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James Reynolds
Join James Reynolds and leading web traffic experts and learn how to get more website visitors and grow a profitable audience online. On each show James Reynolds grills his expert guests and gets them to reveal their very best traffic getting secrets. Topics covered on this hard hitting internet marketing show include; Twitter (Scott Stratten), Google Plus (Chris Brogan), Podcasting (Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas), Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi), Rand Fishkin (SEO) You Tube video marketing (James Wedmore), Mark Schaefer (Twitter and Market Leadership), Facebook Marketing (Amy Porterfield), Andrew Warner (Media Buys). Tune in and learn how to get more traffic and make more sales.
TJ75 – Personality Marketing: How To Build Trust Being Your Authentic Self With Ryan Lee
What is trust-building traffic? How do you build an authentic following with trustworthy, personality marketing as your approach. Ryan Lee believes that your own true personality gives trust to your brand. In this episode of Traffic Jam podcast, we discuss how to find your authentic self and build a brand around it, so you can cut through the noise and standout being you. Here are some of the highlights from episode 75 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What is Trust Marketing? How Do You Build Authentic Following? How Do You Leverage Experts? How To Resonate Your Brand To Your Audience? Your Unique Business Differentiator. Identifying Your Brand Personality.
Jul 30, 2015
39 min
TJ74 – Social Media Scheduling and Maximising Your Time on Marketing with Laura Roeder
Should, or should you not be using social media scheduling tools has been an ongoing battle of opinion between social media experts. A previous guest on this show believes that tweets should never be scheduled, because what’s so important that it needs to be said, but not important enough for you to be there when it is. Laura Roeder takes a different stance. She believes that there is a very important place for pre-scheduled updates, so much so she built a tool to do just that. On this episode of the Traffic jam podcast we discuss the pros (and woes) of scheduling posts on social media as well as take a look at the marketing strategies that helped catapult her service Edgar to success. Here are some of the highlights from episode 74 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Social Media Scheduling. When to Schedule Updates? How Many Updates to Post? How to Use Your Social Media Time Effectively? How to use Social Media as Engagement Tool? Content Marketing That Works. Email Marketing Tips. How to Establish Your Email List? Importance of Regular Blogging. Facebook Advertising. Getting PR Coverage. Why Consistency Is Important?
Jul 21, 2015
29 min
TJ73 – Email: Solo Ads Buyers Guide: The Business Of Brokering High Converting Email Offers with Brian Litman
Email has been here since the start of the internet age, and it seems like the only thing that will surely stay the same for a long time. As such, it is safe to say that it probably is still the best way to reach out to your potential buyers. But how do we do it? How do we reach out to our audience through email and be sure to get a positive response? Brian Litman tellls us how in this episode of Traffic Jam. Here are some of the highlights from episode 73 of the Traffic Jam Podcast… Defining Email Drops. Who Sends the Emails? Email as a Traffic Source. Business Models that Work with Email. Great Target Markets. The Checklist to Complete. Email Solo Ads Statistics. Email Drop Costs. Testing for Effectivity. Email Funnels. How to Track Campaign Success. Common Email Marketing Mistakes. The Important First Steps.
