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Taking action on your decision to leave your job for a more fulfilling life!
Aug 28, 2019
20 min
Top 5 Considerations to Nail Down Before Your Exit! OK. Fine, I'll Just Say It! Before You QUIT!
I want you to really pay attention to this episode.  These considerations are the pillars to hold up your new business.  You have to start with a strong foundation, yes, you've heard it before...  But for good reason.  This is an epic step in your life and you have to do it right!  I'm here to tell you, guide you, drive into your frontal lobe...  Each step is methodically thought out.  You can avoid all the bumps in the road that I and countless others fell face first into.  Just follow the script.  Oh, wait.  It isn't a rehearsal.  It is for real.  You've made the decision and you are out!  Like Red Sox outfielder. This episode is a little longer that what I want to get in the habit of bringing you.  Short and to the point is my goal.  These 5 super important considerations are a package deal and separating them would lessen their aggregated importance.  So, it may be a little lengthy, but I promise you won't even notice.   Drop me a line with your thoughts and comments and please share!  Share and Like or comment about how you much you enjoyed this episode on and you will be registered to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! You're now a step closer to Firing Your Boss!
Apr 16, 2019
30 min
I can tell you how to fire your boss!
I am a Business Empath and I need to help as many of you get started in your own Business as possible.  It will take some time for us to get to know each other better, but I am committed to sharing my insights and my struggles with you.  If you have the desire to be your own boss, control your own future and earn the money you want to finally be free, this is the place you need to be.   Cee
Mar 28, 2019
6 min