Musical Stories for Children w/Hooray Miss Marae
Musical Stories for Children w/Hooray Miss Marae
Hooray Miss Marae
Join Hooray Miss Marae as she crafts original children's stories and songs that are sure to entertain and delight the young and young at heart.
Can a Camel Dance? Kids Story and Song
Can a Camel Dance? Zeus, the camel not only loves to dance, but has a unique way of being mindful and living in the moment.
Jul 18, 2020
8 min
1. I'm a Little Bird (Bedtime Story and Song)
I'm a Little Bird was originally written as a song for my Baby and Me music classes that I teach in San Diego, CA. In this audio story, there are four animals, a bird, frog, pony and cricket. You can encourage your little ones to make the animal sound and make a movement they think the animal would make. Or snuggle up and listen before drifting into dreamland.
Dec 13, 2019
6 min