No Stylist Left Behind
No Stylist Left Behind
Nina Tulio and J Ladner
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I love this podcast! Absolutely loved the pod with Bri. She’s amazing!! (But it got cut off at the end)
Loving this podcast!!!!
I absolutely love this podcast!!!!! The learning, the sharing! And all the #BeauticianStories THANK YOU!!!!
Heart is full!!!
🔟 stars for my slay Kween Nina Tulio! You rock my world
Can’t get enough
I love this podcast so much, You guys are so inspiring and I look forward to the new episode every Friday.
Inspiring and Feel Good with Incredible Info!!
I love listening to Nina & J! Seriously it makes me smile so much and feel so inspired no matter what time of day it is! Thank you for bringing out such great content, being real, and bringing out the genuineness to life!!
Improve your bottom line
I want to thank Nina and Mr J for putting out such valuable content! I listen every chance I get and have made changes in my business that are measurable. These two (fun) and beautiful souls give ACTIONABLE steps to improve your business and bottom line whether you are a salon owner and/or service provider. I am in the spa industry and though this podcast addresses the hair industry, their content is valuable to any beauty business! THANK YOU Nina and Mr J!!!
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Nina and her guests on Podcasts..
Wow, I am so impressed with Nina, her content is real life issues behind the chair that will help you, give you courage, ideas and the can do attitude! So if you need inspiration or feeling alone ? Listen to her podcast as she has great guests on here! 💜 you Nina keep up the great work!
My go to podcast!
I love listening to J and Nina! I’m a hairstylist and I can always count on them to be real, genuine, and honest. I always feel inspired after listening and want to hear MORE! I’m looking forward to endless episodes!
BLOWN AWAY! Best dynamic duo!
Two of the most driven, passionate, kind and loving humans I have ever had the privilege Of meeting! These two dig deep, and go to the places we have all been or are currently! By sharing journeys, Struggles, successes, and the hard work it takes to make it! You will want to keep listening, through infectious laughs and feeing the love in their voices this is hands down one of the best podcasts! Both Nina & Joshua are those feel good I feel like I’ve known you my entire life people!
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Leaders with heart
There are so many layers to hairstyling. I look so forward to this podcast because these two go deep every time! Nina and J get into the topics that I care about most. I’m drawn in and feel so uplifted and inspired every episode. Personal growth is everything in life and in business. We are all in this together as we all like to say. And what can I say...this podcast should be in every stylists’ ear week after week no matter your age or stage. Xo
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The Must Have Podcast for Stylists
Every podcast has a multitude of learning opportunities. I have broken down into tears while listening and I have gained an immeasurable amount of business perspective. Looking to grow your business? That information is here. Stuck on a challenge in the salon? You’ll find solutions here. In need of social media help? That’s also in this podcast. I am honored to listen and receive information so valuable to the business of hair. Thank you for bringing a new found respect to our industry!
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You guys Fuel My Fire🔥
I have cried and I have laughed listening to you both. It hits home for me in so many aspects. Nina, you know well at this point. J, I can’t wait to meet you. Your podcast content is authentic, desirable, and much needed in the industry. It feels like you guys are having a conversation with me in the room, lol. I love it! Thank you both for putting this together and inspiring so many of us. Keep it coming guys!!!
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The best most real stylist podcast
I can not believe the impact this podcast has! Every time I listen to an episode I can’t help but to listen again!! It’s amazing to see how we are all so different and so the same. And I am so thankful there is something out there for us stylists to be inspired by that we can actually relate to 100% ... the realness is real and I am so grateful this is here!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Volume Up
I am loving this podcast it hits home ❤️ stylist for 12 years learning to put me first -thank you !
Love This Podcast!
So refreshing and current! Keep up the good work and positivity.❤️❤️❤️
Love me some Nina!
Nina is my virtual soul sister and I soak up anything she puts her hands in! She’s real, she connects, she gives you tools to find your strength and conquer this crazy world of hair! Thank you for this podcast! 💗
Love Nina & J
Freaking Amazing!!
This podcast is fire. I love the energy, positivity and authentic realness. ❤️❤️❤️
Dani Cassidy
Great Podcast!
I truly love this podcast and I’m a huge fan of Nina! She’s so real, raw, and honest about the ups and downs in this ever evolving industry! If you’re looking for a podcast to inspire you to be better personally and professional this is it! Nina is one of the best to learn from and this podcast will show you why!
The buck stops here.
The dynamic duo, J and Nina are creating such a safe space for humans to being to get real. It’s so nice to listen to human experiences instead of just looking for an answer to a technical question. They are asking the tough questions that are so necessary to create a shift in consciousness. We are all a part of the human connection and it is alive and well here. Hats off, Love you both L
So inspiring
Great listening. Nina and J bring laughs, tears and a whole lotta inspiration. If you want to get some amazing industry info while having a great time, this is your podcast.
I highly recommend this. It’s fantastic!
Sarah Seattle
Inspiring and Honest
Two of my favorite humans in the world. Their honesty, empathy, and inclusivity are empowering and refreshing. If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation and the connection of the human experience you MUST listen to this podcast!!
Can’t get enough! This is everything I need to hear to keep me inspired and moving forward! Thank you for nourishing our community! Keep doing Amazing things babes! Xoxo jc Hairologist
If you aren’t listening to this podcast are you even a stylist!???
So much love, positive energy, and solid information in this podcast! Nina and J are as real as is gets and their chemistry together immediately recognizable! Play this podcast on your way to work, home from work, on your lunch break... whenever! You won’t be disappointed and you will definitely walk away feeling refreshed, and with some killer information on all things industry related! We are better together and this podcast fully encompasses that! So much love xoxo JM
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What amazing people
I just listened to the first episode and downloaded the rest for my trip to premiere Orlando this weekend!! What inspiring people! Can’t wait to stop by and see J while I’m there!! He makes a great podcast and gives the BEST hugs!!
Hair by jeslynne
Salon soup for the soul!!
These two are incredible humans that can light up a room separately but wow to get them both in my earbuds is amazing! I’m so excited to hear what they have to share. So far I’m very pleased with podcast and I’m getting prepared to be blown away😎🤩
Salon Citrine CT
Already loving this podcast! Real, honest truths about the beauty industry, behind the chair, but even more on the emotional side of beauty! How we feel as stylists in difficult situations- or just day to day. Motivating & Inspiring. Can’t wait to listen on!
Ali Romano
SUPER podcast !
I was so excited when I heard that my two inspirations in this industry were making a podcast and this dynamic duo is a SUPER podcast! These two are incredible human beings, they are so REAL, authentic, kind, and have so much wisdom. They both have personally helped me grow as a stylist and I am forever grateful for them. This is a MUST LISTEN podcast!
lauren gramberg
Great job by Nina and Jay! They interview stylists and salon owners in the industry that are willing to share their unfiltered stories. Exactly what’s needed in the industry.
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