New Ideal, from the Ayn Rand Institute
New Ideal, from the Ayn Rand Institute
Ayn Rand Institute
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Excellent podcast
An island of reason in a sea of irrationality. Personal favorite episodes are the ones featuring Onkar.
Fanny Alger
Rich exchange of relevant ideas
I look forward to these podcasts every week. They always offer a highly professional analysis, discussion, and application of rational ideas to many of today’s ethical and political issues. The intellectuals who appear on this program are well schooled in philosophical thought at large and in Ayn Rand’s radical philosophy of Objectivism in particular. I know. I’ve been studying these ideas for thirty years and yet I get so much out of these sessions. They also allow time for questions. [You need to use Zoom for that.] Anyone can learn something new from this experience. The discussion leads always offer references for further study at the end of the show.
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