Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
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Fiona Hill
Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to NLTPP😂!
Chaotic roast marathon
Fun & witty cast of hosts who lovingly roast each other for the duration of every multi-hour-length episode
so funny-the laughs i desperately need
you are all so funny! i hadn’t watched in awhile and forgot how funny you all are! Thank you for the laughs.
Too many ads!!!
I found out about Paula poundstone listening to npr and wait wait don’t tell me. I liked her type of humor so I gave this podcast a try and it was fun enough until the ads started. In just episode 1 there were so many ad interruptions in random places that lasted at least 3 minutes each. And the audio level is louder than the podcast itself. I’m sorry but I’m putting this one down, the ads are just out of control to the point it ruins the show.
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The Supreme Court and Dahlia Lithwick
A longtime devoted fan and listener❤️Thank you for having Dahlia Lithwick on and will definitely be listening and reading more from her. Really helped gain back some hope on my disillusionment with the Supreme Court and reframing it in a new light. Thanks again for the great episode and all the laughs every week😂
I love intelligent jokes, witty banter, and insightful interviews. I like this show too!
Ha! Ha! So funny!!
I love this podcast! Paula and her friends are so funny and I love hanging out with them! It’s always a good time! Also, I’m in favor of the cold open.
Buy tickets
I can no longer hear anyone say "buy your tickets" in reference to anything without Paula's voice in my head repeating "Buy tickets! Buy tickets!" So. While I haven't the income to repeatedly goto live performances the impulse to want to has been driven into my brain; maybe a little like Pavlov's dog.
Don’t Change a Thing
I love every part of NLTPP. My favorite segment is the Cold Open. Anyone offering suggestions to improve the show would probably tell Picaso to lay off Blue. I replay episodes because they’re that good. If you want a taste of just how hilarious this group is, check out #219 and #211, which I believe should’ve won a People’s Choice Podcast Award.
A Beautiful Chaos
This cast of characters will make you realize your family isn’t so dysfunctional after all. And Adam is on EVERY show!
No other podcast like it.
This is my favorite podcast of all time. Paula, Adam, Bonnie, and Toni, I have been with you from the beginning (ashamed I am just now leaving a review), and I look forward to Tuesdays. Zero complaints about the length of your podcast. Book club is my favorite segment - please never get rid of it! Garden time might be my second favorite. It’s a little hard to choose! Thank you for all the work you’ve put in over so many years.
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Best show about a cough drop!
My favorite show about one woman’s quest to eat a cough drop in peace while her client interrupts her. 11/10
Personified Cough Drop
More Paula, less Adam PLEASE
I love Paula Poundstone and will follow her to the ends of the earth. This pod format seems to be much better suited to her strengths than the Institute and i have enjoyed it — for the most part. Adam Felber’s contributions may be necessary to get Paula back on track, but often unfunny. Leave the jokes to Paula. We tune in for her. And why has the show become so long? It takes me a month to get through one episode! Keep it under an hour, please!
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Never enough!
I’m always happy when I fall behind on listening because it means I have that many more NLTPP episodes in the pod bank.
violet dragonfly
Funniest people ever to get together
I am in awe at how funny they are. I will listen while walking to class and I’ll have to stop to take a breath because I’m laughing so hard. If there ever was a podcast to binge it’s all 300 episodes of this show.
Ok…I’m thinking of what to write, there is just sooo much to say, ok…
This is absolutely my favorite podcast! Every episode includes more information, lessons, facts and insights than any other 1 hour-ish podcast, TV or Radio programs out there. The interviews are so much better than what is presented by seasoned professionals on 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, Meet the Press, etc. (seriously Paula, your interviews should be on those shows, or better yet you should have your show…oh wait, this is your show…but you know what I mean!). Toni Anita Hull laugh is infectious and I look forward to her adventures (whether it be how she flooded her apartments, or her romantic escapades in the hotel bars, etc.). And Captain Crinkle’s interruptions (which have nothing to do with the subject you’re all discussing at the time) help to make the show longer which is great for us listeners. Last but not least, I appreciate Adam’s commitment to be on every show, and give him a gold star for perfect attendance. Don’t stop!
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Play is so full of glitches
I love Paula Poundstone and this pod but during the guest interview the pod is so full of glitches! Especially the TV HISTORY one. Was really enjoying it but then it froze, skipped ahead or kept looping. Please fix this. I would hate to abandon this favorite pod😞
What is her excuse?
Paula regularly tells us about how she skipped class and didn’t take full advantage of her formative education. What is Bonnie’s excuse? She brings Seattle a bad name.
Pee in your pants funny!!!
I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! The magic of this podcast is the ensemble. They could talk about folding towels and I’d listen. It’s like hanging out with the funniest friends you could possibly imagine having. And Bonnie is a hoot!!! Don’t change a thing. If I were a billionaire I’d pay you all to do this full time!
Shut up Bonnie
She is not funny
Makes me happy every time
I listen to this podcast when the new episodes drop for fun and education and past episodes at night when I can’t sleep and need soothing and familiar voices to calm the brain. Smart, funny, profane like a good podcast should be.
