Nice Try!
Nice Try!
Avery Trufelman explores stories of people who tried to design a better world — and what happens when those designs don’t go according to plan. Season one, Utopian, is about the perpetual search for the perfect place. From Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
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Host is garbage
We want more!
I really have loved all these stories and I can’t wait for more episodes and a second season! Or even multi-part episodes to dive in even deeper to each subject! I’d love to hear an episode on the Shaker village at Pleasant Hill, KY.
Great in depth look at Utopian experiments
Fantastic podcasts. Interesting, engaging, and informative. I love the concept of the people who search for better lifestyles, better societal structures, and aren’t afraid to go for it. Utopias insightful look into these efforts is awesome. Sure do hope they could come out with another season, or so another similarly themed podcast
Ignatius J. Reilley
This is one of my all time favorite podcasts. I really hope there is a second season! Honestly, it helped me feel like an interesting person again after I lost all my brain cells to motherhood.
Great show!
Please come back... listening to second season of Articles of Interest. Hope Nice Try is back by the time I finish it :).
I want to like this podcast!! The subject is fascinating. But after one episode, I’m so disappointed. The depiction of Jamestown, purporting to be the “true” story, still sympathizes with and glorifies John Smith and the English. Huge missed opportunity to include indigenous voices and Powhatan-descended scholars. How can we have the “true” story with only a white perspective? A sound bite from the voice actress from Pocahontas doesn’t quite cut it. I’m reading The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History by Custalow and Daniel/Little Bear and Silver Star. I recommend that if you want an insight to the indigenous perspective on the events at Jamestown. Yes, let’s study the English perspective but we need to include the indigenous perspective to get the whole picture.
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What an awesome podcast. Can’t say enough amazing things about host Avery Trufelman. Truly an awesome perspective and incredibly interesting each episode. When will season two be available!? Can’t wait!
Such interesting stories and a great overall theme.
Please, please, please release a new season soon. This was such an interesting topic and the episodes were so well done.
Fantastic podcast series. I can’t wait for more.
Please come back!
One of my all-time favorite podcasts! The biosphere episode in particular was amazing, but the whole premise—wow! I like her voice, too. Seriously, I need more utopias in my life. Please come back.
Great Perspective!
Oh I loved this podcast! It was informative and interesting and fun to listen to! The host’s perspective was a great lens to look at these utopia attempts through!
Good podcast but I hate the last episode
Overall the podcast is pretty good and informative but unfortunately doesn’t feel like to has strong identity. It still is super enjoyable and a fun listen to. However, there is a big issue for me. The last episode is an unbearable listen. I wish it was just a regular episode and not that horrid episode. In particular, people did the typical trash about introversion without knowing anything about or researching anything about introversion or extroversion. For those reading, Introverts gain energy with alone time, extroverts gain energy with being around other people. That is literally it. It doesn’t have any other traits. The episode isn’t offensive but really painful to listen to. I hated it so much and wish it was just a real episode on Disney instead of a recording of a live performance. I am sure the rando that talked about it does great work, but I really wish it was just Avery. Ah, anyways, it is a well research podcast and I would recommend it. I would also not recommend listening to the final episodes unless you are super passionate or something.
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I LOVE Nice Try! Can’t wait for more content, because I went through season 1 so quickly (and relistened with my BF on a car ride). Thank you!!!!
Insightful and Informative!
I’ve never left a review for a podcast before, but this one is AMAZING. I recommend to just about everyone I meet and they’ve all loved it as well. Found an advert for it on a random website and so glad I did. Can’t wait for a Season 2! Such a triumph of a podcast!
Awesome! Fascinating!
Every episode is unique: a story of someplace, some philosophy, some charismatic person or group of people - an unreachable idea of perfection. Each story unfolds into a fascinating narrative told with humor and informed smarts by Avery Trufelman and her well-chosen experts. We wait for the breakdown, the falling-apart, of each utopia, and Avery delivers with the right amount of snark and compassion (except the Hitler story- only outrage there). Avery has the skill, intelligence, and charm to carry all this off, and it’s my favorite podcast ever. Don’t miss it.
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Only review I’ve ever left.... we need more!
It’s that good
There's always externalities
Economists like to use the term externalities to explain why some things actually end up causing more problems than they solve. Not everything will fit in our plan, and these stories seem to show this. It reminds me of the Freakenomics Podcast in that way.
Informative and imaginative
Captures the imagination through descriptions of these utopias. Learning about utopias is so cool because they are so easy to dismiss.
Solid podcast
This podcast is awesome to learn about past failed Utopias tried in history. I did think some episodes only scratched the surface but still kept me engaged and listening!
Burt Maclin FBI
Seriously can’t stop listening!
I read all the negative reviews
They’re all just complaining about the fact that the podcasters explicitly discuss how racism informs a lot of historical utopian visions of white paradises. In case you were going to look for reasons not to listen, that’s actually a terrible reason.
LOVE this podcast. Really interesting stuff here and the host is fantastic.
Good Concept, But Not Much Nuance
Love the idea for this, the format, etc. but found the reporting fairly uninformative.
De Austin 13
Will there be a season 2?
I love this podcast so much guys.
I love this show
My favorite podcast. Please make a season 2!
What a refreshing pod—easy to listen to otherwise dense historical events. Narration connects the dots to themes today and it’s just great. Don’t miss!
Nicely done
Very original podcast idea and very informative. Like the thread that runs through. Or perhaps many threads: utopia, privilege, cult like ideas.
