NASCAR Newscast: Official NASCAR Slideshow Podcast
NASCAR Newscast: Official NASCAR Slideshow Podcast
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Start again!!!!!!! Why did it stop?!?!?
Dale Jr
Dale is the BEST
Good but needs a few improvements
Content is often very good. Talk about upcoming races is interesting. Interviews with crews are good. Negatives: --Podcasts about reporter's careers--why? We're here to hear about the races, the drivers, owners, crew chiefs, or even pit crew members. A NASCAR reporter's career bio, makes it seem like you couldn't get any real interviews and needed a filler. --Annoying music (too loud) played behind the interview makes it difficult to listen (ex: Chad Knaus interview). Background music is not necessary.
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Of course it's a slide show not a video.
Next time-read the title. It has Dale Jr., therefore it's awesome.
Not so great!?!?!!??!?!?!?!
These podcast are not actual videos from the races. Ther more on a slide show. I think nascar and itunes need to make podcast for each driver . This goes out to my cousin HAYDEN, Jeff Gorden STINKS!!!!!!!
andrew 876876