Nine Lives With Jeff King: Live Your Best One
Nine Lives With Jeff King: Live Your Best One
Jeff King
This podcast covers topics pertaining to living our best life, from how to negotiate change and transition, personal development, spiritual formation and relationship skills. Nine Lives refers to the many restarts and reconstructions that we face in the course of our lifetime. Nine Lives is rooted in learning and applying the Enneagram in overcoming the traps the 9 personality structures lay for us.
Unpacking Your Sexual Type with Dr. Sam E. Greenberg
Dr. Sam E. Greenberg unpacks her research on the intersection of sexual desire/expression and the Enneagram. She masterfully describes how Enneagram Types differ in their styles of desire, meaning and behavior in regards to sexuality and sexual expression. Dr. Sam gives particular focus on the impact that Enneagram instincts and subtypes have on sexual approaches and interaction. Dr. Sam identifies as an Enneagram 5 and affectionately refers to herself as a sex-nerd. She is a sexuality researcher and coach, as well as a Certified Enneagram professional. Her voice is an important contribution in helping couples navigate this often dicey area of their relationship as well as aiding personal growth and discovery. Find more about Dr. Sam and her research at and her Instagram account, @ennea_gasm. Watch for her future publications on this topic. While this episode covers mature topics, there are no explicit references. The episode is suitable for all.  
Feb 14
54 min
Closing the Trust Gap with Cory Scheer
Cory Scheer, PhD, kicks off Season Six of Nine Lives focusing on organizational trust. Cory's extensive research on trust in organizations convincingly demonstrates that trust is THE foundational trait in determining an organization's success, including the bottom line of financial viability. His approach provides organizations a proven method to both accurately assess their existing level of trust and applicable steps for increasing trust. Cory leads with Enneagram Type 1, a perfect fit for his work and expertise. Enneagram Ones possess a keen radar for detecting imperfections as well as the wisdom to bring needed reform.  Find out more about Cory, his approach and his organization, TrustCentric Consulting, at Be sure to pick up a copy of his new book, Closing the Trust Gap. 
Feb 7
30 min
Nine Panel: The Work of Harmonizing
Wrapping up Season 5 of Nine Lives is a discussion of Enneagram Nine. Rachel Rudeen, Cherri Rodriguez and yours truly join forces to form this panel. Enneagram Nines are known as the peacemakers and mediators. While these roles are powerful gifts that Nines contribute to the world, in their less developed stages, Nines tend to seek peace by avoiding conflict at all costs. They deny their anger, go along to get along and fall asleep to their own priorities. Another characteristic of Enneagram Nines is their pursuit of creating and maintaining harmony. Our panelists speak to the challenge of creating genuine harmony. True harmony only exists when all voices are represented, including the Nine's. This pushes Enneagram Nines out of their propensity to merge and not show up when needed. Their gift of harmony then becomes the secret sauce for creating community. Rachel is a mom, photographer and ceramic pottery artist. Find her at Cherri is a fundraising coach and operates her business, Fruitful Fundraising ( My work as a Certified Enneagram Teacher can be found at  
Aug 31, 2023
1 hr 6 min
Eight Panel: Our Energy is Often Misunderstood
Enneagram Eights are known for their outward moving energy. They have high levels of passion and determination to influence their environment, get things done and stand for justice. They also are determined to stand against what they deem unfair and unnecessary. Eights have a direct style of communicating. They call things as they see them, cut to the chase and approach situations with a move-or-get-out-of-the-way mentality. They are known as the leader, boss, challenger and decider in the Enneagram system. Sharon Hornbeck, Steph King and Roo Winchester discuss their experiences leading with the Eight personality structure. They hold a shared experience of their Eight energy often being misunderstood. The panelists also discuss their soft and tender side that is often overlooked. Sharon is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and spiritual director. She and her husband lead Transformation of the Heart. Steph is a nurse and just completed her Master's in public health. Roo is the founder of Roo's World which provides after school care and summer camps for children in grades K-5.
Aug 23, 2023
54 min
Seven Panel: More About Meaning and Joy than Fun
Kirsty Spence, Jeannie Armbruster and Michael Coupland combine forces on this panel to help us understand the personality type structure known as Enneagram Seven. While Enneagram Sevens often have the reputation as fun-seekers, the panel clarifies the real drive for the Seven: seeking to create and experience meaning and joy. The panel also demonstrates the deep wisdom and insight that Sevens bring to our world. While other types envy the Seven's ambition, sense of adventure and enthusiasm, our panelists provide a transparent look into the struggles inherent in Type Seven. Sevens often wrestle with getting in touch with their feelings and slowing down enough to really savor the richness of life. Kirsty is Associate Dean of Teaching and Undergraduate Studies at Brock University. She's also a certified coach, certified Enneagram Teacher and certified Enneagram Practitioner. Jeannie operates her coaching business, Your Truest You, and is also a Certified Enneagram Teacher and certified coach. Michael is an IT consultant and does grief work through his local hospice chapter.
