My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan
My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan
Jeremy Dylan
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Rarely a good guest/ album
Guy Gallo
Enaff was enaff.
Pointless drivel mostly. The clincher was the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road episode with someone named Colin. He kept going on about how he really doesn’t like music that much and never bought records and then called the songs “naff.” I thought “Why am I listening to this?”
Kristina Murray on Lucinda Williams
I’ve loved this album from the first time I heard it many years ago and appreciate it even more when I hear Kristina Murray talk about it with passion and emotion. I love this podcast and Jeremy Dylan’s interviews.
Wild Bear Eddy
Do your homework
Good podcast, but please do your homework. On the Sarah Jarosz episode, you basically said that Shawn Colvin is a songwriter and not an instrumentalist. Shawn is an incredibly talented and unique guitarist. Please watch a video of her playing a song with just her guitar and I think you will see that she is more than a rhythm player, as you describe her in the episode.
Long time listener. Thanks for the great podcast.
A "goto” podcast
I don’t listen to every one, usually just episodes about albums (and movies) I know, but when I do I love it. Good conversation and a real love and appreciation of music.
Adam Cifu
Katie Noonan on Crowded House
In general I adore and respect this show. Usually the guests are sincerely committed to speaking about the album to be highlighted , in this case “Crowded House.” Most guests come in clearly having done some good thinking and analysis of the album, the tracks, some little nuggets they want to share and maybe some personal anecdotes about how the music touched them or what have you. However, in this episode, Ms. Noonan clearly sees the episode as mostly an opportunity to shill her latest release and share her own musical history. Her latest release is a selection of ‘80s covers given a smooth jazz treatment and one selection is from Crowded House, which is as close as we get to any detailed insight or nugget re: Crowded House, ie, some comments on the perfection of a Mitchell Froom organ part. ( agreed.) She is clearly not of any more knowledgeble about the band beyond the average fan, and beyond beyond gushing in general terms on their first and most famous phase, she provides no insights that I could speak of what so ever. However, if you are looking to play band bingo and happen to be holding a bingo card with the band name “George” on it — her former outfit, apparently , you will win the episode’s prize.
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Masters Class on the Mats
The Bob Odenkirk episode is the best I've heard. The depth of Bob’s knowledge of the band, and the depth of Bob’s personal connection to the record are astonishing. Filled with anecdotes, humor, and even a tear, i could not wait to share with my Mats-loving friends. Also: skillful interviewing! Jeremy asks good questions and then gets out of the way. Don’t you hate it when an interviewer answers their own question? It displays a lack of intelligence, a lack of confidence in the question; there is none of that here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just remembered another friend who must hear this episode-sharing must commence! because when you discover GOLD like this, passing it on is a joy.
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Hampden Dan
Great, great podcast!
I’m a late come to this podcast. Love it and am now working through all episodes. Redound my love for so many of these albums and it has also inspired me to check out new music. Keep them coming! Quadrophenia is my favourite album (at the moment).
Great concept, well executed, very enjoyable👌. Jeremy has a pleasant, engaging interview style.
Trig trying
So glad I found this podcast!
So glad I found this podcast! Loved the Benmont Tench interview.
Just started listening.
Fantastic Stuff
Damion Rowe
Great podcast
Love hearing other artists discuss their favorite albums. Informitave and fun.
You’d Be Foolish to Pass Up
I have listened to this podcast on and off for several years and recommend it as one of the most interesting of its kind. There are episodes on new bands and the present music scene in Australia along with informative and incisive shows on classic music from the 1960’s forward. My apologies to the hosts and producers. I have been meaning to write this review for quite a while because though I listen to many podcasts covering areas similar to that of this podcast, this Australian endeavor is at or near the top of all those out there.
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Excellent Podcast!
Jeremy, I enjoy thoroughly enjoy your podcast. I’ve always intrinsically known that the creativity sparks more creativity, and your podcast makes that very clear. The inspiration that other musicians and arts site from their favorite music further illustrates this point. I was initially attracted too your podcast because it wasn’t just a track by track rubdown with musician’s breaking down the technical minutiae of a song ad nauseam. Thank you Jeremy, for your podcast. I look forward to further episodes.
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Former Ump
The Replacements
Loved it.
