NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
Lester Holt, NBC News
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oct 2 pod
can jose and some of your other tv journalists take down his/their ALERT voice. every subject he/they cover sounds like its red alert when it is not. i prefer a calm broadcaster. take a lesson from david brinkley, walter cronkite and the like from that era. thank you
Good journalism, terrible production
I respect NBC for providing dependable fact based news, but poor podcast production is unbearable. There are randomly placed commercials, the same ads repeated over and over, and many days are not available . The program will be mid-sentence on life or death story and cut to advertisements. Cheap ploy that seems pretty juvenile for network with such a rich tradition of excellence. Save yourself stress and listen to another reliable network news. CBS Evening News doesn’t have these problems.
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Too negative! 9 out of 9 negative stories in one episode.
In the Sept 3, 2021 episode, I counted 9 highlights spoken aloud in the first 1 minute 17 seconds. All 9 were negative. Hurricane IDA desperation, NE cost homes exploding, NJ escaping a wall of water, nursing home residents dying in a warehouse, new Covid super spreaders with 1 in 5 children, chilling Walmart carjacking video with a long gun, ISIS terror attack in a supermarket, major disappointment in job numbers, millions on the brink of losing unemployment, urgent warning for parents that certain baby products are linked to infant deaths. Wow I feel so depressed just writing this. Where are the solutions? The good news? The celebrations and successes? After a long hiatus from this news podcast, I am unsubscribing from it. This world can never heal until we stop listening to the depressing parts that most of the listeners cannot control.
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NBC Nightly News
I like how NBC Nightly News can be podcasted, even if I’m not close by a television, I can still listen to Lester Holt on weekdays… José Díaz-Balart & Kate Snow on Weekends
nate the weatherman
Inconsistency with uploading
I want to rate this higher. But I never know when the episode is actually going to come out. Or if it is going to come out. I should get these episodes around 9:00pm-10:00pm (my local time) every night. But sometimes I won’t get one until 4:00am the next day. Sometimes they just totally miss 4 days in a row. I do not have access to a tv signal to watch this on tv, so I use this podcast version instead. It use to be better, but lately it is just getting worse. Fix the issues and I’ll fix my rating.
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Too many issues
While I like Lester Holt and the usually positive note the program leaves listeners with each night, there are two major issues that need to be resolved before I return to listening. 1) The podcast is often days late in updating. What good is a nightly news program four days later? This is not a rare issue. 2) The commercial breaks happen at very random moments. In television broadcasting and podcasts made for podcasting, breaks happen at the end of segments. For the Evening News there is no rhyme or reason. Breaks are always during a segment and very often in the middle of a sentence. This is incredibly frustrating as the breaks break up your train of thought and disrupt the power of the story.
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Lester Holt is thé man!
I could listen to him read a phone book.
song stinks
Stops updating for days on end. Today is 6/7. Latest episode is 6/3.
The nightly news
I think this is the best evening news podcast. Much better than CBS and ABC. Even better than PBS, because of length. But the reason I can’t and won’t give it 4 stars is that it never arrives before 10pm ( I think I understand due to the west coast crowd) but even worse the frequent missing days. It’s like the ones in charge of publishing the nightly podcast don’t know what their doing or even worse don’t care. YouTube is just as bad. Why would I want last night full broadcast in my feed tonight. Talk about stale and old news. NBC you have the best nightly show, but some people don’t have cable or a tv to watch it. Having a timely podcast would really make my life a lot better. 😩🤬😡 PS 5/15-16/21 I guess to save money and keep up in the dark they’ve decided to stop publishing on the weekend ☹️☹️☹️
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Skinny Kangaroo
sad that news has become propaganda
I love growing up and listening to NBC news but for the past decade it has become a propaganda mchine. Not any real reporting one side.
Podcast Fregorn
Fake news
Holt openly admits “he is only telling his side of the news”
Freddie bag of donuts
Edward b Murrow reward
U do not believe in reporting the facts and are a liberal hack. U should have never received that award. I have a masters degree in journalism from Nortwestern university and my professors would have thrown u out. I am telling everyone not to listen to your show
More tech problems
The podcast is great... when I can actually listen to it. For over two weeks now the episodes are “unavailable”. I don’t have this problem with any other podcast I listen to - just this one. Hope you’re working on a fix.
I miss Tom!
Can we start reporting the news instead of constantly (Fox, NBC, CNN and etc) being biased
Love Nightly news
Thank you NBC bringing nightly national news
Tech team: not again
2/9 episode time 10:30 on only one ear. Lost stereo sound. This is the 2nd time I found often after insert commercial bloopers come
Nightly News
I listen daily as I work nights and usually can’t watch. My only complaint is the final segment... I’d rather have another in depth report of an important issue than a happy crap report. I’m not inspired; I’m usually irritated by it. Otherwise I enjoy the report. Very informative and truthful.
Pro Left news
If you like your news with an extreme left slant, but claims to be fair, this show is for you!
Lester Holt
It is comforting to hear Lester’s voice, even when the world seems to have been taken over by insanity Lester is calm, and delivers the news with honesty and integrity. I am grateful for this podcast. Thank you for making the news available through this medium.
Not dramatic enough
Not dramatic enough world news tonight with David Muir is better
JJ Cars
NBC nightly news
Love the podcast. Allows me to get a great news update every morning. The only complaint I have is why do you have to increase the volume on all the ads?
I had to stop watching/listening. Their burying in October of the Hunter Biden story was the final straw. I seek unbiased news not their biased opinion. The situation of the news media in the US today is scary. Be careful!
