Next Level Physicians: Thriving Outside the Box
Next Level Physicians: Thriving Outside the Box
Maiysha Clairborne MD
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Highly recommended
Dr. Maiysha invites guest experts to speak on important key topics to help you elevate in your business. Looking forward to listening to all the episodes!
Mayra W.
Breathtakingly high-level!
Oh my God! Sister Dr. Maiysha you put your foot in it with this guest. Thank you so much! I began to see the corruption and unbridled capitalism that has infected our healthcare system when I stepped off the hamster wheel. Dr. Tom Davis is one of those rare physicians who has rubbed elbows with venture capitalists and the people who run America’s healthcare system. His insights are frightening, yet valuable. All is not lost. Despite the state of healthcare, he reassures us that there’s never been a better time to re-imagine yourself as a physician.
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Computer literate NOT
Dr. Maiysha’s special brand of sass and straight talk is just what the doctor ordered! I love her style and her wisdom. Every episode is like a masterclass unto itself. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing out!!! She has some serious game! More than that, she’s got a heart to help other physicians achieve the best version of themselves. Subscribe and listen today!
Poignant and relevant
Dr. Maiysha Clairborne's messsage and work is relevant to our times. She is getting the message out to physicians: there are physicians leveling up and you can do so too! She earnestly wants everyone she works with to succeed and is genuine and that definitely shows in her podcast and in all her work. Check out her podcast!
Dr. Francis Yoo
If you want to envision your life on YOUR terms
Maiysha - this podcast is a gamechanger. It's so real and authentic, which is something we are craving today. You get to the heart of the topic quickly with your guests and draw the vulnerability out in a caring and thoughtful way. That's hard to do! I love how comforable you make your guests, too. Please keep doing these podcasts!
Michelle Mudge-Riley
Next Level
Hey Sis, I'm not sure if this is the platform to post this on, but it's going to you either way. I want to say a big thank you and send you a virtual hug for starting your podcast. I love hearing your voice, like you were coaching me again 😀. I've not had a chance to listen to all of the podcasts, but I have found the ones I have listened to to be very insightful. The one particular episode that really spoke to me was Episode 21: Healing & The Journey of Entrepreneurship with Dr. Errin Weisman. It resonated so much with me that it inspired me to write this post. Her story and journey was a reflection of my own journey and is just another indicator that I am on the right path of helping other physicians and healthcare providers to find their healing. Like her, there was a point where I was so tied to my identity as a doctor and what others would think if I wasn't "doctoring". But what I have found since becoming a Resilience Coach for the doctors and staff in the ED of a major hospital in DC, is that I am able to "doctor" and heal in ways that no pharmaceutical medication ever could. To be in that level of service to others, makes my own resiliency journey worth the struggle. So thank you and continue to be in service to others. I appreciate you and what you have contributed to my life's journey. ❤️ And yes, this is a marathon and not a sprint.
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A physician champion and gamechanger
Listen to this podcast and your life will be changed — especially if you are in this thing called medicine.
Practical content
Dr. Clairborne has guests on the show that truly bring high quality content to facilitate true leveling up. There are so many times during the episode that there are “ah-Ha” moments. If you are a physician looking to elevate your game, this cast is a must listen.
Fervently Fit with Charmaine
Great information on nontraditional ways to use one's medical degree that we aren't taught in medical training.
Dr Jattu