Jul 14, 2015
38 min
TJ72 – Micro Content Marketing: The Quick and Easy Content Creation Technique That Delivers Your Message Fast ~ Jake Burkett
A study done by Microsoft has concluded that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. As marketers, we need to find the balance between providing substantial information that can move our audience to action, and instant comprehension within an all too small 8-second window. The solution to that is micro content marketing. But what is a micro content? Jake Burkett from Visage explains what this instantly consumable content is all about and how to use it effectively in your marketing. Here are some of the highlights from episode 72 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What is Micro Content? Typical Micro Content Formats Creating Micro Content Pieces Micro Content vs. Long Form Content Micro Content Topics Creating Content with Appeal Testing Micro Content Effectiveness Distributing Your Content Tools to Help Action Steps to Get You Started
Jun 30, 2015
35 min
TJ71 – Co-Authored Content: 40,000 Words That Established A Personal Brand ~ Aaron Agius
Conventional thinking would dictate that you should get full credit for a 40,000 word blog post when you wrote it. You write, you get the reward. This was not (entirely) the case for Aaron Agius however when he wrote tens of thousands of words for His name didn’t appear as the author, and he didn’t get paid. Why then would he waste days of his time to content that sits on someone else’s site published under someone else's name? Aaron Agius understands the power within other people’s audiences, when those audiences are bigger and more established than his own. Aaron is adept at identifying co-authored content and guest post opportunities then exploiting them for his own gain. On this episode, you will discover how Aaron leverages high trafficked sites to get more 'eye balls' and build his brand. OUR GUEST: Aaron Agius is the managing director and co-founder of Louder Online, an inbound marketing agency geared towards creating imaginative marketing strategies for small businesses and global corporates. His business has worked with international brands such as IBM, LG and Ford. Aside from running an agency Aaron is a prolific content creator. He has produced two in-depth guides for QuickSprout; The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience and The Complete Guide To Building Your Personal Brand. Each guide being of more than 20,000 words. Aaron Agius also writes for leading business and marketing publications like Entrepreneur, Hub Spot and Search Engine Journal. Here are some of the highlights from episode 71 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Why Aaron Wrote for QuickSprout Guest Posting The ROI with Co-Authored Content Determining Where to Guest Post Finding the Balance: Content on Site vs. Guest Posting How to Get Good at Writing The Right Type of Content Why Longer Content Works Social Distribution: How it Works Aaron's Facebook Marketing Strategies
Jun 23, 2015
27 min
TJ70 – Alternative Marketing: Strategies For Winning Traffic From Unconventional Sources ~ Greg Cesar
Imagine this, you are a salesman selling insurance and you're competing with a thousand other insurance dealers in your area. You'd probably say it's more appalling than appealing as you're not really expecting to get a lion's share of the potential market. But when you rethink your strategy and start piggybacking businesses whose clients would need your insurance policies, then it's highly likely you see a future ahead of you that is exciting. Master marketer Greg Cesar talks about ways you can use alternative traffic sources to achieve your goal without competing with all the other sharks in the ocean for this episode of Traffic Jam. Here are some of the highlights from episode 70 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... UMP vs USP. The Thank You Page. Magazine and Newspaper Ad as Sources. How to Position Your Offer. What is Mindset Marketing? Learn from Filezilla! The Most Important Why Question. Pitfalls to Watch Out For. Have You Got Physical Mail Lately?
May 5, 2015
33 min
TJ69 – Content Strategy: Marketing Your Business With Content People Care About and Trust ~ Dan Norris
We all know that honesty is the best policy, yet few adopt that policy like Dan Norris. Dan understands that in the crowded world of content marketing you need a differentiator to raise you up above the noise. There are over 200 million blogs online worldwide, and if you are not be “A.N. Other” then you better find a way to be different. Where others have chosen frequency or style, Dan has chosen a position of transparency, candor and honesty as his differentiating factor. Whatever your approach, you’ve got to avoid “content marketing” being your entire content strategy. Marketing these days requires you to stand for something different, offer a contrarian view or zag where others zig. On this podcast Dan shares his journey from failing agency owner to successful entrepreneur and reveals the crucial role content marketing has played in helping his new business really stand out. Here are some of the highlights from episode 69 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Why Dan Chose Content Marketing Dan's Content Style Frameworks that really work Content Marketing Processes Sourcing Your Content Topics to Write About Measuring Content Success Dan's 70/30 Rule Action Steps for YOU!
Apr 21, 2015
40 min
TJ68 – Joint Ventures – Examples Of Partnerships That Yield Win-Win Marketing Results ~ Andy Hussong
Hands down the best way to position yourself in front of other peoples audiences is to get introduced. When you ""join up” to co-promote with other non-competing businesses who allow you access to their customers, you get introduced to reach your new ideal audience pre approved. Joint ventures, examples of which are shared in this podcast, are the most highly leveraged (marketing) relationships that allow two businesses to reap the benefits from one set of customers. But because at the core of joint ventures is the requirement to share, JV's are often met with much hesitation and skepticism. On this show, we dive deep in to joint ventures. We cover the strategy, what makes a good (and a bad) JV partner, how to craft the ‘right’ JV offer and tackle the objections that are holding you back from conducting your own joint venture.Whether you are skeptical or curious abot joint ventures, you’ll find plenty in episode 67. OUR GUEST: Andy Hussong is a joint venture specialist from Indianapolis. He made his name during a 5 year tenure as the affiliate manager for the internet marketer John Reese. He now works with several friends of the Traffic Jam podcast including Ryan Levesque, Todd Brown and Kyle Graham. He comes to Traffic Jam highly endorsed. Andy owns and operates the website aimed at sharing strategies for product owners, JV brokers and affiliate managers. Prior to that Andy ran from 2009 until 2013. Andy’s focus is to help online marketers have higher sales every month through coaching, home study programs and consulting. Outside of the marketing arena Andy enjoys coaching baseball and hanging out with his wife, family and friends. Here are some of the highlights from episode 68 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... What is a Joint Venture? Why a JV is Good for You. Finding the Right JV Partners. Approaching the Low Hanging Fruit. Webinars Work for JV! Overcoming the JV Phobia. Laying Down the JV Deal. Co-promoted Benefits. What Makes a Successful JV Partnership. You've Got to Do This Now!
