NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks
NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks
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Draft Nerd
BIG fan you guys are the best!
Ty Meredith
Two Smart Dudes!
Love the combination of DJ and Bucky. These guys have so much experience and knowledge from inside NFL clubs. Great evaluations and insight.
Awesome Show
We’re lucky to hear these guys, DJ should definitely be running a team. Always learn so much from them.
The ONE must-listen! Want more of one thing…
Dig the scouts perspectives. One thing I think gets glossed over…. The fact there are so many more freak athletes that 10 or 20 years ago. With the elite speed on the NFL field, now I want to hear about the athleticism metrics… Athletic Matrix or SPARQ and how do they work with scouting? How do teams Draft to compete with D Smith, J Waddle, H Ruggs, DK Metcalf etc?
Rhett has ruined my favorite show
His jokes are horrible, he bangs on the desk constantly, and ruins a flow that made this show a hit. Go coach, Bucky, and be a hit GM Dan.
Must listen
This is probably the best NFL-centric podcast out there. Fantastic *original and authentic* analysis. No parroting conventional wisdom, no hot takes, no knee-jerk reactions to one Sunday. My favorite segments are the ones that revolve around team-building and coaching. When they have a coach or GM on, there is genuine enthusiasm and energy from not only Buck and DJ, but also the guest. Keep those coming.
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To say that this podcast is boring would be an insult to the word boring. I would rather watch paint dry in complete silence than listen to move the sticks.
Bring back Roy's top 10
Football Doctorate
This is the best football podcast for just plain football knowledge out there. You learn so much about personnel, drafting and team-building. As DJ always says, “That was a lot of fun”. Also, the best HS football player I’ve ever seen in person was Joe Palladino of Owego (NY) Free Academy. He went on to play for Legendary football coach Jim Butterfield at D-3 Ithaca College and won 3(!) National Championships in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl.
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Love the pod guys!
Like to see you guys build a team to compete against the Mayocks and hopefully the Lou Riddicks if the world.
mom shops
Background noise
This is a great podcast but the background noise that happens every episode is really irritating. Bucky will be talking and you can hear DJ hammering away on his computer or visa versa. Amazing information but y’all need to edit out the background noise.
Desk Banging!!
5 stars, but please for all that is holy can someone get Rhett to stop banging his desk when he’s talking? Also someone (I assume Rhett) loudly types and taps on their desk while someone else is talking. All the above is way too distracting. Content is great though beyond that.
Please stop banging on the desk or get a boom are. Come on man you guys are pros
Please stop banging on the desk bordering on unlistenable. Great podcast when they have time to deep dive into players
Top notch useful stuff for team building in all areas not just sports
These guys are smart and enthusiastic. Great guests and quality content.
B Sims
Great listening keep up great work, I’m interested in this hypothetical? who you guys would pick at Qb Trevor Lawrence or J Herbert having seen what he’s done this year. To me Herbert looks a lot like him p
Best in the business
I love each and every podcast that you guys produce for us. It’s truly entertaining with the right mixture of learning. Can you tell us how you guys got into scouting and how to get involved in a career like that?
Fix audio
Love the podcast but please fix the audio. Sounds like every time Rhett makes a point or talks he smacks a desk. Impossible to ignore.
Superforecasting book
Love your take on team building and culture. I’ve hired a lot of people over the years in business and it is a skill you can improve. I would suggest the book Superforecasting by Tetlock and Gardner. Really good look at making decisions without full information and certainty. Seems to really apply to GM’s. Biggest thing I see missing from draft analysts is the element of score keeping. Every year everyone seems to start with a blank slate. There is not enough grading of past performance to help refine the decision making skill.
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Musur's iTunes
Sunday takeaway pods
Love this pod. Great info. Please remind Rhett we can hear every time he hits the table or whatever it is during takeaways. I assume it’s him cause it’s only on Monday pods while he’s talking. Keep up the great work!
seamus c 10
Awesome, show. But DJ does not like Rhett
Don’t get me wrong, Rhett could definitely chill a bit with the shouting and the college rivalry stuff, but it probably doesn’t feel great when DJ gives half his comments directly to Bucky even when Rhett started the conversation. Anyway, great show, always love catching up with the takeaways.
Stopping beating the table, Rhett
You’re not Rush Limbaugh. Who the heck is producing the show and not telling him to stop pounding the table. Terrible audio when he does that.
