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Nerds With Friends
Nerds With Friends | Age Of Radio
Episode 333- Artist Richard Whitters
1 hour 11 minutes Posted May 27, 2023 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

We have a real treat this episode! Artist Richard Whitters has quite the portfolio; working for Wizards of the Coast for 14 years, his work has spanned both Dungeons and Dragons as well as Magic the Gathering, and his art appears in multiple D&D books, AND he did the concept art for the Phyrexian Praetors, including the Mother of Machines herself, Elesh Norn! Now he's taking the plunge and designing his own RPG system and setting called Ruttigers, based off a home-brewed setting he and his friends have been working on for over 30 years! If you love Art, D&D, Magic, TTRPGs or anything nerdy, this episode is for you!

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