Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
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a peek behind the curtain
-friends who razz each other but the love for each other shines through -“I thought a cootie catcher was your vagina” -a book club more chaotic than mine -cats! crafts! coyne!
a fellow dizzy B
Makes me laugh out loud
I love this show! I’ve been listening since day one! Paula is my favorite comedian and everyone on this show (yes, including Bonnie) compliments her style and bring their own twists and humor! I hope there is no end in sight! Long live all the nobodies!!!
forever a groupie
My favorite podcast!
I look forward to a new episode every week! The hilarious, but insane, comedic chemistry they all have together is wonderful. I’m laughing out loud, literally, all the time. Every time Bonnie starts a sentence with, “here’s the thing…” I know it’s going to get good and Paula and Adam will go for the low hanging fruit (in a good way).
Paula Poundstone…
Has cat “nips” Paula you need to get armored pasties 🦨
Paula and Adam are a perfect pair for the radio.
The entire crew are the best entertainment team. I laugh constantly and think my sense of humor is a match. As I listen to you all I can picture you in my mind’s eye. Thank you for making Tuesdays a special day.
Of the way conversations
Paula and friends laugh and enjoy conversations on odd topics. It feel like having some goofy friends over to shoot the bull. I enjoy their attempts to edify with intelligent guests and irreverent discussion of literature. Even if you didn’t read that classic novel for high school English class you may become curious enough to do so from hearing the silly “Bookie Book” book discussions.
Green Janine
I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed this hard.
Ben from Durham
Bonnie Burns is a national treasure
I will always listen for Captain Crinkle
C.D.R. Poet
Good podcast
I’m catching up on all the older episodes. Very funny, I only downgraded it one star because I don’t care for the episodes Adam Felber is on.
Makes the world tolerable
A show that makes me laugh out load while stuck in traffic. And I learn a thing! Win-win.
Adam comes from the “yes, and” school of improvisation while Bonnie takes the “no, but” approach. It’s a bit Tom and Jerry for your ears. Can’t go a week without listening.
They Work Hard For No Money
You’ll laugh so hard you’ll forget they’re just unpaid volunteers.
Love the show
Thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It makes me laugh and gets my mind off things that stress me out. I do find the dinging noise of the mail bag segment very irritating…. so I just fast forward it. Still a 5 star podcast! Thank you!
Not while walking!
I enjoy listening to NLTPP while on my walks…but I think I should stop that practice as I find myself absolutely howling with laughter aloud as I am walking alone in our small village. I’m afraid everyone will start to think I’m losing my mind! LOL!
Hilarious, heartfelt, fun circle of friends in a podcast
I have listened to every show multiple times. Because you are a part of a new circle of friends, you will want to listen in order first. There are great guests, brilliant caricatures, garden time with bonnie’s theme songs that make me truly laugh out loud. Whether you fall in love with the kind hearted crafting and cruising Toni, or Adam’s wrangling of all the multifaceted parts of this podcast, then you will be entertained by the many impressions by Paula of fun, OG characters that are peppered in every week. Its never the same, always a giggle and a book club like you have never experienced before… trust me.
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More Password!
I almost gave this show one star, because it is so dangerous. Please do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery or your laughter may cause a terrible accident.
I’ve loved Paula’s brain since the original iterations of the “wages of sin” joke. (Back in the 80’s laughing at that may have been my first meaningful step in my journey as a recovering evangelical) She has made me feel represented for years as I suffer a roughly similar neurodivergence and cannot myself stop talking even when common sense dictates. The surprising thing about this podcast is how it has adapted. Some podcasts are locked into one way of doing things. This one is ever shifting. From episode to episode I look forward to what they are going to add or subtract- how will they structure it this time? AND someone gets designated my favorite cast member weekly! Paula, Adam, Captain Crinkle and Toni Anita Hull! BUT More and more I enjoy the Easter egg like interjections from support cast- the shy Julie who creeps in to provide contrast (“this is what a NORMAL person sounds like next these people- do you hear a little fear in her voice?”), Wendle- glimpsed through dry one word interjections (when I catch one of these, I feel weirdly as if I have really accomplished something that day!) and the incredible VIC!! (I mean- did YOU know a podcast could be edited sarcastically?!?!) If y’all are not friends in the way I can feel from the podcast, please, keep it a secret. I don’t wanna know. Years ago I was scarred in finding out about a certain Yuletide character- don’t take this from me as well!