Jake LaRue
Top 25
Would have got 5 stars if you didn’t leave Deandre swift out of the top 25 rookies haha
Tua is a B!!??
Tua is way more athletic than freekin’ darnold lol Love the podcast it rocks tho!
Bucky's Running Issues
As DJ mentioned Jessie Itzler on the same podcast, I'd recommend following Itzler to David Goggins (ex-Navy Seal); he talks his recovery to get back to running on I believe his second Joe Rogan Experience appearance, lot of stretching/yoga helped get him right. I can vouch for having followed a similar protocol with great results, and have since met many extreme distance athletes/triathletes/mountaineers in hot yoga classes, all making sure they can stay on trails, but I'm just some random guy, so probably want to hear it from someone like Goggins! Thanks so much for doing the show, it's absolutely awesome, and good luck Bucky, getting old doesn't have to seal your running fate!
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The best football podcast
It’s not even close. You guys bring such knowledge and perspective to us listeners. I listen in every time there’s a new podcast. I do have a question, what are you guys thoughts on Dewayne Haskins to the Saints? He showed improvement, slimmed up and is young with awesome arm talent. They don’t have a QB on the roster to take over from Brees and if they keep winning they won’t draft high enough to take one unless they do a mega deal. The best high school player I’ve ever seen a tie between QB Dan Orlovsky and LB Tyler Matakevich. They were unreal
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Move the Sticks is simply the best
This show is the very best 24/7. So way back in the day i was a sophomore in High School in the 80s and The U Miami Hurricanes signed a 6’5 receiver from Red Bank Regional High School New Jersey. He scored 2 TDs against my High School but RBR had a losing record. But this player did lead RBR to a NJ state championship in Basketball. In following years i kept looking for this player as a UM WR. Could not find him. Then against OKLAHOMA with Jimmy Johnson this player was destroying OKLAHOMA as a converted DE. A Nation Championship & few Super Bowl rings later Danny Stubbs was the best HS player i ever saw, but Miami saw more in his athletic talent then I did back then.
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Best HS Player I’ve Seen
Western New York isn’t exactly a high school football hotbed, but as a kid I watched nearly all of Brett Kern’s high school career on (not in) Grand Island, NY. He was an absolute WEAPON in the kicking game.
Marshon Brooks Fan Club
Best high school player ever...
Derrick Henry’s high school tape makes Duke Johnson look like Tiki Barber when he attempted a comeback at age 35 in 2011. Best pure football cast out there. Always learn something new when listening. We should all welcome constructive criticism... DJ, it breaks my heart that you never respond to me on Instagram. Do you have a busy life/work/a lot of kids or something? Bucky, starting your point/thought by repeating what the other person said doesn’t makes for great podcasting. Keep up the great work!
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Ari 0000001
Duke Johnson high school review
Great burst and acceleration makes him a home run threat every time he touches the ball. Runs with great balance and would fit best in a one cut zone based running attack. Very dangerous in the open field, showing agility and wiggle at the second and third level. He adds value as a reliable pass catcher out of the backfield and is above average in pass protection despite lacking ideal size. He won’t be an every down back because he’s not a between the tackles bell cow, but he’s a dynamic weapon, who, if deployed well, can be a game changer at the next level.
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DJ, please get on the phone and scream at Joe Douglas on a daily basis until he fires Adam Gase. Sincerely, All jets fans P.S. thanks for the great pod love the work #FireGase
Love the insight!
Big fan of the podcast. I enjoy the perspective and knowledge that Daniel and Bucky bring to the show.
True 90's R&B Lover
Best HS player
In Montana... Brock Osweiler was 6’7” as a sophomore and could throw the ball 60 yards. Will Dissly I had to play against. The biggest/fastest guy on the field at all times by a mile. Lex Hilliard. More recently Logan Jones
Best High School player I’ve seen
Mike Dudek - Neuqua Valley
Best HS Player
Wes Welker, Heritage Hall, Oklahoma City, OK. Played Offense, Defense, Special Teams, literally did it all. Incredible talent.
Good stuff fellas!
Love the show guys one of the couple I look forward to every week! Best player I’ve seen was Cordarrelle Patterson, dude was just better then everyone else on the field.
Haxton. T
Update:Still one of my 2 go to Football Pods!
