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Astrology - Money - Conscious Business & Spirituality: Natalia Benson The Podcast comes to you bi-weekly to help you see that you get to do life uniquely as *you* 🪐IG:
NB the Podcast: Final Episode
In today's episode, Natalia says goodbye for now. Listen in as NB shares why she is stepping back from the podcast, some powerful realizations she has experienced lately, and her excitement for what is coming next. You can still connect with Natalia on IG and in your inbox. Access the links below! WE EXPLORE:• Natalia talks about why she is taking a break from the podcast• Moving in alignment and being in integrity• Acknowledging growth and change• Trusting your inner guidance• Thank you, bab...
Mar 22
10 min
Human Design & Business w/ Kaila O'Connor
Kaila O'Connor is a certified Human Design expert who loves showing others a new way of working that feels good, productive, creative, and inspired. In today's episode, Kaila and NB discuss trusting your inner authority, the different energy types, and how Human Design can support you and your business!WE EXPLORE:• Kaila's splenic authority• The basics of Human Design• The different energy types • Not self themes of each energy type• How knowing your energy type can also help your busin...
Mar 8
59 min
Past Life & Karmic Astrology w/ Vika Bradford
Vika Bradford is a Karmic Astrologer who works with souls who are ready to heal their karmic wounds, understand their past life signatures, repeated patterns and pain points, soul codes, and mastery, and begin to step into their power and radical self-love in this life. Listen in as Vika and NB discuss Karmic Astrology, exploring past lives, the Witch Wound, and more!WE EXPLORE:• How Vika began studying Karmic Astrology• Past life indicators in the natal chart• Understanding the North and Sou...
Feb 23
57 min
My Mediumship Journey Update (+getting read by Theresa Caputo!)
In today's episode, Natalia talks about her experience in practicing mediumship. NB also shares on having the courage to make changes when things don't feel quite aligned, exploring new facets of life you feel drawn to, and the soul's journey.WE EXPLORE:• Simplifying and having the courage to make changes or try something new• Exploring new realms of your life experience• Natalia's experience beginning her mediumship journey• Souls communicating from the other side• Moving through shadow to g...
Feb 16
53 min
Tarot Reading for 2024 (how to read for MONEY, BUSINESS, EMPOWERMENT)
In today's episode, Natalia shares a powerful Tarot reading for 2024, our finances, and business! Listen in as NB shares why she loves Tarot, the insights it provides into our subconscious mind, and the importance of staying true to yourself and honoring your vision.WE EXPLORE:• An intro to NB's approach Tarot• Why Natalia loves the Thoth deck• Becoming aware of our subconscious mind• Tapping into your power• Relating to our minds and languange• Connecting to ourselves and minimizing external...
Jan 26
54 min
The Astrology of 2024 + Prepping for the Year Ahead
In today's episode, Natalia delves into the astrology of 2024, exploring your own placements, and how we can flow with what is occurring cosmically. Plus, a new masterclass announcement!WE EXPLORE:• A brief reflection of 2023• Pluto moving into Aquarius• Stellium occurring in Aquarius• Eclipse Season in 2024• Retrogrades of this year• Jupiter moves into Gemini• Eclipses and the Mars Retrograde in LeoThe Astro Plan Masterclass 🪐Plan Your Finances, Life & Business According to Your Astrolog...
Jan 12
1 hr 10 min
2024 Prep with Saturn! (Business, Finances & Spiritual Practice)
In today's episode, Natalia discusses periods of growth, shifting our perspective on challenges, planning for 2024, and how we can tap into the power of Saturn. Plus, a new masterclass announcement!WE EXPLORE:• How we choose to interact with the universe• Themes of the Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron transit• Shifting your perspective on challenges• Natalia's current spiritual practice• The power of planning ahead• Studying your 6th house• Trusting timing and the evolution of your growth over time...
Dec 8, 2023
40 min
BTS: My Membership Launch + Major Life Updates & Changes
In today's episode, Natalia shares big personal updates, a shift in the podcast schedule, and the amazing growth of Magical Women and Money the Membership (MWMM). Listen in to learn how the Membership has transformed over the years, the challenges that arose, the ways NB has had to pivot, and the incredible transformations babes have experienced.WE EXPLORE:• A new NB the Podcast schedule• Beginning a journey in fertility• The beginning of MWMM and its evolution over the years• Things Natalia ...
Nov 24, 2023
1 hr 2 min
3 Steps to Make More Money (Astrology x Business Strategy)
In today's episode, Natalia delves into sharing our talents with others to help us expand, the power of appreciating what we already have, and the insights your Jupiter placement can provide on making more money.WE EXPLORE:• A powerful tool for abundance growth• A 3-step process to make more money now• Studying your Jupiter placement• Activating your skills and talents• Connecting to what inspires you• Creating offers for your business• Sharing your offeringsFREE Masterclass! Money, Music, an...
Oct 27, 2023
29 min
Healing Fear of Money Scarcity
In today's episode, Natalia shares the very real influence the fear of scarcity has on our lives. Listen in as NB unpacks all things money programming, generational lines, and three tools for healing fear of scarcity.WE EXPLORE:• What is the fear of scarcity?• The difference between true scarcity and the fear of it• The culmination of your ancestry is you• Three tools for healing the fear of scarcity• The power of EFT Tapping• Meditation, journaling, and sitting with yourself• How we ca...
Oct 20, 2023
44 min
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