NAF Physio Podcast
NAF Physio Podcast
Adam Meakins
Hosted by Adam Meakins (aka The Sports Physio), The Not Another F**king (NAF) Physio Podcast promises to be unlike any other! Talking about things that matter, but don't really matter. It will be amateurish, inconsistent, with poor sound quality and even poorer interviews… Be prepared for critical critique, dubious debate, quirky questions and lots of bad language!
048 Talking About Knee Biomechanics
In this month’s episode, Adam and Greg are joined by special guest Dr Brad Neal to discuss all things around PFP, anterior knee pain, and the role of biomechanics. Does knee valgus, hip adduction and running style matter in knee pain? Come join us to find out. To become a show Patreon please click here To see Adam’s upcoming courses please click here To see Greg’s upcoming courses please click here
Nov 18
47 min
047 Talking About Natural History
In this episode Adam and Greg discuss all things in and around natural history and regression to the mean in musculoskeletal conditions. What do these terms actually mean? What, who and when do they apply? And how to do we know if it is happening? Dive on in to find out all the answers as well as hear Greg’s strange Norwegian conference experience. To become a show patreon click here To check out Greg’s course click here To check out Adams course click here
Oct 29
39 min
046 Talking About EMGs
In this months episode Greg and Adam discuss all things electromyography within physiotherapy research and clinical practice. What are its pros/cons and its uses and pitfalls. To become a NAF patreon click here To check out Greg’s course click here To check out Adams course click here
Sep 24
40 min
045 Talking Running Mileage
In this episode Adam and Greg are joined by Dr Max Paquette from the University of Memphis to discuss his recent paper challenging and questioning the utility and validity of measuring and monitoring weekly running mileage as a way to judge performance or reduce injury. This one is a runners geek fest! Max’s paper can be found here: To become a NAF podcast patreon click here:
Aug 28
39 min
044 Talking about sham and placebo exercises in rehab!
So for this month’s episode Adam and Greg discuss sham and placebo exercises in rehab. Now this topic is clearly raising lots of questions and doubts about our specific exercises and how and why those exercises help people with aches and pains. But does this mean that our specific exercises are useless and not necessary when sham and placebos work just as well, and does this also mean we can do whatever the hell we like with our exercise prescriptions? Warning: Watch out for a rather strong and long Adam rant at the beginning! If you would like access to the show reference list and video please go to our Patreon page here:
Jul 16
40 min
043 Talking About Lying
In this episode Greg and Adam discuss lying, deceit, and dishonesty but not in the way you may first think. They discuss how our body can often lie to us, telling us it's stiff, weak, out of place, or damaged when it's not. They try to work out why and when it does this and how we can tell when we are being lied to or not by our own body. If you want any of the references mentioned or access to the video of this episode then become a NAF patron for just $10 a month by clicking here:
Jun 17
43 min
042 Talking About Stretching…AGAIN
In this month’s episode Adam and Greg talk about a topic that keeps coming up again and again, and that’s stretching. They discuss what is stretching, is it any good for improving flexibility and mobility, or reducing injury, or improving performance or anything else? Or is it just a waste of time and energy! Watch out as this one will stretch your views and beliefs and may cause some beliefs and opinions to be released. Also, if you want to now watch this show as well as get a full reference list of all the studies discussed you can now become a Patreon member here…
May 28
46 min
041 Talking COVID19 for MSK Therapists
In this episode Adam is joined by Dr Andrew ‘Drew’ Ball from the US who is a Specialist Orthopaedic Physical Therapist, a PhD in Healthcare Management, as well as the Vice President of the NxtGen Institute, to discuss what ortho, MSK, sports, and general outpatient therapists need to know about COVID19 and what they should and should not be doing and advising others. For more on the PACER program mentioned please follow this link To get a copy of Dr Ball's presentation on what outpatient physios need to know about COVID19 rehab please follow this dropbox link here For more on the UK CSP’s MSK COVID advice please follow this link To register with the UK’s MSKReform group as an MSK physio who would like to offer your help and skills to the rehab of COVID patients please follow this link Click on the link here to find out more and sign up…
Apr 11
1 hr 3 min
040 Talking Coronavirus, Manipulations, and Online Consultations
***WARNING: Explicit content*** This episode on cervical manipulation was recorded a few weeks before the current coronavirus pandemic really took hold of the world, and so it seems irrelevant now, but Adam and Greg do mention some tips and ideas on how to still work as a therapist at a responsible and ethical clinician using online resources. However, if you want a few minutes escape from all the virus talk, there is 20 minutes of discussion on the risks and benefits of cervical manipulations. Stay safe, stay physically distance, and look after each other! Click on the link here to find out more and sign up…
Mar 24
41 min
039 Talking About Minimal Effective Dose
***WARNING: Explicit content*** In this episode Adam and Greg talk all things dosage. What is the minimal effective dose to get stronger, more flexible, have less pain, or create a change? Also, if you now want to become a NAF Patreon member to get a host of extra fancy features such as… Early access to the video cast of the show one week before the podcast is aired Full access to all the research papers mentioned in the show Submit questions to Adam and Greg to be answered on the show Click on the link here to find out more and sign up… Music by Kevin MacLeod - Intro - Also sprach Zarathustra Close - Vivacity
Jan 14
45 min
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