Mr. Curiosity
Mr. Curiosity
Joe Snedeker/WNEP
From Joe Snedeker's brain, to your ears. Not scared yet? Then "Mr. Curiosity" may just be the podcast for you! Join Joe as he chats with friends and celebrities from in and around Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania. "Mr. Curiosity" promises to be entertaining, educational, goofy, and everything in between.
The Stacy Lange's Dream Backup Job Episode
In this episode, the crew mixes it up with WNEP’s Stacy Lange and her “guest”?!? She’s pregnant! Girl talk devolves into your Brown Bag Monday questions about alt careers, meat eating, ageism dating, and most importantly, is it littering to throw a head of lettuce out of a moving car?!? Buckle up, press play and get ready for trash talk! Have a Brown Bag Monday question for us? Email it to
May 12
45 min
The Deep-Fried Cicada Episode
The WNEP Morning Crew gathers along with Shawn Dunn and Ex-WNEP Reporter and Go Joe "Sidekick" Chris Keating via... Joe's iPhone? Sometimes simple is better as the crew catches up with Chris and answers your questions concerning spiteful anchor vacationing, mountain biking machismo, deep-fried cicada, and the ultimate animal fight showdown... with one major caveat!?!? It's your turn... Press PLAY!
Apr 28
35 min
The Driving Slow in the Fast Lane Episode
In this episode, Mindi, Jon, and Joe are joined by WNEP's Digital Director Shawn Dunn to dive deep into the Brown Bag of random viewer-provided questions! We're talking anchor seat positioning, wedding gifts, permanent jewelry, mind-controlling chemtrails and most importantly, just why Mindi would sleep in a stinky County Fair Porta-Potty for only $2500?!? You'll only find the answers to all of these questions if you press PLAY!
Apr 14
38 min
The Fred Lettieri Episode
In this episode, Mindi and Joe are joined by ex-WNEP Reporter, current WNEP Sales Guy Fred Lettieri. Fred briefly discusses his unique transition from being a TV Guy to a Sales Executive...Uhhhhhh? The crew then dives into your questions from the Brown Bag, to find out, amongst other things, if it's OK to leave your spouse because of their "hot feet"!?! Oh, it'll all make sense. Just press PLAY!
Mar 31
44 min
The Let it Mellow Episode
In this episode, the WNEP Morning Crew answers your questions on news car etiquette, wind chill factor, the world's greatest holiday, and most importantly... If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down!?! Get your questions in for future episodes at and whatever you do, let it mellow!?
Mar 18
52 min
The Jose the Dysfunctional Leprechaun Episode + Brown Bag Monday
In this epic episode, The WNEP Morning Crew is joined by the frenetic, frivolous, yet wise and timely guest Jose The Dysfunctional Leprechaun. Not only are local parades, time changes and St. Pat's traditions discussed, but Brownbag questions about TV wardrobe mandates, social constructs and hotdogs!? Go for green...and the PLAY Button-NOW!
Mar 3
48 min
The PA Outdoor Life Team Episode
In this episode, Pennsylvania Outdoor Lifers Brian Hillingshead and Don Jacobs join Jon, and Joe for a rare Man Show episode?  The problem is, Joe’s manhood is questioned as he confesses to having emotional hunting issues, and earthworm hooking regret when fishing.  Also, the guys take on the quesition... what makes Chinese food so good?  And, learn how Jon and Brain first unknowingly met with weapons in hand, many years before WNEP brought them together?  The Brown Bag really gets heated when Mindi "storms" in, to school the boys on fake eyelash application and technique!? Come with us and join the fun, if you’re man enough???
Feb 19
52 min
Brown Bag Monday | February 5, 2024
Mrs. Curiosity, yes Mrs., Woody Woodpecker, Underdog cancel culture, Florida flatness, endless repeat song frustrations, Wham Cam woes and The Morning Crew’s real love of NEPA, including Mindi’s first pierogi?  All this and more, smushed into this special Brown Bag episode with Mindi, Jon, Tim and Joe answering your questions! You’ll also experience a rare group Woody Woodpecker synchronized laugh? Press play, or live forever with regret and dismay!
Feb 5
40 min
The Frank Gerardi Episode
In this episode, Mindi, Tim and Joe are joined by WNEP audio and production veteran and legend, Frank Gerardi! Frank is thrown right into the action with stories of awkward situations in catholic confessionals? Some answers and solution even emerge.  Also, we have the winner of a hypothetical WNEP Royal Rumble!!! You may be surprised!!! Oh, we can be serious too, with talk of the I-95 corridor, optical illusions of wheel motion and movie favorites, to which Rob Reiner keeps resurfacing.  Just press play and get ready to drive your ears over the audio cliff, just like Thelma and Louise!
Jan 22
40 min
The Joe Kohut Episode
In this episode, it's all guys, a first!  New WNEP media content guru Joe Kohut joins Jon Meyer, photojournalist Tim Hopkins, and Joe Snedeker to talk about his departure from print media to his new position at WNEP.  If that sounds too boring, don't you worry, the conversation quickly descends to insect parts in the foods you eat, Jon Meyer being too nice of a guy, group singing and why Joe doesn't wear a wedding ring!  That just begins the tip of the bizarre iceberg of Brown Bag questions from you, the viewers!  Send your questions for future episodes to and press play to unleash the XY chromosome dominant episode discussion right now!
Jan 8
41 min
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