Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Neighbuzz: The Neighbours recap podcast
Vaya Pashos
Ep 110 - Oh Mr Mark, What a Mess! w/ Lucy Rogue
1 hour 16 minutes Posted Mar 18, 2019 at 3:19 am.
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Show notes

Lucy Rogue (future occupant of Mark Brennan's caravan) joins Kate and Vaya in the PirateNet Studios to look back at a wedding, a funeral, and a fizzer of a reception as Detective 'Four Times a Fiance Finally a Groom' Mechanic finally hauls his arse down that aisle. And then during cocktail hour the groom learns his missus did the deed with his sister. The horror! Plus we have thoughts on the new addition to the regular cast: Amnesiac Terrorist Millsy!

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