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I’d like to say thank you for sharing your stories and knowledge. Every time I tune in it feels as if I’m surrounded by like minded friends that are saving a space for me at the table. It allows me to feel connected, understood and somehow validated on my life path. As an avid podcast listener, I’ve never felt as “home” with any other out there and I recommend y’all to all my like minded folk. Keep up the great work, it’s very much appreciated. 💖⚡️ -Easystreetmama
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A special bridge.
I thought this would be an interesting podcast about tales from the tours and maybe some tunes sprinkled in. How wonderfully wrong I was. What you’ve done here is not only solidified the values that underlie all of our collective will to thrive and grow together as humans, something many of us got on tour or at shows in some way. Bur also you show how many have carried it forward, and have bridged it to yet another generation. Hearing the younger bands and musicians but also your genuine interest and love for what they do is inspiring. This is exactly the kind of hopeful messaging in conversation the world needs right now and I think you for putting it out into the universe.
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Greatest podcast
I don’t even listen to no simple road on Apple podcast I listen on Spotify, but I wanted to write a review so I came on here. Love them so much 💛
Jordyn and Jo
Love the Show
So, I recently came upon your show, and just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying it. Anything to help keep the spirit of live music close during these times is a great service...thanks!! I’m late to the game on this, but just got into Billy Strings music literally this week. I can’t get enough. Just finished your interview with Billy..and I only like and appreciate this guy more now. Fantastic conversation. Anyway...thanks! Y’all are killin’ it.
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Sending you all love!
Just wanted to echo how wonderful listening to this show is. Y’all are and inspiration to the up and coming heads on how to live and love! Namaste 🙏🏼
Wonderful Group
What a wonderful group of people coming together to share their insight, outlook and experiences in life. 🙏🏻 Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story.
Kate Wind
Hey now
So stoked I found your pod! I have been catching up with the vibe and we are vibing along, thanks for all the focus and sincerity and love. I’m in the PNW, and we gotta connect somehow someway through the smokestack haze to see blue sky days. ✌️.
Great Shows
Alex Jordan and Billy Strings shows were especially great. Keep up the good work!
Brown Ale Guy
What a long strange trip it’s been!!
Get on the bus!! This podcast is a great way to dive into the improv/jam scene. I’m a huge Billy Strings fan and I can’t believe y’all read my last review in the podcast with his interview. What a long strange trip it’s been... love your honesty and can’t wait to hear what’s next!!
Long time listener - first time reviewer - big time appreciator
Hey there NSR fam, just wanted to pop in here in late July and leave some love. Got turned on to the show back a couple years ago when I was living in Pittsburgh by my buddy Ernie (thanks web dog) and have been listening ever since. I’m now writing in from North Portland where I’m listening to the most recent ep with my partner in boogying and in life. Listening to this show is a part of our routine, has turned us on to new artists, and has given us a constant in these strange times. Keep up the good work and take time to take care of yourselves, maybe we will catch you at the next CATS show (wonder ballroom 10/17/19 was siiiiick) when the shows come back! Thanks Again, Gordon
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Simple Pleasures
How have I not heard about this podcast until now? I am so glad my dear friend told me to tune into the Billy Strings episode. Now I am hooked and will be a regular listener! Thank you for keeping the magic alive during these difficult times:) Grateful, Erika (4th grade teacher)
Love from FL
Been listening to the showFor two years now. One day I typed in Grateful Dead podcast and yours was one of the ones that popped up. Been listening ever since. You guys are a beautiful family and provide me with a great feel good podcast with great guests.I could say a lot more but I’ll keep it pretty short. Thank you Aaron, Apple, Rider and the beautiful Mel. Oh and give Jasper a hug for me. Love, Brandon
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Part of the Family
I got turned on to this podcast a few weeks ago. I’ve probably listened to about 30 episodes already! There’s never a dull moment! All the stories are so relatable and intriguing even from the guests I’ve never heard of. They really make it feel like you’re right there on the porch with them!
Moth Mouth
my favorite podcast 💛
These guys do a great job I am hooked
Best Podcast maybe ever
You guys make some quality stuff please never stop!!!
I’m digging it NSR!!
I’m about 5 episodes in-Andy Frasco & Anabel both led me to start listening to No Simple Road and I love your vibes. Looking forward to checking out more and meeting you at a festival or show sometime soon! #ARosewithpassion
Great podcast
Love it!
The dopest dope
This podcast is is better than your mama’s casserole. And thats sayin somthin.
Positive people, great stories!
I got turned on to this podcast from their episode with Jon Barber of The Disco Biscuits and now I’m hooked. I’m starting at the beginning and working my way through. Such great folks, talking about their journey through life which intersects with lots of my interests. Keep up the great work fam!
Thank you for a real good time!
Thanks so much for bringing us all closer together! Love you guys! Joe 🌈⚡️💀⭕️
Love this show
I learned about No Simple Road after. the tragic loss of Neal Casal. Such an awesome show. Love the peaceful vibe of all the hosts; and the inclusiveness felt while listening.
When is the new update coming
blessings from the dirty south
This podcast has a beautiful union of souls talking about the issues that affect our community, and interviewing the musical, artistic and shamanic characters that make it all tick. It is cool to hear the different points of view of the family, in relation to sometimes difficult subjects of concern for all walks of life. They shine a light on what makes us all individual, and teach us to celebrate our unique selves. I can say their discussions have helped me with my own battles with depression and anxiety. It has made me feel less isolated in an often repressed and oppressed region. It is very soothing to hear these good people do what they do ,and I am so grateful for the opportunity to feel included in such a caring community of music, art, positive vibes, and discussions. P.S. Thank you for shouting out Southern Heartburn. Much Love, Neil J. | AL/FL panhandle #nosimpleroad
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No Simple Road family
Sending love from the east! Perfect podcast to vibe to, from the tour recaps and interviews. Hope to meet you guys on lot sometime! Give Darwin a treat for me! - Casey
Cellar Door
You’re Gonna Love This
I just discovered this pod while searching for Neal Casal tributes. That heart-felt episode was the first one for me and I can’t wait to dive into the archives and listen to the new ones. Subscriber for life!