Tumi Chucua Doug
My absolute favorite podcast.
I’ve listened to every episode since the first. It’s the highlight of my week. I wish they did 2 or 3 a week! I adore Mrs. Culpepper and all the zany characters who make appearances. The interactions between Paula, Adam, Bonnie and Toni Anita make me laugh out loud every week. When Paula laughs uncontrollably it’s contagious.
Fan of silly humor
Cry-laughing in my car every time!
I decided to give this podcast a try after I heard Paula Poundstone on John Hodgman’s show and found her to be an absolute delight. I remember nothing about the first episode I listened to, except that, near the beginning of the show, Bonnie Burns spun a somewhat unfocused tale about patio furniture and (maybe?) her dog? I remember thinking, “this weird old lady is telling a story about — literally— NOTHING, and it is somehow the most fun I’ve had in ages!” Later that afternoon, I found a large snake in my dumpster. It scared the crap out of me, but I still count that day as a win because it was the day I discovered this absurdly wonderful podcast. All my love to Paula, Adam, Bonnie, Toni, Julie, Ken, the House Band and everyone else who contributes to this masterpiece! Keep it coming!!!
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Maelstrom Monika
Exactly what you expect in the best way
I’ve been listening from the beginning, and this show has always been an absolute delight! It is a complete disaster in the most charming way! I am so happy that the pandemic brought Captain Crinkle and Toni Anita Hull into the regular routine (let’s not forget that Adam is on every show)! Everything that annoys someone is just perfect. It is a veritable gallimaufry of delight! The best parts are the ones when everything has gone so off the rails that land is far from sight (I think the train got lost at sea?!)! Thank you all for a wonderful distraction from all the unpleasant nonsense we see every day!
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Somebody Who Listens
This show is not what it seems. On the surface, it’s a zany hang with Paula and the gang. But pay attention; something’s going on…. Something strange….. What happened to the show’s intern, Doug? Murdered, but by who? Why is Captain Crinkle covering up clues as to who she showers with late at night? Why did Thomas Coin fail to appear on the show? And what does Thomas Coin know? Who is this mysterious Wendell that Paula occasionally mentions? Why is he sewing pillows for her? Why does she need so many pillows? Who’s Nancy, and what shade of lipstick is she wearing? What does the “Boom Boom” in Mr. Bonafit’s name mean? Does it suggest a gun for hire? Did Mike “boom boom” Thomas Coin and Doug? Why are all these works by famous artists turning up in Paula’s home? How did they get there? Who locked Paula and Adam in the meat locker? What ACTUALLY happened the summer Captain Crinkle went to camp, and what is “dough on a stick” a euphemism for? Wo-Hee-Lo, I don’t know… What is Toni actually doing on all these “cruises” she goes on—is the answer “below deck?” Where did Winnie Rose Fineman’s mother’s crockpot go? To what nefarious end was it used? What sort of goods are REALLY being sold at Roger Federer’s “appliance” store? And WHY is Adam on every show? You may say nobody listens, Paula Poundstone—but I am. Each week I listen and ponder, and try to get a little closer to the truth….
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Adam IS on every show
A rare podcast that delivers exactly as expected week after week. The talented professional entertainers are in an environment specifically crafted for their wheelhouses. The other contributors are professionals, but not talented entertainers, and that is the point.
Laughing out loud….
I am one of those people who does “laugh out loud”…… Especially on your show!!!!! I love you all on the show!!!!!
Good but the Glock…
I love the show but absolutely hate the glockenspiel. It is a really jarring noise
So incredibly beautiful shows
That may be
One of the best nobodys I luaghed icryed fhhubb baba... see you at the nep
mike .x.
All Finlandianians should listen
This podcast helps one navigate the vicissitudes of life—such as the positive side of verbally lacerating equestrian children—while it illustrates that reading isn’t necessary for a book club. ¡Viva longer episodes and cold opens!
Happiness pill
I have been eagerly listening to this brilliantly silly podcast from day one. I love this show! From the cold open (CO), the melodious musician, learning new words, the bookie club…you will enjoy it too! Everything you would expect from the hilarious Paula Poundstone and Adam Felber. A wonderful medicine to listen to when you are feeling blue to bring you back to happy. A wonderful podcast to listen to when you are feeling good and want to celebrate the goodness in others.
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Even more hilarious than I expected…
… And I knew to expect hilarity from Paula Poundstone! I listened to my first episode today, episode 249. It was a riot! Paula and her pals play off of each other brilliantly. I’ll definitely be listening to this podcast for a pick me up frequently.
I’ve loved the show for a long time, but…
I have to agree with others that I want to hear more of Paula and less of her cohorts. Bonnie is funny in short bursts but enough already with the singing. Sorry, but Toni is not as cute as she tries to be. She’s over 40, for heaven’s sake; enough with the ditzy young thing act. What is her actual role? Unclear.
Great Podcast
I love this podcast! So much so that I ordered my “I Am A Nobody” shirt and the podcast hat. Unfortunately, I received another “nobody”s order instead of my own!! 😢 No contact information on who to get in touch with to resolve the issue.