Aug 16, 2023
48 min
Six Panel: Jumping Off Cliffs
This interview features panelists who identify as Counterphobic Sixes. While each Enneagram type has a "counter-type," the Counterphobic Six is perhaps the most fascinating example of this aspect of the Enneagram. Type Six teach us the universal response to fear: fight, flight and freeze.  The key element of Type Six involves the propensity to imagine and plan for the worst-case scenarios. Most Sixes respond by holding back, getting caught in an endless stream of strategizing ways to be safe and certain. Their go-to mechanism is flight or freeze. Counter-phobic Sixes take the opposite approach. They go on the offensive, taking an aggressive stance to what threatens them. Their motto: the best defense is a strong offense. Carol Rydell, Lidia Young and Lou Flessner provide expert insight to the Counterphobic Six structure. Carol, Lidia and Lou identify their game-plan as "jumping off cliffs." The panelists recognize the gift inherent in the Counter-phobic structure: it allows them to take risks and be fully human. Carol is a transformational strategist and shamanic priestess. Lidia is a therapist and executive coach. Lou is a retired Lutheran minister and quilter.
Aug 9, 2023
54 min
Five Panel: Creating a Way to Feel Safe in the World
Gathered for this panel of Enneagram Fives are Roger Hornbeck, Dr. Paul Fitzgerald and David Armbruster. Enneagram Five is typically pegged as the investigator, observer or analyzer. However, this panel represents another identifying characteristic: the sage. Enneagram Fives perceive their world as demanding, depleting and intrusive. They fear engagement in their world will deplete them of their resources--emotionally and mentally. Fives adopt a strategy of withdrawing and observing in an effort to obtain the information they need to meet the demands that life brings. Furthermore, Fives conserve their emotional and mental resources, which can lead to watching life more than participating.  Their efforts have a main goal: create a way to feel safe in their world. Fives do their homework and are typically experts in their field. They are brilliant, love to learn, and find adventure in discovering, exploring and inventing. As this panel demonstrates, Fives who do their work and mature through life earn the title of sage. Roger and his wife, Sharon, lead Transformation of the Heart, providing spiritual formation and Enneagram training. Dr. Paul is the founder of HeartConnexion Seminars, featuring their cornerstone BreakThrough Seminar. David is a biomedical engineer. Together this panel brings a whole lot of degrees to the table. 
Aug 2, 2023
54 min
Four Panel: It's Complicated
What happens when a group of Enneagram 4s get together? A lot of great stories, keen insights, deep feels, and an incredibly meaningful time for all. Brandon Graves, Katie Gustafson-Hill and Kareen King form our Four Panel. They pool their expertise to provide us with a deeply personal and insightful look into the Four structure. As they unpack their stories a common theme emerges--leading with Type Four is often complicated.  Brandon is a musician, author and educator. Follow him on Instagram @beatcaster and his website Katie is a psychotherapist, trained Enneagram expert and a musician. Find her at Kareen is drama therapist, writer, creative engagement specialist, photographer, musician and grandma. Find her at  
Jul 26, 2023
44 min
Three Panel: Harnessing Energy
Nana Agyemang and Rhonda Magee form this panel of Enneagram Threes. Nana and Rhonda exhibit one of the key traits of the Three structure--energy. Threes' energy propels them to be industrious, efficient and goal-oriented. While sometimes stereotyped as Wall Street powerbrokers, Threes can also channel their drive toward achievement and productivity in serving others, as evidenced in Nana and Rhonda's dedication to public service and the nonprofit sector. This panel highlights a main task of Type Three--harnessing their energy to create space for developing a sense of presence and discovering the value of being over doing. Rhonda leads Garden Hill Consulting ( Learn more about Nana's work on LinkedIn @Nana A. 
Jul 19, 2023
44 min
Two Panel: Connecters and Matchmakers
Janice Ariza, Darla Bailey and Chris Bay join forces on this panel discussion of Enneagram Twos. While Twos are traditionally considered helpers and givers, the panel introduces a deeper dimension of the Two-structure--the gift of creating collaboration. Panelists also explore the role of anger, the need to set healthy boundaries and their vulnerability to exhaustion. True to leading with Type Two, Janice, Darla and Chris show up in a big way in this panel discussion, helping the rest of us to connect and get a feel of what it's like to live from the Two personality structure. 
Jul 12, 2023
57 min
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