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Love Paula and all of you on the show
Your show gives me hope every Tuesday. You all are just as good as therapy for me. Thank you for the laughs and great information ❤️
Refreshing , different & fun
This podcast is authentic, unique, curious and fun. It would be a mistake not to give this podcast a try if you are open minded, kind, and enjoy laughing.
Look forward to Tuesdays
I’ve been a fan since the show began and it’s only gotten better. This show brings me such joy and I laugh so hard. Brightens up my day. I look forward to Tuesdays when new episodes drop. LOVE Bonnie and Toni’s oral reports, all the characters that call in (my 9 year old son loves Mike Boom Boom) and I was dying in the morals segment. Keep it going! The longer the better.
The worst part
The only part I hate about the show is the moment I realize it’s about to end. It’s a feeling of great despair and dread. Just know that the show has only run long when there are three colons in the time stamp.
This is my go to podcast. I love the new ethics segment! I always laugh, and learn something on every episode, even the one Adam missed and the one time he admitted to being wrong. I discovered it about the time Paula was upset about the change to her Butterfinger, Captain Crinkle earned her nickname and Toni was kind of quiet. Then I had to go back to the beginning to hear how it had transformed into what it has become now. It’s a must listen to just to see where it goes next. The cast bounce off of each other in ways that keep me in stitches. The guests are full of information on topics I didn’t even realize I wanted or needed to know about. I’d say don’t change a thing but each time something changes, it just gets better. I LOVE this podcast. We all need to find a way to connect and laugh more. 🤩 The people behind the scenes have to be great too and deserve a note of appreciation. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!!!
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Like spending a couple of hours with your closest friends, and laughing about all of the nonsensical things you come up with together. Great!
Original, Intelligent & Improvisatory
Great to get more of Paula Poundstone as Wait, wait don’t tell me & tour dates are not enough. Love the co-hosts but really would love more Bonnie. Bonnie is the whipped cream, nuts & cherry on the sundae so extra toppings of Bonnie please. A natural, clever, honest and an infectious laugh. Great show. Thank you, Alice Los Osos CA
There’s a reason nobody listen to Paula Poundstone
She’s a drunken child abuser who can’t understand why she isn’t rolling in money, humiliates her own children in her comedy routines, and insults her audience as if she were smarter than they. Also, Garrison Keillor - a man fired for sexually abusing his female staff - was at one time listed as a “friend” of the show well after his behavior became public knowledge. Gosh, Paula. Who wouldn’t want to listen to you talk over your guests with your Fozzie the Bear level schtick. Such a genius.
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Love this show!
I first discovered Paula Poundstone many years ago on “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” So happy to have discovered this unique comedy… Thank you for sharing with us!
This is the podcast on which I base every other podcast! It’s long, weird, curious, comical, and very personal! ☮️❤️
A riot, every time
I absolutely love this train wreck of a show! It’s like getting together with your best friends, and just having a great time, laughing at each other and learning a little bit too! Paula is just the greatest and I’m so happy that Adam is on every show. I really love these guys and look forward to their antics every week.
I’ve found a new group of quirky best friends. I stumbled across this podcast randomly but boy am i glad i did. I knew Paula’s name right away from clips i’ve seen in the past of her solo shows. I decided to give it a try. I find myself laughing so hard at the antics of all four and this is such a good mixture of people. The personalities of Paula, Bonnie, Adam, and Toni just mesh together to make the most charming and perfect comedy of errors. I can feel such a difference when one person is out. The way you all tease, compliment, roast, interrupt, and laugh with each other; it reminds me of some of the very best friendships i’ve had in my life. I can’t get enough and i’m making my way back through all the older episodes. Please keep them coming. ❤️
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Jess the Mess 1987
I did not know a podcast could be so funny.
