NAACP - Stay in the Fight!
NAACP - Stay in the Fight!
Willingboro & Vicinity NAACP
Issues and updates of the NAACP.
We talk about the NAACP's #WEAREDONEDYING campaign, the COVID-19 UNMASKED Virtual Town Hall Series, and the latest injustices which could spark a movement. What is the NAACP doing? Listen and find out. Then let your voice be heard, get involved. COVID-19 unmasked townhall:
May 30, 2020
23 min
The Return
Co-host Samantha and Will discuss the 400 year anniversary of Black people in North America, the NY Times 1619 Project and interview Vice Chairwoman of the National NAACP Board, Karen Boykin-Towns on the National Jamestown, Virginia to Jamestown, Ghana trip.
Nov 11, 2019
31 min
The NextGen Episode
We discuss the next generation of the NAACP and the NEXTGEN program. Including interviews with Akosua Ali, one of the youngest Presidents of an NAACP Branch throughout the nation and one of the organizers of the NEXTGEN program and Yolanda Melville current national president of the NAACP’s Next Generation Alumni Leadership Council. And more!!!
Sep 21, 2019
40 min
When We FIght We Win!
President Samantha Whitfield of the Willingboro & Vicinity Branch gives a breakdown of the 2019 NAACP National convention in Detroit. Interviews abound.
Aug 13, 2019
31 min
NAACP The Crisis Magazine
This episode we explore the Spring 2019 The Crisis magazine. The OFFICIAL publication of the NAACP.{%22issue_id%22:589916,%22page%22:0}
Jul 26, 2019
29 min
Real Justice
We talk about supreme court gerrymandering ruling. Unjust police interactions and inhuman conditions while being held. One million jobs campaign. Banter...
Jun 30, 2019
31 min
#BlackWomenLead Stay in the Fight Episode 7
In this episode, we talk about the spirit of Shirley Chisholm and the activism of Fannie Lou Hamer. Their impact on Black women elected to office and their continuing legacy.
Feb 8, 2019
28 min
Unfair Elections ep 6
We talk about Brian Kemp and his conflict of interest in the gubernatorial election. NAACP 2018 resolutions(about 40) The 1917 Camp Logan mutiny, Houston Texas(seeking presidential pardon) Henceforth - Aug Hip Hop Month(Kool Herc Back to school Jam) NAACP NJ Quarterly conference and much more
Dec 22, 2018
32 min
Stay in the Fight Episode 5
More discussion about the New Jersey State conference and encouraging people to vote. It's your right!
Nov 2, 2018
30 min
Stay in the Fight Episode 4
NJ State Conference Episode with a short interview by branch President Samantha Whitfield with NJ State conference President Richard Smith. Excerpts from keynote speakers.
Oct 18, 2018
11 min
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