New Ideal, from the Ayn Rand Institute
New Ideal, from the Ayn Rand Institute
Ayn Rand Institute
The Tribal Mentality Behind Hit Pieces on Ayn Rand
53 minutes Posted Jul 6, 2020 at 7:35 am.
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Show notes

In this episode of New Ideal Live, Elan Journo and Keith Lockitch discuss Journo’s recent article “When Tribal Journalists Try to ‘Cancel’ Ayn Rand.” Journo analyzes two articles (one from Salon, one from the New Republic) that not only misrepresent Rand and her philosophy, but display a tribal mentality that seeks merely to affirm and reinforce a set of prejudices for those who share them.

Topics discussed include:

* Ways in which these journalists display a disregard of facts and rational persuasion* How they take as evidence things that don’t qualify as such* What it takes to sincerely engage with Rand’s ideas, even if it leads to disagreement with her philosophy* What it takes to avoid this kind of tribal mindset

Mentioned in the discussion is another of Journo’s articles, “The Virulent Pull of Tribalism.”

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