Netflix And
Netflix And
Jackie and Bryce
The podcast where we tell you what to Netflix & do. We watch new shows, discuss the first episode, and let you know whether or not we'd watch the rest. To wrap it up, we let you know what to Netflix and do (other than chill, obvs).
Pack your pig leather bags, we're going to on a magical journey! Join us as we travel to Surveilland, home to Christopher the Bird Scientist, Baxter Pig Scientist, Kate the face scientist, Judith the French Tinder Scientist and more! Will Bryce start sitting down to Pee? Will he abdicate his Google Throne?? Tune in to find out..
Oct 20
53 min
Halt. This is not a period piece, no one has an actual title on the show (so far), and we do say the words "booby" and "penis" quite a few times on this episode. So, if you're not ready for any of those things, don't bother listening. Otherwise, enjoy!
Oct 13
39 min
Never Have I Ever
Never HAD we ever watched a show that was kiiiiind of directed at a younger demographic, but we have now! This week we discuss Never Have I Ever, a show in the vein of Modern Family or the Wonder Years, which follows the life of a young Indian American girl in search of..... love. Let's just leave it at that.
Oct 6
45 min
Well or (Un)Well? Who knows? Is this a show about a show or a show about essential oils? Again, it's anyone's guess. Tune in to find out more and also keep your eyes peeled for an exciting opportunity to join our team.
Sep 29
58 min
Million Dollar Beach House
This week we get out of the city to spend a weekend in the Hampty Hamps! Join us in our Million Dollar Beach House (episode) and help solve the mystery of the missing notes...
Sep 22
49 min
Floor is Lava
We've all played the game, but have we all watched the show? Check out our EXACT replica (jk) of the events of the new Netflix show Floor is Lava. And beware. A game could break out at any time.
Sep 15
41 min
Down to Earth
Let's be honest, you've probably already decided whether Zac Efron makes this show worth watching or not. If you haven't, let us help you decide. Spoiler alert, Zac is going to teach you about the THEORY OF PLATE TECTONICS. Please don't forget to leave us a rating and a review and follow us on instagram @netflixandpod
Sep 8
50 min
Home Game
Obscure sports explained in clear terms? Hot dudes with black eyes and questionable decision making? We. Are. In!
Sep 1
37 min
Unsolved Mysteries
This week we revisit a classic in the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries! Join us as we lack the fulfillment of Robert Stack's dulcet tones and the closure that comes with seeing the murder solved.
Aug 25
48 min
Dating Around (ft. David Yontef)
For this very special BONUS episode (coming at you on a Monday— WHAT???) we were joined by David Yontef from Behind the Velvet Rope. Let us know what you think! And check out David’s daily podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope, wherever you get your fix.
Aug 23
53 min
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