Apr 7, 2015
39 min
TJ67 – How To Advertise On YouTube At 5 Cents Per View ~ Tommie Powers
YouTube statistics say that every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year - so of course it makes sense to advertise there! The statistics are staggering and they may excite you, but before diving in it's important to learn how how to advertise on YouTube effectively. When done poorly you can waste thousands, but when done well you can reach billions of people for as little as 5 cents per view. In this podcast we answer questions like what kind of videos do you advertise with? How long should your video ads be? Are call to actions a must? And much more. Who best to get answers to these questions than someone who lives and breathes YouTube marketing. On episode 67 we are joined by Tommie Powers. OUR GUEST: Tommie Powers specializes in paid traffic and conversions. He has 15 years of marketing and advertising experience most recently focussed on search, social and video marketing. Tommie’s goal is to provide as much information as he can about digital marketing topics and technology. He shares his knowledge to his friends and clients through his blog and newsletters. Currently, Tommie is considered a specialist when it comes to YouTube advertising and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States on the topic. Tommie is also the co-author of a book titled “#Code Bytes: Conversations with Internet Entrepreneurs” When Tommie is not creating YouTube Ad campaigns for clients, he spends his time with his 3 kids and wife. He is also a huge sports fan with Football (American) being his favourite. A QUICK PREVIEW OF THE PODCAST: Here are some of the highlights from episode 67 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... Why YouTube Advertising? Advertising Costs in YouTube Facebook vs. YouTube Ads Different YouTube Ad Types What are In-Stream Ads Video Ads that Work! Direct Response Ads YouTube Ad Funnels Targeting Your Audience The Art of Retargeting Getting Started on YouTube Ads Overcoming Common Hurdles
Mar 19, 2015
32 min
TJ66 – How to Guest Post to Other Peoples Audiences to Grow Your Influence and Following with Tommy Walker
Building your brand and authority does not always have to mean planting the seeds in your own backyard. Whilst I advocate nurturing your own garden first, if you want to harvest a larger crop you'll need to sew your seeds elsewhere too. To grow a larger audience, you'll need to go beyond your own audience and get in front of other people's audiences (OPA's). The larger, the more relevant the audience, the better. Todays guest, Tommy Walker learned how to guest post and quickly leveraged that skill writing for top marketing sites like Conversion XL and Crazy Egg. By getting in front of these established and loyal audiences, Tommy developed a loyal audience of his own. On this show you will learn how to find guest post opportunities and how to write posts that drive traffic in to your own backyard. OUR GUEST: Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant. His mission is to mainstream the concepts of online marketing through inspiring, entertaining video content and slick editing. He also writes, a lot, mostly for other peoples audiences. Through guest blogging and regular contributions to the likes of Crazy Egg, Unbounce, Convince and Convert, and Hubspot, Tommy Walker has built himself a reputation as an established voice on marketing and built a loyal following online with it. Tommy Walker is a former editor of the Conversion XL blog and currently a marketer for Shopify. Tommy’s bragging rights? He once got fired over a pair of pants, he can beatbox (badly) to NES video games and is a ninja table top role playing gamer. His favourites are D&D and Mage from the World of Darkness series. Here are some of the highlights from episode 66 of the Traffic Jam Podcast... How Tommy Started His Career. Learning From a Gas Station. Understanding Consumer Behaviour. How to Implement Your Research. Tommy's Content Approach. Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities. Byline Blindness and How to Overcome it. Moving the Audience to Your Own Backyard. Forums and Communities as Traffic Sources.
Mar 9, 2015
36 min
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