Night Attack Low Quality Video Feed
Night Attack Low Quality Video Feed
Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young
For over 5 years, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young have brought you the best of the worst of the internet. From BBLiveshow to NSFW, from live events at DragonCon to Nerdtacular, BB and JRY want nothing more than to make you laugh so hard that you feel guilty and ashamed. We're everything that's right about the internet being so wrong. After half a decade, we've decided to take our show independent. If you're a long time fan, nothing's changed except we can now do whatever we want... So, I guess a lot has changed.
Hi, we're no longer posting low quality video. Also we're now called Great Night
Hey, if you can see this then you have been watching Night Attack on the low quality video feed. Night Attack is now Great Night and now you get the preshow, show and aftershow in all public feeds just hours after we record. But for that we had to deprecate this feed. So search your podcast aggregator for Great Night and come on over!
Jul 28, 2021
Ghost Attack: Adam Curry
The Podfather makes his return as Ghost Attack begins to fade into the ether.
Jun 22, 2021
Ghost Attack: Subscribe to World's Greatest Con
Justin and Brian just launched a new podcast and it's a success! Hooray!
Jun 16, 2021
Ghost Attack: The 2021 Diamond Club Summer Upfronts
Two BOMBSHELL announcements that will define the Diamond Club summer. What is the SECRET PROJECT (listen to the first six minutes at and how did it come together. What is the NAME of the new Night Attack? How will it be different than the old one?
Jun 9, 2021
Ghost Attack: ManFan700
Wait... are we losing our shimmering ghost form? Is the show about to become live on Tuesday again? The date of our return is REVEALED!
Jun 3, 2021
Ghost Attack: 'Anibal Lectah!
We're Barristers of Canada / We love the law / We're Barristers in Canada / We've got justice in our craw / ????????????? our maples are the best / We're Barristers in Canaga / Yes we mispronounced that on purpose
May 26, 2021
Ghost Attack: Invent Gasoline
May 19, 2021
Ghost Attack: David Komie: The Attorney That Rocks
Brian and Justin meet an Austin icon... David Komie: The Attorney That Rocks.
May 11, 2021
Ghost Attack: AMA
Brian and Justin answer every question in the Discord. 
May 5, 2021
Ghost Attack: Wake Up In A Big House And Be Very Famous (with Chad Johnson)
The boys are joined by an old friend OMG Chad Johnson. They walk down memory lane discussing Chad being awful at his early jobs, Justin intentionally trying to cram random references into Game On and Brian being shocked by a horrifying death.
Apr 29, 2021
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