My Funeral Home Stories: Collection One
My Funeral Home Stories: Collection One
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I really like it
I’m picky about podcasts and was so pleasantly surprised with this one. Hosts voice is great, content and production is great too. Thanks!
I’m about to start my job at a funeral home and this is just the thing I want to listen to!! Thank you so much for all you do!
Podcast gold!
Love this show. So interesting.
Guilty pleasure
I laugh out loud and throw up in my mouth- all at the same time.
So good
I listened to all 3 seasons in one day, I cold not turn it off.
Awesome 👏🏽
Don’t change a thing, keep the seasons coming! I’m so glad I found this podcast and I have been binging it for the past three days. Great job!
Grant, I’m so glad you’re back. You raise issues about the funeral business that are rarely shared. Your mellifluous tone and insightful writing are a treat. Welcome back, Janet
😭🤣😂😭🤣😂I can’t stop
This podcast popped up randomly on my Spotify. And oh my lord. Season 1 Episode 3 has me hollering in my car. I will never look at pot roast the same way again and “he likes yogurt and carrots.” Grant, you’re amazing 🤣
It's spreading through our office.
I recently started a new job and one of the people working in a different department saw what I was listening to and decided to check it out for themself and another person has started listening to it. It such a good story teller and differently helps make the day go by faster!
Wonderful Show
Grant I’m A avid JohnJay and Rich listener and that brought me to this podcast when it began. I want to say it’s wonderfully written and your “monotone” voice really conveys emotion and pulls you into the story. I definitely cried during that last episode. I felt as though I was in the room with you living that moment. Well done! Thank you for sharing your stories.
Satirical Yet Funny
I enjoy listening to Grant tell stories of his experiences in a world we’ll all deal with in one way or another. Is voice is so monotone yet interesting, and I anxiously look forward to next seasons’ stories. A Favorite Podcast
The Greatest Podcast
I’ll be honest, months ago I was a podcast hater, until I found My Funeral Home Stories. I listened to all the episodes in three days and then listened to them again. And then made my mom listen to them. Really this podcast is just the best. It is hilarious while also serious and very entertaining. I can’t wait for more episodes. Thank you Grant!!
Fuel for my morbid curiosity!
I love this podcast! Grant makes me laugh with his sarcasm, I keep wanting more! I love the descriptions of Carter too...I’ve grown up with Golden Retrievers and the characteristics he describes are spot on. Keep all the stories coming!
My first pod cast
Love this pod cast. I worked in the hospital for 13 years and this was such a entertaining PC. I binged all the casts in a few days and waiting for some more. Good stuff
Eye P Freely
Great show!
I spent weeks catching up to season 3 and wow! I really enjoy the content! Please keep them coming
Well written and well told! Very dark, I feel guilty for enjoying this 😄
Tekka don
A voice for radio
Grant’s podcast is addictive for a couple reasons. First, his voice and storytelling style are (oddly? Interestingly?) sexy. I have a thing for guys who curse a lot and talk honestly about their pitfalls. I just want to jump in and save them. Like Don Draper, Kendall Roy, Jesse Pinkman, Jackson Maine... except Grant’s a real person and these are real stories. He’s a fascinating character and superb storyteller. You’re instantly rooting for him, laughing out loud, cringing in disgust and hanging on every word. Then of course, there’s the real life tales of working in a funeral home. It’s something most of us will never see, yet we all deal with death... usually after the funeral directors do most of their work. His narration of his inner monologue is both humorous and tragic considering the subject matter. The podcast is a fascinating insiders view of the funeral industry and a compelling tale of a teen/young adult growing up in this strange scenario. I’m about the same age and I relate to this time period a lot. Can’t wait for another season.
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Love it
Great story telling! Look forward to season 4!
Ashley Monster
Grant is so funny and charismatic. Can you have a crush on someone via podcast? Idk but he’s so relatable!!! Everyone should listen to this. Well...everyone who isn’t squeamish.
A new favorite
This was a pleasant surprise after stumbling across tons of lackluster podcasts. Coming up into the funeral world myself, I enjoy hearing stories like these.
I LOVE this podcast
I binged all episodes in the matter of like 3 days? No other podcast has made me laugh quite like this one. I guess my sense of humor is a little dark. PLEASE make more episodes.
Best Podcast Ever!
Can’t get enough of My Funeral Home Stories! Grant, quit your other jobs and just make us more episodes. There’s so many emotions in every episode it’s hard to pick a favorite. Love them all!
This is insane!
This podcast is truly amazing. I started listening when my cousin introduced me shortly after season 1 was complete. From episode 1 I was hooked and listened to all the episodes back to back and have listened to all seasons multiple times. I love the intensity you can tell is in each story keep it up truly amazing!