Mistey 55798373849-9
Fear mongering
Using fear to manipulate the listener to their narrative.
Lester's voice is unique!
Can't hear my news from anyone else!!!!
The content is good, the editing is awful
There are often audio issues, and ads will cut off the host in the middle of their sentence. It makes me think the podcast is just a shoddily put together afterthought.
Editing fail
been listening to this for over a year now but now whoever edits it plays a commercial right in the middle someone speaking. incredibly annoying. Time to switch to David Muir
Poor podcast app
This app does not allow you to removed played episodes from your device. While each episode takes up a very small amount the accumulated effect grows daily. At one time the played episodes reflected 8 months. Now I have delete the pod cast every 30 days to remove the episodes that have been played. They need to allow you to totally delete all episodes and/or save the one you want. I am currently looking for a better podcast for my daily broadcast news that is audio only.
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Ending my subscription
After listening daily for almost a year, I have decided to end my subscription and find other news podcasts which do not give Donald Trump a platform. NBC has given a platform to a literal white supremacist and are rewarding him for chickening out of the debate. Boycott NBC.
Can’t stand the random interruptions from the commercials
While I really enjoy listening to this podcast, the constant clicking throughout and they completely random interruptions to advertise are so incredibly annoying. Why can you not time your advertisements so that it’s not in the middle of a sentence? Somehow someone’s got to fix this.
Constantly Tech Issues
Ticking sound, almost like it’s skipping, it’s so annoying like fingers on a chalkboard. Mostly seems on weekend issues. PLEASE FIX THIS ANNOYING SOUND THAT OTHERS HAVE MENTIONED!!!
My iPhone records better quality audio.
To be fair, this sounds EXACTLY what it sounds like when my grandpa is blasting the news on an old tube TV one room over, so I’ll grant it’s authentic. Seriously though... you guys use mics to record this right? And people are paid to mix it?
I listen to this podcast religiously. Why can't this be better? The editing in of commercials is horrible. Can't you time these with standard commercials in the broadcast? The constant ticking throughout the podcast is annoying. Then you have the timing of the release. It seems to be intermittent. Weekdays its posted in a timely manner. Weekends are a different story. You may not get a broadcast for a day or so. What is the point? The news is no longer current if it's days later. Please NBC, get it together.
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SF Spud
Ticking noise on your podcast
Come on guys someone needs to listen to the final cut of your podcast and get rid of the clickety-clacking in the background it is really hard to listen to your podcast with all the clickety-clack
Ticking noise
Inconsistent in posting times and there is a ticking noise every few seconds. I wind up stopping the episodes because I can’t listen to the ticking.
Can’t hear pod cast, but advertising is loud and clear.
NBC podcast volume is muted, but advertising is loud and clear. NBC’s bottom line must be advertising and not reporting the News.
Absolute liberal bias. 👎
NBC Nightly News has become blatantly liberal with a strong theme of inflammatory spin. They do NOT practice unbiased, fact based reporting. I am deleting this app and going over to CBS news. Absolutely disappointed in this ‘news’ outlet.
Old news and podcast publisher doing terrible job
I agree with previous comments. Inconsistent getting podcast posted. At present most recent episode was posted on Sunday. It’s Tuesday night! Who wants to listen to the the news from 3 days ago. Now that I went back and looked whoever posts the new content needs to get a calendar. They dates are all screwed up. There is no Monday Aug 7. Again. Very poor performance by podcast staff and reflects poorly on NBC and Lester Holt. Step aside and get someone to post the daily newscasts as soon as they are finished and proof read your detail, dates, and descriptions. Without current news and correct dates on each newscast this is podcast gets 1 Star and is worthless. Get your act together. You make Apple NBC and Podcasts al look bad when you can’t get a newscast posted or have the correct dates on the ones you do post.
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No reporting on the riots
Portland is on day 75 of full on RIOTS. Chicago is also experiencing rioting and looting. Seattle is facing continuous rioting and violence. Where is the news about this? Why aren’t these events being reporting on, during the nightly news? Really makes you question the authenticity of your news source.
Bent left
Biased news...always. I’m out.
s.s. minnow
Obviously biased news reporting:(
Relentless reporting of COVID-19 and Anti-Trump propaganda. Definition of - FAR LEFT news
Fake news
Fake news
impeccable savagery
Good but not always posted on time
My only complaint is they aren’t consistent on the time it’s made available. It’s generally consistent but there are relatively frequent times it’s delayed hours or even until the next day
Muddy Lady
Ads are misplaced
Somehow this is the only podcast that I’ve heard where the ads are placed in the midst of a news segment. Please put them back to in between the stories. It is making this sound like a very unprofessionally crafted podcast.
Commercials are at triple volume
I thought shows weren’t allowed to double or triple the volume for commercials. I am disappointed ESPN has to do this. Very annoying for the listener who is trying to relax.
Where am I?
I thought this was America one of the greatest countries in the world. However I don’t know where I am is this bizarro world?
Great podcast!
Accurate information, strong & compelling news delivery and compassionate reporting when appropriate.
Good information, as well as a positive news event in the end
Mask and gloves
Please ask the public to throw away their used mask and gloves in the trash and not all over the street. Thank you.
manhattan smart
I’m only a kid, but I’m a know - it - all. I watch Lester Holt every night. The only thing is that I wish you STUPID PROTESTORS would just stop caring about your idiotic problems! You are going to encourage the governors to open up the WHOLE U.S.! More than 44,000 deaths, BTW. And also you’re all stupid idiots with no brains. Thanks Lester Holt!!
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