My Town
My Town
Declan Grogan
In the small copper town of Whoppertin Michigan, Tyler Bop must solve a missing persons case to free his best friend from jail all while trying to sell you scented candles. Oh and he may have an other worldly ability but I doubt that will come up.My Town is a scripted comedy podcast created by Declan Grogan with music by Emmett Hussman. It's pretty good I think.
Ep.11 - Welcome Back to Whoppertin
Its the last episode of the summer and we are making all the stops. Join me as I take you around my town one last time.
Jul 26
24 min
Ep.10 - The Search for Todd Waterson
This week we go into the woods, and we don't come back until we find Todd Waterson.
Jul 19
25 min
Ep.9 - Crews and Coffee
I'm still reeling from figuring out that I'm not alone and not a freak and I could take on a bus. With all this energy, I'm going to assemble my crew and get ready to take on the woods and find Todd. Our first member is none other then my life long...
Jul 12
17 min
Ep.8 - The Witch's House
This week I show you Whoppertin and Candles.Madam Johana: Bridey Costello (Itunes, Spotify, etc)Captain Bert: Jimmy Brown (the buried podcast)Johnny : Liam Mahon (Top Numbers: )My Town is written, produced, and edited by Declan...
Jul 5
24 min
Ep.7 - Breaking and Entering
This week I finally solve the case. After talking to James (Vincenzo Torsiello), I devise a way to break into the Pierce's house (Matt Hawkins, Isabella Garcia). It will be a difficult stunt to pull off but as long as no one is home (Spencer Gallagher),...
Jun 28
18 min
Ep.5 - Public Buildings
It's a new week and I am determined to solve the case of what happened to Todd. I will put it all on the line for Captain Bert, but considering that this podcast is dedicated to showing off the best sides of Whoppertin and candle making, all detective...
Jun 21
18 min
Ep.6 - Through the Woods
This week I prove my theory that Mr. Pierce (Matt Hawkins) is the kidnapper of Todd Waterson (Leo Macariola). Unfortunately he stays inside his gated community all day with only his son James (Vincenzo Torsiello) leaving. I plan to confront James while...
Jun 21
21 min
Ep.4 - Fun!
Welcome to the most fun episode of My Town yet! I've been listening back and noticed that every episode up until now has kind of been a real bummer. That's why I'm getting back to the root of this show by showcasing the fun side of Whoppertin and...
Jun 14
19 min
Ep.3 - Food and Friends
Welcome to the episode about food and not really about friends. This week we visit Whoppertin's best high class eatery "la dinde sexuelle" run by Leo Gerzel (Jack Golen) followed by Whoppertin's best low class eatery "Dan's Hot Fish" owned and operated...
Jun 7
21 min
Ep.2 - Vacation Destinations
This week on My Town, I show you what makes Whoppertin a place that you could see yourself living in from now until the end of time. We start with a look at Whoppertin's beautiful rocky coast line with Brett the lifeguard (Tom Garvey) followed by a tour...
May 31
21 min
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