Natch Beaut
Natch Beaut
Jackie Johnson
Comedian and beauty expert Jackie Johnson explores the self care space while laughing, yelling, singing, and keeping things cruelty free. Jackie gabs with celebs, makeup artists, indie brand owners, and fellow funny folks about what beauty and self care mean to them (as well as what’s in their bags!). Grab your neck cream and join her as she takes the seriousness, mystery, and intimidation out of this robust topic.
The 4th Annual Snatched Friday with Your Girl Jackie J
Snatched Friday is here! This is the episode all about holiday gift ideas as well as the best Black Friday deals on woman-owned and indie brands. We have sexy toothpaste, olive oil that will up your game, bath and body bundles, skincare refrigerators, and CBD that your parents need! There are lots of gift guides out there, so thank you for supporting Natch Beaut and checking this one out. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to and to see Jackie record this episode, join the Patreon fun at! 
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Nov 26
58 min
A Natch Mini- Thermage Treatment
Jackie recaps her experience getting the thermage radiofrequency treatment done on her face for her birthday! For everything Natch Beaut related, visit Join in on more Jackie J fun at 
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Nov 24
29 min
Emo Farmer Child with Noor Elkhaldi
Influencer Noor Elkhaldi is passionate about guiding women to make smart buying purchases. Hear all about how she creates a no-makeup makeup look, the best retinol and under eye patches, and how her hijab enhances her sense of style. Plus, a killer bedtime regimen and painting a chicken’s toenails. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to!  
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Nov 19
1 hr 5 min
A Natch Mini- Jackie J's current skincare routine
Jackie shares her current AM and PM skin routines and where she would like some recs from the Hunnies to fill in the gaps. For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
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Nov 17
26 min
SOS Beauty with Dustin Cash & Charlene Valledor
Today, Jackie chats with the team behind the beauty incubator SOS Beauty, Founder Dustin Cash and President Charlene Valledor. Dustin and Charlene share how they partner with brand founders and build a brand from the ground up. Plus, trends in the industry, what hit hair product used to uncontrollably spray people, how to get a job in the beauty product development industry, and the dandruff shampoo that you need! For a list of every product mentioned in this episode, go to  
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Nov 12
56 min
A Natch Beaut Mini Episode Announcement
Hello to all hunnies, new to the show or veterans- this is a quick episode updating all subscribers as to the changes happening to the podcast. Don't worry- nothing will really change for you- but hear about Natch Beaut's new home and a tribute to the show's journey. Check out as usual for all products mentioned and check out Jackie's patreon at! 
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Nov 10
30 min
Over 40 Makeup & Skincare with Sonia Valencia
Sonia Valencia is a beauty influencer who went viral on Tik Tok with a concealer video she didn’t even mean to post! And she is on Natch Beaut sharing her sage wisdom and tips (including the one skincare rule she wished she would’ve listened to when she was in her 20’s.) Hear all about the freedom she experienced when transitioning to her natural grey hair, setting your own beauty standards, and why women 40 and older should be on Tik Tok. Plus, what lip color she would rock during a zombie apocalypse. For links to everything mentioned on this episode, visit!  
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Nov 5
51 min
Spread the Vote & Spread the Cream with Kat Calvin
Lawyer, activist and social entrepreneur Kat Calvin is the founder and executive director of Spread the Vote, a nonprofit organization that helps people get government-issued photo ID. She is also a skincare Queen with her own skincare fridge! Hear all about her organization, how the hunnies can help spread the vote, and what is in her fridge. Plus, which skincare product represents the politics of 2020? We get down to the bottom of democracy, and the bottom of your favorite jar of cream! For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
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Oct 29
1 hr 8 min
Tik Toktober- Lipgloss and Mantras with Aliya Grace
Next up in Tok Toktober is the lip gloss enthusiast with soothing immaculate vibes, Aliya Grace. She shares with us the key to Tok Tok success is consistency, and how a video about asking for someone’s pronouns ignited her massive following. Plus, life-changing mantras, meditation while driving, and how lashes are life! For a list of everything mentioned in this episode, go to 
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Oct 22
1 hr 5 min
Tik Toktober- Health Class with Dr. Jennifer Lincoln
We all wanna know how our bodies work! Continuing on with Tik Toktober, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, OB-GYN, gives us the health class we did not have in high school. She chats about misconceptions about birth control, tips on how to get pregnant, and the scoop (finally) about how to wash our vulvas. Plus, curly girl hair routines and pubic hair fashion trends! For a list of everything discussed in this episode, go to 
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Oct 15
1 hr 8 min
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