Naked Neuroscience, from the Naked Scientists
Naked Neuroscience, from the Naked Scientists
Katie Haylor
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I look forward to every episode!!
Weekly would be amazing!!
What happened?
I used to enjoy this podcast and without notice or fanfare they disappeared. C'est la vive:(
I love all of the naked science podcasts
good job explaing hard concepts
Saj in ny
Interesting, varied, comprehensible
Still one of my favorites for the variety of topics, the completeness of coverage of the topics, and even the general like-ability of the presenters. This is the one I never miss. I especially like the 'question of the week' which often has surprisingly clever and astute questions.
Relevant and informative especially for those over 50!
Not being a scientist or research I found the information very accessible. Very useful information in a very digestible format. Excellent.
Sasquatch/Big Foot
Packs in a ton of information in an easily digestible format
Very pleasantly surprised that it made this topic simple enough for a regular person to follow but still retain complexity. I'm hooked!
Sid nair
Just did it
I just put 5 stars...😐