Jerry Gong
I'm hooked
One episode in and I can't wait to hear the rest! What a great new find to dive into!
Great podcast yielding many new insights into much-loved music...
Hard to find a new nickname
Smart and fun
I spent some time with other album podcasts - wish I had found this one first. Light years ahead in terms of the intelligence of the dialogue.
Fantastic music podcast
Talking about music is hard. As evidenced by the lack of great podcasts especially designated for interviews with musicians (there are many of them, it's just that they're rarely good!), it's no easy feat to get musicians to churn out good conversations the way, say, writers do. Jeremy Dylan seems to have found the secret: to get them to talk about other people's music. As a journalist, he also has the talent for shaping the arc of the conversation that makes it interesting. Can't get enough!
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My favorite podcast (about music)
I originally gave 4 stars & for the only reason I didn't really know a lot of the Australian artists/musicians that were guests, then I realized that was stupid so I changed my rating. Now I'm learning about these people from the other side of the world & it turns out they like the same music I do! Great insights to a lot of great music, Jeremy knows his stuff & the right questions to ask. Discovered it about 2 months ago & am listening every week.
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Excellent guests and album selection
I am frequently thrilled by either the guest, or album to be reviewed, or both. Very professional and entertaining.
ty geren
Great concept and good execution
I'll admit to skipping some episodes, but Jeremy is great and the best episodes of this podcast are among my favorite podcast episodes of all-time. The concept is unique and perfect for the format: ask a musician to choose and then discuss their favorite album. When the guests are thoughtful and Jeremy knows the album well, the discussions are amazing. When the guests aren't as thoughtful or Jeremy is less familar with the album, the discussions can be somewhat tedious. I think even Jeremy would acknowledge that this is a valid criticism, but the overall body of work remains great — and worthy of a five-star rating. If you're a music nerd, you'll love this podcast.
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My Dream Podcast
I wish I had come up with this idea first. Before I continue, let me say, Ive been listening to this podcast for about a year now, the first episode when I was searching online for Kacey Musgraves' favorite album. And this podcast popped up. Even though I fell in love with this podcast at first listen, I haven't given a review because I'm relatively new to podcasts, and I had no idea that people learn about podcasts on iTunes. Anyway, back to the review. This podcast that Mr. Dylan has put together has everything you want from music discussion: technical aspects, listening experiences, the recording process, new/underground artists, and classic music. And all from different genres (well, maybe the podcast focuses pretty much on rock/pop and singer-songwriters, but the artists are pretty diverse). What else could you ask for? You want to know what John Lennon is whispering at the start of "Come Together"? Wanna know what Kacey Musgraves said to John Prine when they met backstage? How has the cultural perception of ABBA changed over time? Why does Will Colvin of the Hedge Fund like Katy Perry so much? How was the Eagles' "Take It Easy" written? The answers are on this podcast. Jeremy Dylan does his homework on the albums, to keep up with the interviewee. If you love music history like I do, there's no reason why you wouldn't love this podcast. Check it out!
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Prosecutor Godot
Quickly became a favorite
I very much enjoy Mr. Dylan's work. I like that these reviews aren't just a track-by-track discussion, but usually center on how an album has influenced the subject's life. Often, after listening to an episode I'll go back and listen to the featured album, embracing the new insights. I especially enjoyed the four-part series on the Beatles' "White Album."
Mets Guy
A must for music fans
I started only listening to episodes with people I recognized or albums I knew but now I'm hooked because it's such a cool way to discover new music, or see music you already love through new eyes. Jeremy is also a fantastic host. Two thumbs up!
smart stuff
Just listened to episode 123 on Beggars Banquet. Hearing this thing dissected was really insightful and makes the disc even more interesting. Next up, David Bowie
Great podcast
This is an awesome podcast. Jeremy is an excellent interviewer and he keeps the episodes tight and at the right pace.
Fantastic show!
I love this podcast--the host is fabulous and the content is spectacular!!!
Enjoyable chat about beloved albums
I came to this one via the episode where Robyn Hitchcock and Jeremy talked through Plastic Ono Band. I hardly know the Aussie rock scene at all, so for me the guests are definitely not the main draw, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. The selections tend toward the big names (Beatles, Stones, Van Morrison) but there's a fair number of curveballs too. Anyway give it a shot!
Stern Samurai Laborer
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