Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Vaya Pashos
Textiles! | 201 | Feb 1 -5 AU | Eps 8548 - 8552
55 minutes Posted Feb 7, 2021 at 7:05 pm.
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Show notes

CJ and Vaya are back recording the pod in the West Waratah FC carpark! Discussion circulates around the beginning of this Gilmore Girls-esque love triangle between Harlow (Rory), and Brent (Jess) and Hendrix (Jess) that we have brewing on Ramsay Street. Brent is super into textiles and is the second adult to enroll in high school in the last month.

Head over to for our Trimmings. This time: Tram Decommissioned!!

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