I tried to not spit out the water I was drinking, so instead I spat water from both my nose and mouth. My partner woke up and thought something terrible happened. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out, but be careful if you and sipping a beverage or it’s late at night and you have a loud laugh :)
Between Show Poundstone Fix
As someone that has loved Paula’s brand of humor (though I’m not exactly sure she trademarked it but you can definitely tell the difference between the watered down generic store brand and the real Poundstone) for many a year (some would say decades and I would be one of them though I don’t really like pointing out the passage of time) I can’t think of any better means of getting a dose of Paula Poundstone on a regular basis (except if she were to actually come by the house) even if it is only an hour to two hours a week. So having been a longtime Stoner now turned Nobody I say signup, sit back and make “haha” a regular part of your week.
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J. Schultz
Soo good
Captain Krinkle is the best part
My all time favorite
I’ve been listening for years, came back home from college and picked it up again. It’s just as wonderful. Thank you Paula, Bonnie, and Toni. (And Adam.)
Ep 287 is my new favorite!!
This episode made me cry of laughter 2-3 separate times! You’re all so rare, and I look forward to listening every Tuesday. It’s truly a highlight of my week. Thank you all so much!
Hi I love your podcast but I absolutely hate when you have guests on, I know that this defects the whole show but I love it when it’s just you guys.
mhvchmg chhbhv
I have never laughed so much on a podcast
What a joy to find this late in the game I should have known it’d be great but I am so thankful to have found it and have tons of episodes to catch up on
Informative, irrepressible, inanity
How can a podcast be both serious and unserious at the same time? Listen and find out! And Adam Felber is on every show!
Like Listening to NPR While Stoned
NLTPP is the ONLY podcast that makes me happier the longer it is. Hilarious, irreverent, often R-rated, and goofy, it's also surprisingly educational with brilliant guests and house bands. This is a work-of-art blend of improv + music + general hysterics. For anyone who wants high-caliber comedy without effort or cognitive function.
SFO Grrl in NYC
My favorite podcast
Paula Pounstone is top shelf funny. So good.
Fiona Hill
Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to NLTPP😂!
Chaotic roast marathon
Fun & witty cast of hosts who lovingly roast each other for the duration of every multi-hour-length episode
so funny-the laughs i desperately need
you are all so funny! i hadn’t watched in awhile and forgot how funny you all are! Thank you for the laughs.
Too many ads!!!
I found out about Paula poundstone listening to npr and wait wait don’t tell me. I liked her type of humor so I gave this podcast a try and it was fun enough until the ads started. In just episode 1 there were so many ad interruptions in random places that lasted at least 3 minutes each. And the audio level is louder than the podcast itself. I’m sorry but I’m putting this one down, the ads are just out of control to the point it ruins the show.
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The Supreme Court and Dahlia Lithwick
A longtime devoted fan and listener❤️Thank you for having Dahlia Lithwick on and will definitely be listening and reading more from her. Really helped gain back some hope on my disillusionment with the Supreme Court and reframing it in a new light. Thanks again for the great episode and all the laughs every week😂
I love intelligent jokes, witty banter, and insightful interviews. I like this show too!
Ha! Ha! So funny!!
I love this podcast! Paula and her friends are so funny and I love hanging out with them! It’s always a good time! Also, I’m in favor of the cold open.
Buy tickets
I can no longer hear anyone say "buy your tickets" in reference to anything without Paula's voice in my head repeating "Buy tickets! Buy tickets!" So. While I haven't the income to repeatedly goto live performances the impulse to want to has been driven into my brain; maybe a little like Pavlov's dog.
Don’t Change a Thing
I love every part of NLTPP. My favorite segment is the Cold Open. Anyone offering suggestions to improve the show would probably tell Picaso to lay off Blue. I replay episodes because they’re that good. If you want a taste of just how hilarious this group is, check out #219 and #211, which I believe should’ve won a People’s Choice Podcast Award.
A Beautiful Chaos
This cast of characters will make you realize your family isn’t so dysfunctional after all. And Adam is on EVERY show!
No other podcast like it.
This is my favorite podcast of all time. Paula, Adam, Bonnie, and Toni, I have been with you from the beginning (ashamed I am just now leaving a review), and I look forward to Tuesdays. Zero complaints about the length of your podcast. Book club is my favorite segment - please never get rid of it! Garden time might be my second favorite. It’s a little hard to choose! Thank you for all the work you’ve put in over so many years.
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