Great premise, poor execution
I love the concept, the drive to try our hand at creating an ideal society and the human flaws that inevitably bring it crashing down. There’s a lot of under explored territory here, it could have been great. Unfortunately the research and delivery leave much to be desired. I understand that your ultimate goal is entertainment and that sometimes that involves omitting known facts or investigating commonly dismissed theories. This sort of pulp history can be fun, and I’d happily play along. What I can’t get behind is presenting this heavily edited or manipulated history as fact. I know that some people come to you to learn about history, you do them a disservice if you’re not honest with them. What’s worse is that after listening a while I got the impression that you really wanted this to be truth, that it just fits the narrative for you. I wanted to like this program, and I really tried, but there’s just too much opinion presented as objective fact.
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Eye rolling pretentious podcast
Ughhh so so bad. The hosts think they are the most brilliant people in the world, so cringe worthy. So self important and unlistenable.
So interesting
I love the topic and the way it's presented is very compelling.
New season soon please
jackson without an x
...and like....
Great except for the constant use of "like" among bright, supposedly educated and articulate, young women. Seriously? It dumbs down, like, everything.
Avery Trufelman is a goddamn legend
Love this concept.
Great, thought provoking series. Suggestion for next season: Fountaingrove, CA. Good job. Utopia does exist... in our minds. Jeff
Pure Bunk
This podcast conflicts with well-researched and authoritative academic works on the early settlers, such as Harvard prof Bernard Bailyn's "The Barbarous Years...British North America...1600-1675". It is an amateurish attempt to promote a false narrative(s), pure and simple. Pass. Recommended by Reason your homework, Gillespie.
I love this podcast! It’s a great journey to take and there is so much to be learned from the past - thank you!
This podcast is AWESOME, super entertaining & informative.
Good for all interests
If you like history, design, religion, science, politics or great storytelling this is the podcast for you. Every episode unearths an event you probably never heard of but is very revealing, very educational and probably weird. Tightly produced with good interviews, narration and framing. Wonderful series beginning to end!
Binge Worthy!
I couldn’t stop listening to the amazing pod cast. It amazed me episode after episode to see how greed of took over most of the utopias. I can’t wait until next season!!!
Why is this not 5 🙃
Never review podcasts but I’m giving this a 5 cause I can’t believe it has anything but 5!
So much for received racism
The extrapolation of racism in every decision white people have ever made is nauseating. I can’t listen to this anymore. It’s a shame - girls got talent but is much to willing to promote false narratives
Fascinating and informative
I’ll never look at architecture or silverware the same. Thanks for making the miles fly by on my last road trip!
jazz and books
America’s first Utopia!!!
Love the podcast 100% amazing! Wondering why you have not covered the story of America’s first Utopia? Fairhope was America’s first single tax Colony, and so named because it had a Fair Hope to succeed.... just wondering if maybe it’s a future episode!? Thanks again for the awesome content
Very well done. And once you start, very hard to stop. Well worth a listen!
Right wing snowflakes at it again
This is a great podcast and if you read any of the low reviews it becomes clear the problem is snowflakes not getting FacTS aNd lOgiC!
Live in utopia
It is so fulfilling, living in these perfect societies until you hear a faint knocking sound and then sadly, all the wheels fall off! How come it doesn’t work? there is a leader who’s gone off the deep end or if the utopia has rigid rules that are followed or imposed too strictly. Once the rules are relaxed, leadership fails, utopia can be lived individually bounded by the borders the 13.7 billion light years across universe, or in your town or city or just in your own mind, or inside this podcast
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netherland again
Republican snow flakes...
Based on some of these reviews, it seems cry baby republicans don’t like this healthy dose of reality and truth. White privilege deniers and MAGA hats, you’ve been warned... Love the podcast! Keep crushin’ it!
Where are the facts
The first and last episode I listen to “Biosphere 2”. Early in the episode Ms. Trufelman states that if you do a Google search on “Biosphere 2” one can find little information on this subject. I immediately did a Internet search and found this was not true. Where are the source of facts for this podcast? True, the story Ms. Trufelman tells may not be found, but information on Biosphere 2 is readily available to the general public. As I continued to listen to the podcast I enjoyed learning the history behind the beginnings of Biosphere 2. Then out of the blue came a comment from Trufelman that the eight biospherians were all white. How does this fact play into the science behind the story? Further, how is it relevant? If Trufelman insists on commenting in the race of the biospherians, did she do research into whether people of other races were purposely excluded? Why not include that as part of the podcast? Where are the facts? I must say I enjoyed the podcast to the end, UNTIL Trufelman makes personal comments not related at all to Biosphere 2. She goes in about racism and inequality of women and how she wishes these mistreated (my rephrasing) people need to build there own Utopia. These comments totally turned me off. In regard to the existence of a Utopia, does Ms. Trufelman think a Utopia exists or can exist? Since we can probably agree there is no Utopia on earth (as of today), why does Ms. Trufelman think this is the case? What would it take for a Utopia to exist? Was there ever a Utopia on earth? These questions would make for a worthwhile podcast, but a podcast where irrelevant facts or narrator opinions are thrown in aren’t worth my time.
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Fascinating and well-crafted story telling
The stories offer an extremely critical and interesting look at the failures in history as well as draw parallels in the present time, making strong arguments why we should still care about these same lessons. Captivating story telling done artfully by Avery Trufelman as always!
Fascinating and well done
Well researched and fun
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