My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
My Favourite Elliott Smith Song
6: Josh Burgess (Yumi Zouma)
21 minutes Posted Jun 25, 2020 at 5:30 am.
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Show notes
Our guest today is the musician, Josh Burgess. 

Josh plays in a band from New Zealand called Yumi Zouma. The group have been making music since 2014 and have put out three studio albums, with their most recent record - called Truth or Consequences - coming out in March this year.

The band’s sound is a lot poppier than Elliott Smith’s, so it was interesting to hear that Josh was a fan, and we used this discussion to find out how he weaves Elliott influences into his songwriting, as well as discussing his favourite song pick and much else besides too.

Following the interview with Josh, we're joined by musician Tom McClung (Francis Lung) for a very special announcement about something we're working on with him and La Blogotheque.

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