Next Biz Thing: Unveiling Tomorrow's Business
Next Biz Thing: Unveiling Tomorrow's Business
Markus J. Diplama
Next Biz Thing #3 -
2 minutes Posted May 8, 2024 at 12:21 am.
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In this episode of "The Next Biz Thing," host Markus J. Diplama explores Cradlewise, an innovative startup that's transforming early parenting with its smart crib technology. This episode delves into how Cradlewise cribs use AI to detect when babies are about to wake up and gently soothe them back to sleep, adapting to each baby's unique sleep patterns. Markus discusses the technology behind Cradlewise, the benefits for parents and babies, potential market challenges, and what the future may hold for smart nursery products. Tune in to discover how Cradlewise is making waves in the realm of baby care and parental well-being.