My favorite podscast
When someone asks me what my go-to podcast is, I always say it’s NLTPP. I cackle, laugh, and giggle at every episode and am so thankful to Adam, Bonnie, Toni, & Paula for the constant laughs and dedication of keeping this podcast going.
Couldn’t be happier I found this
Have enjoyed listening to Paula for years and I’m so glad I still can - go Paula!! Great show and chemistry together - I belly laugh every episode! Thanks, and please keep it up!
If you want funny, look no further!
(1) Adam (the) Felber is on every show (2) Toni Anita Hull and Captain Crinkle are on a good number of shows. (3) Paula has not missed any shows that I know of. The bookie-bookie-bookie-book club is fun but someone should censure Adam for abuse of the gavel. It got me back into regular reading again, so I’m very happy about that. We need more of Toni and Bonnie. Julie should speak up more too!
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Long time listeners are especially rewarded
Start now
Jim Guida
Hilarious, heartfelt, fun circle of friends in a podcast
I have listened to every show multiple times. Because you are a part of a new circle of friends, you will want to listen in order first. There are great guests, brilliant caricatures, garden time with bonnie’s theme songs that make me truly laugh out loud. Whether you fall in love with the kind hearted crafting and cruising Toni, or Adam’s wrangling of all the multifaceted parts of this podcast, then you will be entertained by the many impressions by Paula of fun, OG characters that are peppered in every week. Its never the same, always a giggle and a book club like you have never experienced before… trust me.
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Paula suggests different ways of viewing the topical subjects I have questions about. It’s no wonder she gets into so much trouble. I thank her for the service.
Enjoy on walks
Paula has been one of my favorite comedians since I was in high school ( I am 54.) Such dry, witty and creative.
I beg of you...
Please please please stop with the glockenspiel!! I know you think it's funny and fun to do BUT IT IS HORRENDOUS THRU EARBUDS. Your show is so funny and I LOL all the time like a crazy person. Paula you are amazingly witty. Love you all. But imma have to stop listening to you if I have to keep yanking my earbuds out of my ears every time you bang on that thing. It's too much. Maybe just hit the first two notes and be done with it. Please?
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Paula Poundstone is…
The president of the itty-bitty quotidian committee 🔎
Makes my week
I’m always amazed at the quickness of her mind. For me it’s almost a Robin Williams quickness. Adam(and he’s in every show) is also quite wonderful. I laugh when he does his squeaking laugh. Bonnie blows my mind sometimes. She’s great. I’m sure Zero had a fun time with her. Toni is so naive although she isn’t. Her squeamishness is offset by her enjoyment of gross YouTube videos. I always look forward to the weekly podcast. I laugh out loud LITERALLY. I’m sure people driving by think I’m crazy.
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Commercial Sadness
A long time Nobody
Been a fan since before it was a podcast. Before Thomas Coyne! I was a Nobody before there were nobodies on NPR! Love the show! The reports by Bonnie and Toni make me laugh until I cry. I also thought Toni Anita Hull was two people when the show started. Tony and Anita Hull. How great that a married couple supported Paula! Then she became one person and all was right with the world. Good work to Adam for keeping the podcast on track. And of course I love Paula, her tri-poly t-shirts, cast of characters, and sound effect grabbers. Hope to have my cat, Juniper, on some day….
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Liz Van Liz
Hilariously unpredictable
This show is hilarious and even the running jokes have a certain unpredictability to them. It goes off the rails in the best of ways. The laughter is almost as contagious as the Ghost of Ben Franklin’s syphilis.
Caution while driving
Warning! The show might cause laughter so hard that one gets light headed on the Dulles toll road or similar arterial highway near you.
Best! Podcast! Ever!
Have you been having problems getting enough “Adam the Felber” in your life? Well, don’t dismay! NBLTPP features the One & Only ADAM FELBER on every single episode!! Yes, you read that correctly! Look no further, My Friends. Adam the Felber is on every show!! The rest of the ‘crew’ (Paula, Cpt. Crinkle, Toni Anita Hull, etc…) are a fantastic compliment to the genius that is Adam Felber. Toni & Bonnie’s reports are not only entertaining but also very informative. Another fantastic segment is “Mailbag” <insert glockenspiel here>. Personally, I would love to hear “Mailbag <insert glockenspiel here>: Adam Felber edition” Also, what do you y’all have again Long Haul Truckers? Many of us ‘Nobodies’ are yearning to peek behind the curtain of their lives.
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Nobodys Rule!
Listening to NLTPP is like being the new kid who transfers to a new high school mid-year. At first everyone is weird, you don’t know what anyone is talking about, and you don’t get any of the inside jokes. Before you know it, the weirdos are friends, they’re funny, you get the jokes and now you’re one of the cool kids too.
George Pag
Guaranteed laughs out loud with every episode
There have been so many times in the last 3 years where this podcast has given me laughs and smiles when I needed it most. It is the only podcast I have gone back and re-listened to past episodes. Adam, Bonnie, and Toni are not only on every show but such a great addition to the hilarity. This is the only podcast I look forward to each week. Love, love, love it!
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