So I love this podcast one of my favorite! I love how raw and real it is. My only thing... I liked your voice better season one and two. Third season you sound too rehearsed and professional kinda too edited. But the content and the way it is written is 5 stars all the way! Keep it up!
I love your podcast!
A friend of mine who is also my coworker recommended your podcast, and I absolutely love it! I Work in the funeral business myself as a crematory operator as well as all-around assistant in the funeral home,And I’m also a part-time funeral escort police officer.When my friend told me about your podcast and I listened to the first oneWithin two days I “binge listened” Every episode this far and I look forward to more! Thank you so much for making this!
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My funeral stories
This is the best podcast. Done in a informative way with a twist of humor and yet makes you aware of what the end of life can consist of. I enjoy the way he tells the stories. Thank you for this podcast.
All of it!
I’ve been listening since early this spring, but my husband (who is in the healthcare industry) and I listened on our 9 hour ride home from vacation this past weekend. I let the first show end and pretended that my phone had issues. He immediately asked if there were more episodes! SCORE! Thanks for making the ride more enjoyable, Grant! Please make a season 4!
Love this!
This is one of the best podcasts out there. The stories about the mortuary and what that entails mixed with the very personal struggles really connects with people.
This is a crazy pod cast but interesting and keeps you engaged! Humorous and eye popping at moments!
Unique, interest and pretty darn funny
All those questions about a mortuary you were afraid to ask... I love his personal life interjection. I’m hooked.
Feels very real
I absolutely love this podcast. Grant is an amazing writer and speaker. I love the raw emotion in his stories. It does feel very much like a private journal being shared with us all. The only thing I wish, is that the chapters were a bit longer. Can’t wait for the next series!!
Nothing else like it
A Such an interesting podcast! There’s literally nothing else out there like this. Great job Grant!
Coolest podcast ever
I love your podcast. Keep doing what your doing!
Love your morbid story telling
I love your stories, I’ve always been interested in the Funeral industry. Unfortunately, I am not as strong as you are but you make me feel somewhat fulfilled by your stories. The life I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle, your able to write about your experiences. The details, the way you talk... keep it coming- I can’t get enough🙋🏻‍♀️ stop 🛑 being so hard on yourself Grant, your stories are amazing-you literally have no idea. Keep them coming and the only feedback I can give you: make your stories 1hr long minimum and more episodes per season. Sad season 3 ended so quickly. You have a life I get it but I’m a selfish fan who wants more 🤗
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Grant Rocks!
So much fun! Real life told in a funny way.
Good stuff
Really enjoy al the crazy stories and antics
Gordon "Boom" Butts
Hilarious, dark & interesting
This podcast makes me make weird sounds. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I gasp, sometimes I hold my breath and swiftly exhale. I like to listen while I’m either driving or walking alone, so hopefully people won’t hear my gasps and weird little laughs. It definitely helps get my mind off driving and makes my walks a little more entertaining. Plus, I learn interesting and random funeral home facts!
SylverBleu 99
Have to say this is the best podcast ever! I work for a cemetery and can relate to a lot of things your talking about! Plus your voice is amazing! Draws you in immediately! Can’t wait for season 4!
The best!!!
You have the best voice for podcasting, possibly the best! And, your writing is next should put all these stories together and make it in book form as well... We LOVE your podcast! Please keep making episodes.
Way to “kill” it!
I absolutely love this pod cast! Please keep them coming!
It’s great. If you’re a actual, living, not dead human, you’ll love it.
Some entertainment, but...
This guys sounds like a real snarky, self-satisfied dick. I hope these are retrospective stories and he’s grown up some.
I love this podcast! Grant is such an amazing story teller. This week’s episode has me in tears! Hit me right in the feels. Can’t wait for the next season.
Oh Snap!
Theses stories are awesome! Grant has taken a time in his life and shared it with us with NO filter! I’m hooked on this podcast and I tell everyone to listen, they will not be sorry! Thanks Grant for sharing!
There is no podcast quite like this. It is wonderfully written and entails so much intriguing information about the funeral business. Kudos Grant!
Nosebleed honest 👍🏽
Truly enjoy your unfiltered depiction of your thoughts and life experiences. Love the podcast! Thank you for boldly sharing this with us.
D Diamond Diva
Can’t stop listening
I love this podcast. I find myself saying “oh man” when an episode is over and get super excited when a new one comes up.
Great Podcast
Grant is a great story teller. Since the first time I heard the first podcast from Grant, I was hooked. He makes me laugh a lot and also gives me vivid mental pictures of everything he explains. I totally recommend My Funeral Home Stories
Want more
Love this Gus stories! Also I really relate to how he things, often wonder if I’m the only one so thanks ! However butterscotch pudding isn’t just for old people!! Keep writing! Ali
Am I an Allen?
Really well done
The host is a gifted storyteller and the episodes will gross me out, make me laugh, and make me tear up all at the same time.
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