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Bob Clagett & Josh Price
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Real guys
2 normal, real, down to earth guys talking. Very fun to listen to, and very relatable.
Love just listening to their conversations
I listened to them on YouTube but I can’t always just sit around a computer. They are a great team and I really just enjoy their thoughts and random conversations about everything. It’s cooler knowing they are also building Legos while they speak!
Clone wars
Great podcast, clone wars is a Gem, Watch your mouth
Love it
These guys are one of the podcasts that I will push all others back for when it becomes available. The “formula” that they use to keep everything interesting and fun to listen to is top notch. I as a father, amateur maker and full time nerd always find something to relate to and laugh along with. Listening to this podcast has become almost a form of therapy for me as I always find some nugget of advice from them. I can’t express how appreciative I am to have the ability to listen to theses guys. I will soon be joining the Alliance. Thank you Josh and Bob and everyone else at ILTMS.
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Josh and Bob are on the JoB!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Always entertaining. Lots of LEGO sounds. And some deeper topics every once in a while. Give it a listen.
Dr. Sci-Fi
The Best
A mix of intelligent conversation and hilarious jokes. Also, the most entertaining podcast to ever exist.
029: Aunt Becky Got Busted
Hello to everyone at I Like to Make Stuff. I love all the episodes, but this one raised a topic to which I wanted to contribute. One thing we need to consider when it comes to cheating college admissions is a student who deserved to get in but lost their chance of a spot because another student bought their way to the head of the line. In this case, the action is not a victimless crime.
Hunter McEgan
Fun listen
Every episode is like a warm greeting card from a distant relative that acknowledges your existence.
Great show!
I really enjoy listening to Bob and Josh’s experiences and takes on parenting and life in general. Keep up the great work guys!
Top 3!
This has because me one of my top 3 go to podcasts! I love the topics, legos (I say legos too), and really life deep conversations. You both also feel so much more relatable and reachable through this podcast compared to other maker podcasts with other big name people in the community. Thanks for being leading and examples of good husbands, fathers and makers! Pros and cons are so funny!
Humble Woodworking Co.
The sound of my youth
I could honestly listen to these guys paw through LEGO all day. It reminds me of the music of my youth.
It's MISTER Passive Agressive!
Great fun to listen to (and watch on YouTube)!
Love Bob and Josh's work! This podcast is a great listen after a day of work, but is best enjoyed watching on YouTube. My only concern is the loud LEGO sounds that happen when they start opening bags. BUT, I love the idea of working on mini projects while doing the show! Keep it up!
Guy Stevenston
Complaining about adulthood
I love Bob’s YouTube channel and am a huge fan of Making It. This show doesn’t live up to the standards set by either. The concept is good; it gives two makers space to have conversations about life and be aimlessly creative as a way to spark a deeper level of self awareness and inspire new ideas, but that’s not at all how it comes off. This podcast is two people complaining about having to do “daily life” things (with their families, or otherwise) when they don’t feel like it. At one point josh even says, “God bless our women” because they’re better at handling life than them.
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Two guys talking about.. whatever
I like the stream of conscious discussion going on, keep it up, talk about whatever interests you guys. I’m in for the long haul.
Stealth monster
Hey Bob
Hey Bob I love watching your videos and love hearing listening to a chill and amusing podcast. Keep up the good work.
Nerd stuff, friend stuff and building stuff!
Great start to the podcast, it’s a lot of fun listening to the discussions about movies, kids, life and just stuff you want to geek out over. I can’t wait to see where this goes! I really like the video option, loved seeing the old Star Wars comics and the different things you guys are working on. Keep it up, lots of fun.
Way to go Bob & Josh!
Hey guys I love the new podcast!! -Zach C
My childhood!
The format of this podcast was my childhood. My friends and I and especially my brother and I would build a thing or play a game and there was always “table talk” going on. What ever the hot topic of our day was it got talked all over and something usually got built or repaired and occasionally disassembled. I’ve drifted away from that. This show brings it all back. Thanks Bob and Josh keep up the good work.
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Build, talk, I like it.
I like it already; two of our favorite makers are building Lego, models, etc and talking (it’s a podcast). Always happy to listen to and support Great and free content. The video element means I may be “listening” twice.