Fam Jam!
Hello good people! I feel like I’m hanging with my crew when I’m listening to you guys. Thanks for spreading the good vibes and loving up! I want to give you all a big hug, especially you sista Mel! Much love beautiful humans.
Always will be
Love you guys! Have been listening fo the last year and a half or so. Started at the very beginning, now on episode 97. Have loved watching your progression as a podcast, music fans (yeah buddy, get on that Phish train), and people. You've all inspired me to change the way I look at things and to be a more engaged human being. Thank you!!
Slam Sza
Must listen for all jam fans
This such a friendly and relaxing podcast! I love the way the crew make their guests feel comfortable and get them to open up. They have a unique way of letting the guest/listener feel like you are sitting at a kitchen table with friends talking about music. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful product for all the heads, young and old!
Honest and raw
Just wrapped up Ep. 3 and I’m loving this pod. These folks seem just like you and I. The stories they are sharing are a raw and intimate look into the life of a modern Deadhead. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a listen. You won’t be disappointed.
Love the Pod Cast!!
Great pod cast! Love the family vibe and all the great concert/ festival coverage and the artist guests!! Come visit us in Michigan at Electric Forest!! Much love!! Sincerely 🌮📺
Road Trippin’
Y’all CRUSH!!! Traveling back and forth all summer between Portland, OR and Colorado and am very fortunate for the entertainment you guys provide during the long drives. On my way back to the Colorado mountains now for the grand opening of my new project Grove Street DyeWorks at the Magic Bean’s music festival Beanstalk, hosting on site natural dye workshops on clothing and accessories, and then of course... Dead & Co. at Folsom Field! Stoked to bring the energy and love from No Simple Road along for the ride :) Maybe we will cross paths back in the NW <3 Schuyler D. @demarinisprinting
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Schuyler D PDX
Amazing podcast
The most relaxing and enjoyable podcast I can think of. Very entertaining and relieves me of a lot of anxiety from normal life. Keep on truckin!
jimmy chicago
Kind Brothas and Susta
Great show!!
On the bus, now ON with No Simple Road!!
Aaron, Apple and the crew, Kate (aka @k8_so_gr8ful on IG 😎) i thought I had submitted this review like a year ago, but I thought I’d check and now I’m not sure?! So I am sending again! i would do it 1000 times to show my love for this crew and this community. I love love loooove what you guys are doing! My love for the Dead runs deep and getting to hear from like-minded individuals about such a range of topics is refreshing and so fun. Keep on trucking, fam!!
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Listen to this podcast!
Love the variety of the show and the sincerity of the crew!
Omni Arts Group
Loving it
About a dozen episodes in so far and loving the vibe here. Thanks for your courage and genuine worldview. Glad you are digging the PNW- the best coast for sure. Keep the positive trip going and hope to see you down the road. Cheers
Space Heron
More than a podcast
This crew is so real and genuine. From the moment I listened, I knew this is way more than your average podcast. You wanna be friends with these guys, hang out on their porch, and go to shows with them. So happy to have them putting their voices out there and extending their good vibes of community, connection and family, and spreading their love for life with the whole world. Rock on!
I'm only three episodes in and I already love it. Great job you guys, you've really got something special here.
Sheriff J03
Melanie is Great
I just recently discovered your podcast. I drive a truck overnight so I always have my Grateful Dead with me. I also search for Dead related podcasts. Last night I was listening to I think it was the 3rd episode with Melanie. You guys have a great chemistry together. There was such an easy, comfortable flow between you two. It was really enjoyable. Please have her back to co-host soon. Looking forward to catching up on the rest of the episodes. Peace. BG44
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What ever you do take care of your shoes..........Ryder!!!
Love you!
NSR freaks unite!
Deep Search
Best thing since Sliced DEAD
I work from Home and listen to Stern when he’s live. When he’s not I started binging podcast. Big Phish and Dead head and heard Dawn from Phemale Centrics give you guys a shout out while promoting Osirus podcasts. I found NSR and have been binging straight when I can up to episode 20. I actually can’t wait to go to work in the morning so I can get back on the longe strange trip that is No Sinple Road, the honesty and Vulnerability is refreshing and the topics are what I love on every Level, thanks guys Keep it Up.
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Brings me back to the lot
Just started listening and I can’t stop!! Weir everywhere!! (~};)
boob weir
Hey now! Great episode!
I’ve been enjoying the ride with the No Simple Road family for a while now, but this was a really terrific episode and it deserves a shoutout! Listening to you guys and Tom Hamilton have an interesting and real talk about JRAD, the Dead, music, art, drugs and life was a treat. Well done! Thanks for sharing this awesome conversation with us!
Thanks for creating
Love your interviews!
It’s fam
When you know you know!
eff a "Fashion Frathouse"
Spreading the Love!
This podcast is pure love. The honesty, the emotion, the humor, and the family all roll up into one big ball of love. The stories are entertaining and I love how open everyone is. No holding back. Being real. Makes you feel like your sitting on the porch with them, and I wish I was. The guests all feel the love and open up in seconds. Keep this going and keep spreading the love.
Part of the family 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Such a great group of people. They make you feel a part of the family. Everything from the Dead to relationships to jam bands and beyond. Their openness and transparency is so key to the show’s success. 👻💀👻💀
Love this!
Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. I love the honesty, the stories, the love, the vulnerability. I want to hang on the porch with y’all!!
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