 weeks to catch up about a year ago and have been a religious listener ever since. Never fails to make me laugh. Plus, Adam Felber is on every show!
Pups of Wall Street
THis particular episode was irritatingly long and boring. Twenty plus minutes of monotony. Too bad
Unrpentant Fenian Piper
Love this show!
Paula is incredible, I live following her down the rabbit holes she takes us to visit! I wish I was the nobody who got to be added to the vocabulary song lyrics. Not sure why Adam keeps missing his hodge-podge cue. Mrs. Culpepper’s husband is no longer with us (and I love being reminded why), but at least she still has her ruby sateen dress to wear. Toni Anita Hull is the true voice of reason, no matter what Adam tries to claim. Captain Crinkle reminds me of my mother-in-law when she explains something. My MIL is no longer with us, so it’s a pleasure to be reminded of her stories. The dumb, repetitive call-backs make me feel like I really know these people. Thanks to all of you for making my life brighter!
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Keeps me laughing
Love the show!
Love being a Nobody!
Need my Paula P & team- keeps me laughing - Thankyou all!!!
Love the Ducks
I have no idea why, but all the silly stuff you guys do just works. I had to pull over in my car last week cause of laughing so hard. This week it was the ducks. Keep doing what you do, and thanks.
I can count on Paula to make me laugh out loud. She’s helping hang on to the last shreds of my sanity. Love her. Love this podcast!
Nanc Y
Love you both!!
Nice partnership. Need the laughs Thanks. French trump is the best satire in town!!!!!!
Rochelle tagger
Bundle Of Laughs
Extremely funny. With Paula’s hour-long rants and talkative nature, and Adam, who is on every show.
Pack of comedic genius exploded and I can’t get the stain out
I adore this podcast and look forward to it every week. Paula’s constant brilliant comedy, Adam’s attempts to keep the show on track, Bonnie’s meandering dialogue and Toni’s delight and humor make this the perfect clowning casserole. Of course none of that would be possible without Winnie’s mom’s crock pot. Help yourself to a serving and join the table beside Captain Culpepper, French Trump, Mike Boom Boom Bonafet, hopeful Supreme Court Justice Gladdy Pilgrim, and a cast of other hilarious characters. Interviews are informative and the reputable vocabulary song gets better every time. Love this show!
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A Gut-splitting Salmagundi of Chaos
I never thought that listening to three people bully a senior citizen would be hilarious, but it is. 10/10
Peeing my pants
I laugh so hard at this show that I have to hold in the pee. Adam’s exasperation at trying to keep Paula on topic; Captain Crinkle, Tom Koin... so so funny. I have always been a fan of Paula - (I’m of a certain age), then of Adam and Paula on Wait Wait. I am so delighted that I found this! In these dark times it truly helps!
Love Paula, bowels and all!
A major highlight of every week is listening to NLTPP. Hilarious, occasionally informative, and in one episode, Paula delightfully describes voiding her bowels! With luck, that’ll happen more often in the future.
Worst podcast ever
I’m only giving it a 5 star review because Mike “Boom-Boom” Bonafit is on it. Boy it sure would be nice to hang out with Adam after the game. But that Paula... She’s a B*%€@!
Love to listen in the barn
Paula and Adam are wicked funny. Sometimes if I listen while milking, I almost get kicked by my cow because I laugh too loud. Then I have to stand up and apologize to my cow for such rudeness.
Laura Gale
Tons of laughs
I look forward to this podcast every week AND the French Trump updates Laughter is medicine
Chi b
It will even make you laugh in a pandemic
The ever suffering Captain Crinkle semi good-naturedly, semi dim-wittingly puts up with Paula and Adam. Tony Anita Hull is a gem. NLTPP is the most dependably freshest funniest quick-witted comedy podcast every week....even when they just do movie reviews. And this week’s episode is so funny I had to listen twice!!
Quarantined in Dubai
This podcast makes me laugh, exactly what I need during a pandemic!
Stuck in UAE
Love It
Paula and Adam (always on the show) obviously have a great love and appreciation for each other and are hilarious. Maybe a little less Bonny on-air :)
This is a review
I love Paula and I'm a proud nobody. Hope this helps. Download, y'all. What's Lipstick Nancy?
They care about civics, us and planet
It's so nice to hear a little and poke fun at the news and realize that I'm not alone being worried about the future of the inhabitability of our planet
Can’t Wait For Tuesday
I have been a loyal listener for about a year now and I really can’t wait for Tuesday. I listen to podcasts of many types for many reasons but for a smile and to laugh out loud Nobody does it better than The Nobody Listens cast. Paula is wonderful and has made me laugh since long before there were podcasts. Adam is the perfect sidekick who just keeps things flowing and fun. Captain Crinkle reminds me so much of a dear friend of mine and always makes me laugh. Tony has the best laugh and often makes me laugh out loud without even saying a word. In these sad and crazy times we find ourselves in today this podcast teaches you each week that there are things to look forward to and I’m usually looking forward to Tuesday!
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Giving feedback
The segment about reading reader complaints is just not funny.
Paula has anal leakage in the mouth and Adam is on every show. If Paula stopped talking she would die. This podcast is like living in Paulas mind, it’s almost all gibberish.
Great Podcast
Adam Felber, host uses his comedic genius to attempt to control the ramblings of Paula Poundstone, who is on every show.
Getting us through the bad times!
Discovered Paula and Adam because I heard Paula on Three Questions with Andy Richter and fell in love with her all over again on podcast format! I have listened to all new and working my back through all available episodes. I don’t know what food is more soothing for a weary soul than chicken soup, but this podcast is the equivalent to that. Maybe it’s the original Butterfinger recipe for the days of pandemic and social unrest. Thanks friends, I need you!
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