New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh
New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh
Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual healers, teachers and energy experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your life, health and spirit. Every episode contain POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all.
Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual and energy healers, teachers and experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your BEST life, health and spirit. Every episode contains POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all. Be sure to visit to get your Free 3-Step Energy Awakening Kit to continue your journey to your best self and life!
Tamra Oviatt interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Want new energy? Shift thousands of beliefs fast with three powerful activations. Tamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane modality that she received over an eight-month trek through Europe, Italy and Spain. Join Tamra for Sacred Activations: Shift Thousands of Beliefs Per Activation. In this session, you will discover why collective consciousness so important, learn about 100th Monkey Syndrome and what it has in common with the human race, activate Sacred Geometry in the body, and clear thousands of programs and beliefs on the collective consciousness, genetic and past life levels. Tamra does three activations for our group during the call and takes live callers! Clear 1000's of beliefs per activation! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Dec 14, 2016
1 hr 18 min
Karen Rauch Carter interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Change your space - transform your life! Is your environment creating 'Energetic' sickness? Is your space full of 'LOW ENERGY' life-robbing vibration? Are you ready for an 'INSTANT' new environment? Do you feel dragged down by your reality? Do you want to be free, light and full of joy? Join professional feng shui educator, consultant, and the best-selling author Karen Rauch Carter for Make a Shift, Change Your Life: Feng Shui for Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment. In this session with Karen you will learn how to make the connection between your environment and your life circumstances, how to attract and enhance opportunities more easily for love, prosperity and health and more, Karen's top health-generating tips and how feng shui can transform your life, relationships and career. Free past, old and stale energy now! Learn energy practices to heal your space! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Dec 6, 2016
1 hr 23 min
Panache Desai interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Panache is back! Get ready for an intimate session. Experience Panache's deepest journey and receive the energy Panache has for us all: Love. Panache has some special information and guidance that he will be sharing in this session. Join Panache Desai for Discovering Your Soul Signature. In this session with Panache, you will release limitations that hinder your ability to live a life of purpose, passion, and joy, expand your vibrational resonance to align with the Divine, embrace your innate gifts and abilities, discover what it is you have come to do, activate your personal power to make profound shifts and life-long changes, access peace at the deepest level no matter what is unfolding in your life. Feel the love! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
May 24, 2016
1 hr 17 min
Rikka Zimmerman interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Get the expansion into your infinite self! Warning: this may be irreversible freedom. Experience a super activation and attunement. How high will you go? 500, 600, 700+? Find out fast! During this session you'll get to hear about the GDV testing on her clearings and tonings and the ASTOUNDING effects! Join Rikka for Activate Your Dream Life: Cutting Edge Vibrational Activations to Awaken Your Full Potential. In this session with Rikka, you will discover how to activate your Higher Mind, discover access to a whole new set of vibrations & energies to allow your life to flow with ease, joy & love like never before, go on the adventure of fully integrating your energy into the highest vibrational field you have ever experienced – allowing you to create great relationships, financial abundance & easily flow with life like never before, play in the energy of *PURE JOY*. Are you ready to know what it feels like to KNOW this energy at a greater depth than you can currently imagine? In this call, you'll feel yourself going into higher and higher consciousness - automatically! PLUS - You'll love this - some people saw Angels, removed pain, it's new and unlike anything she's done before! Amazing! Quickly activate your dream life FAST! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
May 3, 2016
1 hr 17 min
Mary Beth Vanderlinden interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Turn on your MIRACLE switch! Do you need love, support and new energy possibilities...then enjoy this session! Let this incredible session move you, FEEL the love and the energy. Mary Beth also leads the group through some deep grounding that so many people felt was the #1 reason to be on the session! Join Mary Beth Vanderlinden for Turn On Your Miracle Switch': Learn to Tap into your Angelic Team to Manifest a Life of Ease, Flow and Prosperity. In this session with Mary Beth you will learn what can you expect when you connect with the angelic realm, how you know that it is a divine connection and that is who you are hearing from, and how the energies that are coming in, in 2015 affecting us. Listen to this incredible awakening session now! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Apr 19, 2016
1 hr 30 min
