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Too much name calling and awful hateful language.
Great story on women!
Enjoy your show, As a former NBC producer I know this business after 37 years in the business, Good luck with this show and much success in 2021,
Plan B ENtertainment
dudeperfect (tyler)
No translations
I enjoy the stories, but when there are people speaking Spanish or anything other than English, it would be great if they could provide translation. It’s pretty frustrating to listen to most of a story only to get to the end, and have no idea what is being said. I’m giving 3 stars because it happens often. Please fix this and I will gladly give 5.
WA Mom of 2
I subscribed to this news podcast so that I could stay up-to-date on what is going on in the world. I have listened to it for three weeks now and will be unsubscribing today. It’s not that I don’t agree with all of the views that are expressed here. But, no matter what your views are, I don’t think it is right for a news broadcast to be so biased in the way they present the news to everyone. I found this podcast to be just that 😐
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Okay for additional information
This isn’t the news show that Ted Koppel or Cynthia McFadden hosted. It’s okay entertainment and once in a while they dig deep into a topic. I listen once or twice a week.
Agree, this show is incredibly biased.
I love the full stories that they tell
Goodness gracious you are biased
I agree with the last review. Only problem is episodes are formatted for television. But I’m happy, I let my imagination fill in the gaps.
mr. happy pt. 2
Nightline was once a serious news source. It has devolved to being infotainment and a publicity outlet for Disney projects. No Thanks. There are still real news shows being produced.
Don’t watch anything on ABC. Not worth my time!
Have the hosts introduce themselves
I listen all the time, but the problem with listening is that you can't see captions or info on the screen. It would be nice if the hosts would introduce themselves...good evening I'm Dan Harris for example. I can recognize his voice, but a few others hosts I cannot. Otherwise I do enjoy listening each week
Great variety
This podcast has the variety that I like. It's the only news podcast I subscribe to; the others had far too much political stuff for my taste. The only thing I could live without is all the movie/TV advertisements (disguised as news).
Where is the video??
Every episode is directing my attention to watch a video. THERE IS NO VIDEO!! Add video already!!!
Park fan 1
Why is the podcast not available the following morning like it was in the past?
out for a walk
Good News Augment - Not Primary Source
Since the departure of Ted Koppel (and maybe before), Nightline seems to have shifted it's focus. This is not the program for getting all the significant stories of the day, and they rarely touch on the most relevant topics of the past 24 hours. What they do is a detailed, in-depth story that is relevant to a large segment of the population, and the result is a more complete picture than what is often delivered on nightly news broadcasts. For this reason, I like Nightline as an additional source to my daily dose of information. I listen to it every day and enjoy the program. It's never "edgy" or provacative, but it's always a solid broadcast.
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Fix it
It will not download on a subscription- you have to manually fetch it. What is up with that? Please please fix!
Never updated.
Terrible! Never updated. Newest podcast is from Feb 25th! I've switched to NBC, at least it's updated daily.
Good news clip of the night before. Will be there in the morning to catch up.
Great podcast! I really enjoy listening to it
Thanks for the great coverage you give on the latest news. I love this Podcast!!!!
What a waste
Very bad sound quality. Background music plays continuously. No picture. WHAT A WASTE.
Male USA
This shows podcast is lame!!!
The show is lame with out the video,and they don't always post the show. Those are 2 major faults with this shows podcast. ABC has it's problems,the lights are on,but nobody is home.
Boston Donald
If they read these
Night line used to be way cool as a video podcast. Wish they would bring it back. PLEASE!!!!
Apparently no one cares.
Pageant Dads? Really
That's all I had to hear before I cut it off. Miss Kopell. This thing is a piece of crap now.
Is anyone from ABC in charge of this?
I agree with the last few reviewers. Why is it so hard for them to update this podcast consistently and correctly. Some days the previous night's podcast is not posted and sometimes it is not complete. I love nightline and would really like it if they could fix this podcast!!
I love this, but...
2 or 3 episodes a week are incomplete! Whoever transfers it does not even realize this! If the episode is only 9 minutes long...then it is incomplete! It's supposed to be a half hour show!
great content, shoddy uploading
I would love this podcast if they could manange to upload it correctly and consistently, but whatever the problem is they don't seem to feel it's a priority to fix it. Sometimes the podcast downloads five days a week, sometimes one or two. One out of three podcasts cuts off without warning in the middle of the broadcast, cutting someone off mid-sentence, which is unbelievably frustrating. If they would assign an intern with a minimum of tech-savvy to be in charge of the upload, I would gladly give this podcast 5 stars.
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Listen if you can.
News with no Quality Control. Watch it on TV, because you'll be lucky to get a whole episode. (Episodes are frequently truncated)
i would really love to listen, but....
the show always cuts off before it's over, and it isn't updated correctly... the stories are never labeled correctly, either.
