No Stylist Left Behind
No Stylist Left Behind
Nina Tulio and J Ladner
Helping stylists reach their full potential by sharing unfiltered stories from industry artists & leaders. The stories you are about to hear are from real people that have conquered fear, failure, and risked it all to reach their desired level of success. Nina, a former salon owner/stylist turned business coach and speaker. And J, salon owner/stylist and educator, have created this platform to allow you to dig deep, help you move past your insecurities, conquer your fears, and become the absolute best version of yourself. This podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel
My Life Out Loud With Ryan Weeden @Ryan.weeden
Today is a special day. We had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Weeden, the CEO and founder of Masters Of Balayage. This was one of the most honest and down home conversations we've had on our podcast. Ryan discusses how he went from losing everything and sleeping on his brother's dining room floor to building a multi 7-figure empire. Ryan learned what it takes to create a well respected brand and he is sharing all the goods with you today.  Remember, If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Ryan is a true testament to that.   Sponsored by Oligo Professionnel
Nov 19
45 min
Navigating your financial future
No one wants to talk about it.... BUT, we do.  J and I dive in and talk about about the topic most people run from. Debt, saving, spending, and budgeting.... MONEY. 2020 has been a year of struggle and hardship for so many in our industry. We wanted to shed some light on getting out of debt and some ways to start to plan for your financial future, slowly but surely. We also share our own struggle with money, where it all comes from and how we moved through it.  Join us on this very deep, yet informative episode. This podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel.
Nov 12
29 min
My Life Out Loud With Dawn Bradley @dawnbradleyhair
Today Nina and J have a really special guest.  Dawn is a speaker, teacher, hair stylist, and mentor. On today’s episode Dawn talks about the reality of anxiety. From her personal journey. What it takes to overcome fear throughout your life and for your business. And what she think stylist are doing wrong right now behind the chair. Nina and J get deep about the 1 piece of advice she would give herself at a younger age! Get ready to be moved, recharged and be able to face fear and anxiety head on! NSLB Podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel. Check out Dawns Podcast. The Anxious Creative 
Nov 5
49 min
Building Your Credibility with J. Ladner
 This week NSLB is switching it up! Nina is interviewing J. What you will get out of today is that credibility is built over time and through experience. Learn the ins and outs of how J got to where he is now. With tips and tricks on how to adapt and evolve within your career and ways to build your own credibility in this industry.  NSLB Podcast wants to thank Oligo Professionnel for being our sponsor.
Oct 30
46 min
My Life Out Loud With Mary Cromeans @cuomocromeans
Nina and J are pumped up to have the one and only Mary Cromeans! Mary is an international educator for Paul Mitchell and hairdresser in San Diego at A Robert Cromeans Salon. Today they will talk about Mary’s story on how she became a hair stylist and platform artist! She shares tips on what it means to be a well rounded stylist, how to create exceptional guest experience during our new lifestyle behind the chair, and much more! Tune in. NSLB is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel.
Oct 22
45 min
All the Tea On IG with Bri @ secretstosocialmedia
Are you thirsty?! GOOD! Today Nina and J have a special guest and she is spilling all the tea about Instagram. Welcome Bri. She is so real and connects with her audience on IG like no other. She shares her expertise on how to grow organically, what is most important when talking about your brand, tips on what to focus on first, and how to achieve your dream client just by showing up as your authentic self.. If you are struggling with growing your business on IG. This is a must listen to episode. NSLB Podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel.
Oct 8
41 min
Are you losing clients?
Today Nina and J will be discussing the many ways you could be losing current and potential clients. But, not to worry. You know they are going to drop some knowledge and share their TOP 4 tips on how to create the perfect flow in your business and how to keep the client retention high. Sneak peak: 1. The Prep 2. The Intro 3. The Performance 4. The Dismount. Join us. The NSLB Podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel.
Oct 1
48 min
My Life Out Loud with Justin Anderson @justinanderson
Today is a day we’ve been waiting for. We have the one and only Justin Anderson. Celebrity stylist, 18 years in the industry, reality TV star, and someone who lives his life out loud authentically, and unapologetically.  In this episode Justin shares his story of what inspired him to get into the beauty industry. Plus how he built his business grassroots style.  He also gets personal, and we truly believe his story will give you confidence to fully commit to living your life being 100% yourself.  He also offers up his tips on how to make it in a city like Los Angeles, and what it’s like to work with a celebrity clientele. You may be surprised. The answer is not what you would expect. Justin’s energy will awaken your soul and motivate you to get out there and live your best life right now. He truly is the real deal and what you see is what you get! You have to tune in for this one. Sponsored by Oligo Professionnel @justinanderson @justinandersoncolor
Sep 24
1 hr 4 min
Real Talk...Money Talk
The NSLB podcast is talking Money today! With this special episode come along with J as he interviews Nina on why it’s important to embrace your numbers in your business, healthy habits wrapped around money to add into your daily life, and tips on what to focus on first! Nina also shares her personal journey with money. The ups, the downs, and everything between. And I mean, it gets real.  This podcast is a MUST listen! Special shoutout to Oligo Professionnel for being the NSLB Sponsor.
Sep 17
40 min
My Life Out Loud With Patricia Plymire @queenofthesouth512
Today is an epic day because Nina and J have the one and only Pati Plymire @queenofthesouth512. Join us as Pati shares her walk in the industry, and how she has became the baddest braider on the gram and in real life.  She’s been in the industry for 6+ years and is dual licensed. This podcast is one of the deepest podcast Nina and J have had thus far. Pati also shares the truth about how she got through her roughest times in life, which sometimes is out of our control as were faced with discoveries as young kids. And how she found a new rhythm and structure to get her life back on track. Her wisdom, her strength, and her transparency is truly inspiring.  She has discovered that living through gratitude is her way of life and is also the perfect message we all need right now!  This podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel
Sep 10
57 min
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