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2/10/23  Don’t Look In The Mirror
Ron wakes up stiff, but not in a good way. Also, the mirror is not your friend. It is  psycologically destructive. How do you handle someone with verbal diarrhea? These questions and many more are oddly answered in this episode.
Feb 10, 2023
30 min
2/9/23  OMG, I’m Turning Into My Parents
Ron remembers some of the things his parents said to him when he was a teenager. All of a sudden, they have become true........... Guest: Comedian Bill Engvall talks seriously about getting a prostate exam
Feb 9, 2023
29 min
2/8/23  Give Me Some Hope
Ron explores the concept of hope. It's hard to be happy without it........... Guest: Orlana Darkins Drewery is Co-Founder of Shyne Awards Foundation
Feb 8, 2023
30 min
2/7/23  No Worries; Balloons & Eggs
Ron looks at spy balloons, why eggs are so expensive, and young people who don't know how to say "thank you"........... Guest: Dr. Neal Barnard "Your Body In Balance"
Feb 7, 2023
32 min
2/6/23  Occasional Friends & Tables
Ron seeks to define his friends as he does an occasional table. Anyway, unless you gave birth to them, who really cares about their birthday? Hey, why would I need a gaming chair?.... Guest: Erik Olson is President of Dignity Coconuts
Feb 6, 2023
32 min
2/3/23  Get Me A Human; Brand Names That Are Generic
Ron looks at brand names (like Kleenex, Coke) that become generic in name. By the way, we're all sick of talking to robots for customer service..... Guest: Jon Baldwin Exec VP Verra Mobility about the nursing industry
Feb 3, 2023
31 min
2/2/23  Groundhogs, Greyhounds, & Brady
Ron takes a look at the stupidity of Groundhog Day, betting on greyhounds, watching boring sports, and trying to understand Tom Brady....Guest: Veterinarian Dr. Danielle Bernal about doggie dental care
Feb 2, 2023
33 min
2/1/23  Social Media Hell
Ron is confused by social media and the destruction of the word "friends". He also thinks that "posting" is actually a tool to drive us crazy..... Guest: National Geographic Kids writer Sarah Wassner Flynn and financial educator Alvin Hall talk about kids learning about money
Feb 1, 2023
32 min
1/31/23  Just Live & Shut Up
Ron encounters the Uber concept with caution. He also realizes that he probably remains allergic to other people.... Guest: Dr. Iman Abuzeid is CEO of Incredible Health about the nursing industry and support
Jan 31, 2023
30 min
1/30/23  What The Buck & Ship My Pants
Ron looks at two TV commercials that employ curse words, sort of.  One of them has caused public outrage.... Guest: Rachel Bellis with P.E.T.A. talks about caging your pet at home
Jan 30, 2023
32 min
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