Adam Heller interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Do You Have Physical Pain? Free yourself from emotional and body pain! Learn how as divine beings we no longer need to be stuck by debilitating pain! Chronic, recurrent, repetitive or ongoing back pain and body pain costs between $560 billion and $635 billion each year in medical expenses and lost productivity. But, your pain is personal and costs you much more than just money. It keeps you from unleashing your energy, your freedom and your wealth. Do you have re-curring physical pain? Are traditional methods not working for you? Do you want to be back in control of your life again? Join Adam Heller for Zero Pain Now: Permanently Release your Pain & Regain Your Vitality, Energy and Freedom Now! In this session you will learn how you can rapidly join the 97.4% of people just like you with ZERO PAIN, what your doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, trainer or yoga instructor might NOT be telling you, the difference between pain management and pain BANISHMENT, how the neuroscientific study of neuroplasticity and the ancient teachings of mindfulness come together so that you can end your pain once and for all. Discover the simple secret to join the thousands of other people who permanently ended their pain and unleashed their wealth, energy and freedom. Liberate yourself from emotional and physical pain for good! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Apr 6, 2016
1 hr 17 min
Mas Sajady interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Reality re-programming energy session - transform your life! What would happen if your reality was completely re-programmed? What would you wish for? What things would you do right now? Mas Sajady is ascending rapidly as one of the most powerful healers and energy channelers. He is a reality reprogrammer. He generates a unique energy that is so rich people have incredible releases, healings, openings and more! What it does is different, loving, gentle and incredibily powerful. Join Mas Sajady - Reality Re-Programmer - for: Could Your Entire Life Transform in 30 Minutes or Less? In this session with Mas you will learn the ‘real why’ your life has been the way it is, the ‘real how’ to change your life rapidly and effortlessly, how to become enlightened without the hassle of near death experiences, what Mas can change in your life 30 minutes or less. Mas does a group process in this session - almost guaranteed to cause a shift in you! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Mar 29, 2016
1 hr 17 min
William Linville interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Change Everything? Experience a brand new life changing energy session now, an inter-dimensional clearing! A new vibration is here with life shifting energy exercises to open a constant state of vibrant physical energy. Join William Linville, a clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body, for Living your Life to the Fullest: How to Be in a Constant State of Vibrant Physical Energy. William's energy is amazing! In this new and exercise rich session with William you will learn how to be in a state of constant vibrant physical energy, expand your consciousness from your body and through the mind with boundless complimentary results within your life-stream, activate the constant rebuilding of your body with ease, explore and to enjoy the abundance of information of your akashic realms and your entourage, let the Universe unfold and open opportunities to you and for you with simplicity and ease. Learn and FEEL what life is like without judgments and conflicts within oneself! Open to a constant state of vibrant physical energy! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Mar 15, 2016
1 hr 21 min
Joanne Justis interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Strange magical code? Are you gracefully 'living by the numbers' OR are you struggling against them? Have you ever wondered why life seems so 'easy' for some people, while for others its a struggle? Ask yourself... does it seem like 'nothing' is working? Do you feel 'trapped' energetically? Do you need direction? Do you wonder what you life purpose is? Are you attracting the wrong people in your life? Do you need answers NOW? Thousands have already discovered how to unlock wealth, vitality and joy! Join Joanne Justis for The Science of YOU: Your Personal Assessment to Unlocking the Secrets of your God Code! Joanne does live caller numerology readings in this session! In this session with Joanne you will transform where you are to what you desire by discovering your God Code, understand your God Code to manifest from a place of power, gain laser-like insight into your God Code to take enlightened control of your life, discover the shocking truth about the secrets that your name and birthdate reveal, and unlock your full potential and invest in yourself by discovering your God Code. Understand the secret code of numbers that may control your life! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Mar 1, 2016
1 hr 26 min
Dawn Clark interviewed by Darius Barazandeh
Experience a new healing and turn on your diving intelligence! Tired of struggle and fear? Are you ready to experience a deep inner knowing? Do you long to be free from fear, doubt and worry? Listen today - excersice and activation! Join Dawn Clark for Divine Intelligence: How to Connect with Source to Get the Answers You Need. In this session with Dawn you will discover how to unlock your human potential and reveal the quantum interface of your heart, discover personal access to the hidden drivers of the power of the Universe, experience a better alignment with your authentic path, learn how you can feel less stress, worry and anxiety, discover a faster, more potent activation of your internal guidance mechanism. Activate your divine intelligence now! To get your free Energy Healing Kit and more go to:
Feb 23, 2016
1 hr 25 min
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