Narada Radio Company Audio Drama
Narada Radio Company Audio Drama
Pete Lutz
MUTUAL STAGE - A Cold Night's Death
55 minutes Posted Feb 24, 2024 at 8:07 pm.
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Show notes

The Mutual Stage: A Cold Night's Death

The Mutual Stage returns with another exciting play, hosted by Jack Ward and starring the Narada Radio Company. This time, we present "A Cold Night's Death", adapted from a 1973 ABC-TV Movie of the Week and directed by Pete Lutz. NASA Scientists Robert Jones and Frank Enari are sent to the top of the world to take over a special primate-studies program on how extreme conditions affect life in space. Once they arrive, strange things start happening, that makes them wonder: are they studying the monkeys, or are the monkeys studying them?


ANNOUNCER: Darren Rockhold

HOST: Jack Ward

VOGEL: Tom Konkle

 COOPER: Joe Stofko

CHAPPELL: Dana Gonsalves

ENARI: Gino Vianelli

JONES: Pete Lutz


MUSIC: Dr. Ross Bernhardt