Nir And Far: Business, Behaviour and the Brain
Nir And Far: Business, Behaviour and the Brain
Nir Eyal
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Nir And Far, a podcast about business, behaviour and the brain by Nir Eyal. Support this podcast:
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Can you please get a better voice over?
The vocal fry of the current voice makes it hard to listen to the articles
My Habitual Resource
Has the latest & most elegant explanations of human behaviors, habits & persuasion. I always listen carefully & study his approach when I want to learn, support change or persuade.
Great stuff!
Intriguing ideas. I look forward to listening to more. I am particularly interested in managing energy levels!
Great Content, Editing needed
I really love Nir Eyal’s book, blog, twitter and his podcast’s *content* is no exception. The content is fantastic, I’d would like the podcast a lot better if it felt more like a podcast and wasn’t simply him just reading a blog post. Additionally, the introduction is usually more than 10% of the time of the podcast, and the outro accounts for another 5% of the time, which feels too long for a podcast of this length.
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Tactical insight
As a marketer, l’m looking for better ways to connect with my audience. The information offered definitely has helped to create more resonant messaging. Looking forward to continued insights on future episodes.
Brother Bri
Super insightful
Well made and to the point podcasts. Very insightful and thought provoking. I loved Hooked and I'm happy I found this podcast to continue learning even more.
Question On Technology Addiction
Nir, just an incredible show! Really stoked that ths podcast is in the iTunes world! I have a question for you based on the dynamic interview with Adam Alter. When we look at building a successful external framework for sustainable behavior change to personally transcend the frenetic, incessant, and intoxicating pull from the smart phone, have you in your research found a best practice or applicaiton to help partition the user's attention?
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Josh Trent
Directly useful for our startup
Worth checking out. Eyal's book _Hooked_ and his Habit Summit conference helped my cofounder and me coalesce on some key ideas. Eyal isn't sitting on his laurels, either. Here's a suggestion for the podcast: impact of the Kahneman - Gigerenzer debate on ethics of habits. If we see automatic cognition as rational (G.) vs irrational (K.) would we see a higher purpose in our products?
Alison Levine - great!
So she climbed Mt. Everest! Wow! Love her leadership insights. So honest and from a very unique perspective and experience. Great interview...I'll tune in again!
Terri in Fairhope
I'm Hooked!
Love the insights and knowledge Nir shares.
Great Podcast!!
Exactly, what I wanted from this podcast, short form and insightful!!
This is waking me up in the middle of the night
Hi, Nir - saw your email that said I could ask you anything... we have a very cool cognitive alertness detection app that we are selling B2B - alertmeter in the app store - It can detect if someone is struggling with alertness in the moment for whatever reason - fatigue, illness, drug use, emotional distraction - which companies use in safety-sensitive job roles. It takes 90 seconds to complete. This is not like brain games; it's a psychomotor vigilance test developed decades ago that is finally coming into its own with touchscreen technology. After 10 times, you develop a baseline and your current score provides you with a percentage of where you are in relation to your own personal average. If you are too far out of range, it notifies your supervisor so they can check in with you and see if you're too distracted to be assigned to your regular equipment, or if you need to take a break, etc. In my sales process, I invite stakeholders to download the app and give them an ID to start their own account to get a baseline established so they can see how it works, and then we continue the discussion. That's when the problem begins. Very few people will keep taking the test to even develop a baseline. It takes 10 times to develop a baseline - that's the bare minimum of what we need to get an average cognitive alertness reading. They are fascinated by it at first, but won't stick with it. (The app has a demo version so you can take the test as often as you like without a User ID, but it never develops a personal baseline.) I even have to set myself a reminder to take this most days. It isn't difficult, but something is missing. I guess. We have companies where everyone takes it when they clock in and it becomes a regular part of their schedule. These are places where the owner is compelled - perhaps they recently had to fire a good employee for turning up positive on a urine drug test even though they all knew the person wasn't impaired in the moment. But in the typical sales process, I am having trouble getting the decision-makers to stick with it. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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How to Train Your Brain
I've been following Nir's work for about a year, so I was thrilled to hear his new podcast.Nir shares information that puts you "in the know" about how your habits are formed. What's great about this podcast is that you can go back and read Nir's blog posts as another way to learn. Nir, what strategies do you use to get yourself out the door and run? Also, why did you stop being a Vegetarian?
Kari Gormley
I've learned more from Nir than I have in my psychology & marketing classes
Nir is the best inspiration for getting more users for you rproduct
I follow Nir's work since he started his blog and I always get new and good ideas how to make users of my product stickier and happier. Here's delightful features of my Apple Watch (Episode #1): - unlock my laptop (this was so strong that I started using it regularly just for this feature) - night-stand watch mode (I just tap on the bed and the clock turns on - magic)
Nir Eyal is one of the best behavioral designer out there!
I have been following Nir Eyal's writings ever since reading his book (Hooked - How to Build Habit Forming Products). I have always found him extremely insightful, and highly recommend listening to and learning from this podcast about how to change behaviors and build habits.
Successful insights and forward thinking
Nir knows how to map hard data about human behavior and map it directly to product designs that will sell. Great insights anyone in product development can learn from!
The VelvetHammer
Interesting topics, looking forward for more
Smart, insightful work for anyone creative
Nir Eyal hosts a smart, insightful and thoughtful podcast on behavior and the brain. Listen and learn!