Great when all of it is there …
This is a great podcast. The problem is that someone is sleeping at the wheel when they convert it to a podcast. About 2 out of every 3 episodes cuts off less than halfway through. Come on, ABC! With your reputation and resources, you could at least exercise some quality control and ensure that all 22 (+ or -) minutes are there!
EBM critic
Cuts off midpodcast
I would rate this much higher if it didn't cut off midway thru the broadcast at least once a week. It will end in the middle of a story which is very annoying.
Consistently frustrating
Whoever produces their podcast is not paying attention, because the episodes are frequently less than ten minutes or less in length, cutting off the show halfway through. It's been like this for months, and I'm on the verge of cancelling my podcast subscription. Then again, their news topics are usually pretty lame, so I'm not sure why I even listen in the first place. Best for you to look elsewhere.
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who produces the audio?
it is a 50/50 chance on getting a full braodcast! show is more on the line of entertainment tonight.
editing issue?
Content is hit or miss about 70/30 to me. They do seem to spend a lot of time on pop culture for a news broadcast. But the issue that drives me insane is how the audio cast is often only 10 min long and cut off in the middle of the show. What hapened to the other 17 min?
Cut off
The news s good, but comes truncated all the time - at least here.
Pure Fluff
The world's economic system is collapsing and these people spend half the show talking about Barbie's 50th birthday. This podcast is more of an infomercial than a legitimate news source.
Chaim Schmuck
Get rid of Martin Bashir
I enjoyed listening to Ted Koppell on Nightline. I enjoyed listening to Lawrence Olivier narrating Victory At Sea. They both spoke good English. Martin Bashir is not pleasant to listen to; I find his accent grating. I can't imagine what qualifies him to be on television.
U.S. Expat
No Integrity
After Charles Gibson's and George Stephonapolis' horrible excuse for journalism at the Democratic debate, I am boycotting all ABC news podcasts and TV news broadcasts. ABC News is more like Reality Entertainment.
Just sad!!
When Ted Koppell hosted Nightline, I really liked the format, since his departure the show has slipped to a nighttime version of GMA. There is no really good information to be had from "Listening" to this show. Also where is the video version. Even though this broadcast is bad, I would have given another star if it was in video format. Please ABC get with the times and give us VIDEO!!
Nightline tomorrow
While the content of this show is excellent, the download time is incredibly slow. In fact, this commercial channel, ABC, has extreme server issues. Download of one show typically takes 6 - 9 minutes. While it is kind of ABC to share an overtly commercial show, it would be lovely if delivery of the show were a bit more enthusiastic.
A sign of the times...
What was once a reliably smart and informative show is now as dumbed-down as the rest of mainstream news. Some of the episodes are great, but then McFadden comes on and gives you an entire show about Beyonce Knowles or rich people that are sending their dogs to acting school. I DON'T CARE!
re: segment "My Fairly Unknown Lady"
I was just 12 at the time, but even I knew that Audrey Hepburn was snubbed for an Oscar nod in large part because the public knew she didn't sing the songs that made Julie Andrews a star on Broadway as "My Fair Lady." Yet that fact was totally reversed and made a main point in this Nightline segment. It makes me wonder how much else of real importance ABC news gets wrong in its "reporting."
Nightline is a Real Sleeper
Since the departure of original host and the driving force behind Nightline's content, Ted Koppell, the show has sunk to "news magazine" status. High profile Interviews, in-depth analysis, and timely news stories are gone, replaced with Botox stories, dog tricks, and "bumper sticker" reporter analysis - reducing this once award winning television broadcast to a mere shadow of itself. It's occassionally interesting when the show is "live" but the "short attention span" approach of 6 minute vignettes still shortchanges in-depth analysis, even on news worthy nights. Bring back Ted Koppell!!!!!
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Tom Pokey
Saving Our Children
In this show Ms. Mcfadden said "the day has finally come...December 21st 2006...Jessie's 18th birthday...."...I am both thrilled and proud that Nightline has gained the ability to report on events that HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET!...I think 2005 is the year you're after Ms. McFadden...while you gaze into that crystal ball of yours, would you mind sharing who wins the next presidential election? Inquring minds want to know...
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A Broadcasting Students Best Friend
I'm a broadcasting student and news podcasts are a life saver! Anyone who says they have time to sit and watch the evening news as a college student is seriously disturbed. Thanks Nightline for making an intelligent person's life just that much more interesting.
Great Stuff
You do not need visuals to follow the Nightline podcast. Great, up-to-date, hard-hitting news that anyone can and should listen.
an O.K. podcast
While this does cover news items for the whole week, it is a shame that such a big company, that has daily news put out in video form, can not seem to do the same for this one. I would rather see what I am hearing, other wise I can turn on talk radio.
father of 2
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