Nero Wolfe – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
Nero Wolfe – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
Adam Graham
The great ones are back in action.
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Content is good. The host is hard on the ears. Use podcast controls to skip beginning and ending.
Strange show
Strange show today. Next show was weird too.
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Quirky Detective Time!
A little hokey but fun, especially if you like your detectives on a quirky side. Nero Wolfe is one of the featured detectives of “The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.” Host Adam Graham has done a great job of collecting many of the golden era of radio detective episodes and shows.
Stationary Hobo Productions
Adam does a great job with this and his other podcasts
Gotta Love Nero Wolf!
Definitely worth subscribing to if you like the genre (as I do)... the audio is always good, and Nero is always great to listen to!
OTR In General
A very clean restoration. I have recordings going back to old reel-to-reel days & these are well cleaned up of original pops & cracks from when they were first transcribed. I hope new users not used to using their imaginations are listening!
Old Jim Lowe Fan
Great listening, only wish they made more
All Most Done
Great entertainment
I really appreciate the great radio mysteries.. And the thoughtful and humorous commentaries at the end of each podcast. Thanks very much!
Nero Wolfe room 304
very well done even if it has a few discrepancies from the books like these very much. Art C.
Steven B
Love the podcast
Great job! Thank you for the excellent shows