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Trevor Strunk
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Critical but casual approaches to current, past, and future video games six times a week. In addition, guests will periodically share their own aesthetic and personal experiences with games in conversation! Subscribe to our Patreon at if you'd like to hear special patron-only bonus episodes!Support this podcast at — Inquiries:
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Don’t recommend
Seems like it’s mostly just losers complaining about actually successful people and popular things 🤷‍♂️ skip this one
John B., Esq.
One of the smartest gaming podcasts around
A great podcast if you appreciate deeper discussions into games than the usual brand of Gamer Podcast (you know the type). Trevor always gives insight into the ways politics are expressed in games and consistently gets very interesting guests with expertise in a variety of different subjects. Come for the great interviews with people like Night in the Woods’ Scott Benson and Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro, stay for the Marxist analysis. Don’t sleep on it!
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Gaming Criticism at its most daring and insightful
There’s 50,000 gamer podcasts, and they’re all about 2 or 3 people palling around and playing games. They sound like they’re having fun, but it’s just not interesting to listen to. No cartridge is a podcast that lifts the hood on game creation. It takes political theory, economics, art, gaming theory, and many other vantage points to examine the state of games today. It’s also fun to listen to, with interesting guests, an insightful host and a willingness to take risks. Hit play.
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Truly magnificent
Trevor brings an academic yet interesting angle to games. Not the usual gaming podcast.
Favorite video game related podcast
I used to think gaming podcasts couldn’t be good, but this one is super appealing to me. Trevor is an awesome host and is just so genuinely nice and positive that it’s (hate to use this) extremely wholesome to listen to. Topics vary, and the discussions are always interesting. It’s refreshing to hear people discuss aspects of video games that aren’t often talked about. Keep it up!
Great podcast
Very well done. I look forward to these!
Chris in dc united
Super interesting show
I'm not a big gamer but the topics and discussions on this podcast are still fascinating and thought-provoking.
The Video Game Podcast I Was Looking For
A lot of video game podcast have a schtick, whether its inside baseball, chasing new releases, or some other high concept. Those are all fine, but if you're looking for a video game podcast that talks about the philosophical and political intricasies of video gaming at all levels, check out this podcast ASAP. It's grounded, informative, and hilarious.
Games from an approachable but academic lens
Fantastic podcast featuring guests you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Discussions of Shakespeare, games as aesthetic objects, games as a critique of instutions, etc., I can't wait until Trevor gets enough Patreons to do this full-time.
M. 001
Smart gaming conversations
Trevor is a very good interviewer which is made all the better with his many thoughtful and diverse guests. If you like thinking about games then smash that subscribe button.
High quality content
Great podcast
The best gaming analysis!
Dr. Strunk provides some of the most intelligent video game analysis you'll find anywhere. He peels back the layers of games and explores their deeper meanings, helping us understand why we play games beyond simply entertaining ourselves. The guests he has on the show provide great insight into the gaming community and are just a pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended!
Awesome video game podcast
Really enjoyed this podcast a ton. Extremely addictive, insightful and laugh out loud funny. A great time.
Johnny Triangles
Actual analysis of games is a rare treat
Normally when it comes to analyzing games, you are met with sophmoric individuals making surface-level observations. But in the case of this podcast, there is some actual critical thinking to be found. A pleasant treat.
A smart person talks about games
I was listening to some of these on my desktop and then was pleased to see they were on itunes where I usually listen to podcasts. This is actually intelligent and fun talk about the medium, and *actual* design and story of games, which is very rare these days. Love it!
Evil Kanevil
I will fight you if you don't listen to Trev
Temecula baby
The Ham Kleptomaniac
This is great. Trevor is great.
Trevor finds the good stuff in these games.
it's good, buddy
bite sized podcasts that come at video games from a very different place than most podcasts about the subject
fieriwater boyz
Best critical analysis of games podcast on iTunes
A bite-sized audio extension of the groundbreaking critical analysis of gaming that Trev brought to us first in his Videodrone articles and now continues with No Cartridge.
Easy 5 stars
Daily insightful commentary on a wide variety videogames from a literary rather than filmic background, No Cartridge is a fantastic show that belongs in the listening rotation of anyone who takes gaming seriously as a medium for artistic expression.
Randy Bernhoft