Still greatly enjoying the content you guys put out! Would love an episode/discussion on the most effective defensive schemes right now in the NFL and how they work. The best high school football player that I have seen is Damaris Johnson. Played at Destrehan high school. Appreciate you guys!
Best HS player I’ve seen
Micah Parsons
Da Best
My favorite podcast by far. Always learn 2-3 new things a show, and love the analogies that DJ makes. My favorite one is the QB “truck or trailer” one. Best high school player I ever saw was D’Andre Swift out of St Joes Prep in Philly! Could do it at all from a young age. Lions need to feed him the rock more!
Best high school player I’ve ever seen
Best high school player I’ve ever seen was Marcus Gilchrist was drafted in the second round a while ago out of Clemson. From a smallish town of High Point NC. Man this dude was electric seemed like the entire city was at those games to see him. He did everything WR, RB, CB, both safety spots kick return, punt return. I would skip my jv practices on Friday just to be at the games. Whenever andrews needed a play he made it. It was amazing to see
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A&T grad
New guy?
Not sure who this new dude is, but I hope DJ keeps his everything about his reputation as far away as possible from this guy.. typical TV garbage artificial shock & hindsight analysis ... Keep it to the OG’s cus this guy is a clown, and legitimately takes points off your “score” guys:
Best High School player
Love MTS! Listen to every episode. I have two players for the list. Roy Williams, WR out of Odessa Permian and Cedric Benson, RB out of Midland Lee.
Love the Podcast!
Love the insight on the podcast. I was wondering if either of you have had the chance to breakdown Houston Baptist Qb Bailey Zappe. I have watched a few of their games this year and the guy can absolutely sling it. Not the most mobile guy, but seems to always go to the right place with ball. He also is incredibly accurate. He has been tearing up FBS opponents, and I was just wondering what you guys have thought of him. Keep up the good work!
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Best High School Football Player I’ve Ever Seen
Noel Devine’s high school highlight tape is unreal. There are clips of him breaking 10 tackles in one td run. Runs himself straight into a wall of defenders and boom he pops out and takes it the distance. Bar none the best HS player I’ve ever seen.
Great Work
I’ve enjoyed your podcast from the start. Entertaining and informative. Love the scouts takes and stories. Especially the stories. Best high school football player I’ve seen: D. J. Williams
Best HS player!
Class of 2020 physical beast @Ohio State Julian Fleming
Absolutely 1st Class
This is my go-to podcast after every football weekend to get concise reviews on games I’ve watched and those I’ve missed. Amazing how many little things missed that Dan and Bucky catch and enlighten you on. Great insight into players, new and old. Especially enjoy when they talk about scouting experiences and what they look for in players. Really informative podcast by two first rate analysts. Can’t get enough.
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Excellent podcast!
I’ve been a avid listener of your podcast from the beginning and of course, you do not disappoint. You provide a unique analysis on how the league performs. My question is other than QB, what is the second most difficult position to learn? I say WR. My reason is that most players do not know the whole route tree. Also, knowing the depth of the route, blitz pickup, hot route recognition are some of the challenges that receivers face when coming into the league. I didn’t even mention blocking without holding. Lastly, the best football player I’ve ever seen was ole “bubba chuck”, Allen Iverson. Allen was known for his gridiron games than basketball. Please continue the excellent work. I share you podcasts with my friends and colleagues that love the NFL. All the best to you all. Joseph Hodge
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Trey Lance Episode
I played DIII college ball at Hamilton College in the NESCAC ... Man talk about cold games & freezing practices. If you've ever spent ten minutes outside in central NY in November after 4PM, you know what I'm talking about. The seniors tell you as a freshman that you better dress warm, but obviously you don't believe them. Just imagine the entire freshman class huddled for warmth after warm ups in between periods. Great episode you guys are awesome!
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Andy the DAWG
Best HS Players
Great show all round. I love you guys’ perspective on the game and how you break down on the field Xs and Os and a front office point of view. As far as the best HS players I’ve seen I would have to say Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Shawn Merriman, and Darnell Dockett. Keep up the great work and I need one of those move the sticks t-shirts
Rasta Brown
Rich from L.I., NY
These two are awesome. A great listen and they know WTH they’re talking about
Richard. B LINY
Best HS Football players
Great Podcast and love all the analogies to different sports to really show the understanding and pull concepts together. I have 3 for the best high school football players I’ve ever seen, Tyler Boyd, Robert Foster and Chase Winovich
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