My Ministry Breakthrough
My Ministry Breakthrough
My Ministry Breakthrough
Real Pastor's Stories. Real Life Moments. Realizing Ministry Breakthrough.
2_11: Jay Cull: Disciples are made through personal calling not church programming.
Breakthrough ideas with Jay:  What does it look like to move from being a “church for the unchurched” to being a “church among the unchurched?” How do we activate and motivate people where they live, work, and study and play to carry their faith beyond the church into neighborhoods and workplaces? What does a shift … Read More Read More
Feb 1, 2020
57 min
2_09: Bob Adams – A masterclass on reading for a new decade of church leadership
Breakthrough ideas with Bob:  Reading becomes caught more than taught, a practice handed down generation to generation. Reading will help you learn critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are an essential part of leadership. Then a seminary professor, Al Mohler, always talked about critical thinking and reading in leadership terms. Leadership, at its very core it … Read More Read More
Dec 29, 2019
54 min
2_08: Bob Bergmann – What story does the design of your church tell?
Breakthrough ideas with Bob: The church needs to go where all the people are going. Visioneering Studios is called to help the church put to form the stories about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Every building tells a story, and sometimes the story told is that we are cheap … Read More Read More
Dec 12, 2019
58 min
2_07: Cory Hartman – Stop wasting words convincing people to show up
Breakthrough ideas with Cory: How can you use the written word to extend your reach? Is there a way to leverage your weekly content to make disciples? What are the best possible ways to shape and leverage your content for disciple-making outside of your Sunday service? The church is a content factory every week, creating … Read More Read More
Nov 28, 2019
1 hr 6 min
2_06: Dr. Jon Roebuck – Actually talk with people… don’t just preach at them.
Breakthrough ideas with Jon: How can a church stay relevant to their culture? How can a church stay relational to the communities in which God has placed them? How can a church remain resolute to their DNA and their calling? If you will create physical space, you allow conversations to begin to happen, that are … Read More Read More
Nov 14, 2019
42 min
2_05: Todd McMichen – Get ready to receive an alpaca: a generational look at generosity
Breakthrough ideas with Todd:  74% of churches have online giving, but they only receive about 15% of their income through digital avenues. 90% of our personal wealth is contained in our assets not in liquid cash – what if your church had a way to enable generosity in this way? What happens if you’ve got … Read More Read More
Oct 31, 2019
46 min
2_04: Todd Wilson – Church Multiplication & Your Sweet Spot Calling
Breakthrough ideas with Todd:  What’s the difference between a church plant and a church that’s planted to be a church-planting church? Imagine if somebody offered you a job where you’re 100% in your sweet spot What does it mean to work 100% of my time in your sweet spot? God made the world with sweet … Read More Read More
Oct 17, 2019
50 min
2_03: Daniel Im – Should You Stay or Should You Go?
Breakthrough ideas with Daniel:  What does it look like to live your life with our hands wide open saying, “Lord, here we are?” Every leader, every pastor, goes through those seasons where restlessness clouds every conversation. What do you do? A lot of leaders that come to those seasons of the restlessness, but how do … Read More Read More
Oct 3, 2019
43 min
2_02: Jen Wilkin – A Gut Check on Biblical Literacy & Sound Preaching
Breakthrough Ideas with Jen: When you’re a single woman in the church, you usually kind of keep moving around because you don’t always fit very well. We treated the Bible like it was magical, like if I open it up the Holy Spirit was just going to drop out insight on me just because I … Read More Read More
Sep 19, 2019
51 min
2_01: Leonard Sweet – How Almonds Keep Us Focused on Jesus
Breakthrough Ideas with Len: Show me a weakness inventory and I will show you where God can bless others through your life. Our translation of the word “Word” for LOGOS is inadequate; we must embrace the tension. In a “well curve world” we should live out of the overlap of opposites coming together. Our world … Read More Read More
Sep 5, 2019
31 min
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