My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
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Fantastic and so important
Thank you so much for doing this podcast. Outstanding and I’m truly enjoying it. Elliott was so important to me while he was alive and still brings me so much joy to listen to.
Love this podcast
Thank you for making this! I love the length of the episodes. It’s nice to connect through Elliott. What special music.
Excellent show
Wonderful little show. I love the format because it doesn’t go too deep, but simply focuses on a song and what it meant to someone. Keep up the great work and thank you!
Elliott Smith never died. He just became music
Keeping Elliott alive through interviews and discussions of one of the brightest stars to ever shine in the music world. Elliott will never be gone as long as we keep him in our hearts and minds.
Elliott forever and ever
So good 💔🌈
That’s it, love
Thank you!
Just discovered this yesterday and binge listened to all the podcasts. Totally bittersweet of course, but just so good to hear Elliott remembered and how he has influenced and touched other artists and fans. I'm learning so much too. Thanks for doing this great podcast.
Sam Coomes
Thanks so much for this show. Have you tried to get in touch with Sam Coomes? I would love to know what song he would identify as his favorite and to hear his perspective in general.
Josh from Portland
Keeping Elliott Smith's music alive and well
This is a wonderful series of podcasts that focus on Elliott Smith and his great musicianship, as well as some fun memories shared from guests who knew Elliott as a friend or fellow musician. It is quite interesting to hear the favorite songs picked, very diverse amongst the different guests, and their reasons for choosing their favorite. I look forward to each new segment and hope this podcast carries on, helping to focus on Elliott Smith's great contributions in music.
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